Linksys Default Password List

Linksys Router Default Password List

Out of all the Linksys routers, a large number of models have a default IP address of and a default password of admin. It’s important to know the correct IP...
Amazon Gift Card Balance

How to Check Amazon Gift Card Balance

It’s not uncommon to receive an Amazon gift card from family members and friends, specially on Birthdays, Thanksgiving or Christmas. But it’s not that easy to tell how much balance is...

What is IDP.Generic?

What is IDP.Generic and How to Remove it. Imagine sitting behind a balcony, calmly using your computer to browse through work or memes and then you see a message from your Antivirus...

What is Csrss.exe?

What is Csrss.exe? Is Csrss.exe a Trojan or Virus If you have a Windows PC, there is a chance that you’ll certainly see the Client Server Runtime Process (csrss.exe) being run on...
DNS Server Not Responding

How To Fix ‘DNS Server Not Responding’ Error

DNS Server Not Responding? Try These Fixes. If you are someone who is facing issues connecting your internet with your computer, no need to worry. We are here to save the day...
Witcher 3 Mods

Best Mods for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

10 Best Witcher 3 Mods Witcher 3: Wild hunt, the latest part of the Witcher, a game full of action, released in 2015, is one of the best games, a player, having...
How to Host on Twitch

How to Host Someone on Twitch

How to Host on Twitch A step-by-step guide on how to host on Twitch Twitch is a streaming service that allows people to go live and broadcast their videos. It is known as...
Printer Offline

How to Change Printer’s Status from Offline to Online

Printer Offline? Try These Common Fixes Printing has become an incredibly easy task in the world of technology and wireless communications. Before the technology had advanced, people had to wait for days...
What is Family Tree Now

What is Family Tree Now?

What is Family Tree Now? Family Tree Now is a website that helps you locate people no matter which part of the world they are currently in. The website shocked millions of...
How to Change Gmail Password

How to Change Gmail Password

How to Change Gmail Password on PC and Android Gmail is a free email service powered by Google to help you connect with your friends, family and co-workers through email and store...