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Nothing brings more joy than expressing your passion to the world. If you have what it takes and want to express yourself through your writing then we have got you covered.

The main objective of this website is to promote gaming and technology alike and provided your work resonates with our cause, any contribution you make through your writing is valuable.

To get started right away, write to us at [email protected]. Alternatively, the contact us form can also be utilized to submit any requests. Before contacting us through any of our channels, please refer to the rules section below.


  1. Refrain from spamming after short intervals. Every request we receive is handled with the utmost priority but seldom delays can occur. You may follow back after 3-4 business days if no official response is provided.
  2. Business-related proposals require additional relevant information along with the request to start a discussion.
  3. All existing conversations are to be followed on the same email thread until otherwise advised or required.
  4. How2pc.com is exclusively an English language website therefore all conversations are to be in English.
  5. In case of any disputable content, kindly email us with your query. Rest assured a mutual solution will be devised that satisfies both parties.
  6. The submitted articles are bound to the internal content guidelines of this website. Any article that goes against our guidelines or fails to meet them, may not be considered.

Content Guidelines

The following guidelines form the basis for the guest post published on this website. Therefore we require all the submissions to follow these guidelines.

  • The writing should be unique and not published on any other website.
  • The selected topic should not have been covered before on this website. It is recommended that you consult with us before writing on a topic.
  • When writing about a topic factual accuracy is to be maintained and the topic should be well researched. Please do not send us articles with incomplete information.
  • We require articles that contain at least 1000 words per post. Articles longer than this are also accommodated.
  • The writings should prioritize SEO and we expect good articles with sound optimization on the matter.
  • We do not expect flowery language but require the use of proper English grammar and sentencing. The written article should be easy to read and understand.
  • Plagiarized, spun, paraphrased or bot-written content is strictly prohibited and will be immediately rejected.
  • When writing about a product or an app an in-depth analysis is required for the review of the product.
  • For a proper review, we require the images of the product or the UI in the case of software. For publishing an article a few high definition final images related to the topic are also required which are to be submitted along with the article.
  • Any writing with a lackluster substance that is only for the sake of getting links will be rejected.
  • In your writing, the link placement needs to be natural in regard to the context of the sentence. We also do not accept writings with overly optimized keywords and if not modified correctly will reject them altogether.

Topics we cover:

Since its inception, the main objective of this website is to promote gaming and technology by providing people with the most relevant information. This is also reflective in the topics we cover, which contain the following.

  • Tech Gadgets
  • Gaming
  • Computer & Laptop
  • Web
  • Audio & Home Entertainment
  • Smartphones
  • Streaming
  • Software & Apps
  • Digital Marketing
  • Networking & Security
  • Email & Messaging