About Us

If you’re really looking for knowing the ‘About us’ page, you’ve landed on the right track. Thanks a lot for your interest! Let’s dive into the content!

Thanks to each and every one of the people that make up the How2pc team, from their responsibility and professionalism! We can offer our Users a close, innovative, proactive and quality service, taking as their own goals of each one of them.

Latest Information

We believe in the technology and ideas of the latest update, this is why we created How2pc, an online platform to connect the visitors with the most interesting projects all over the world.

Every day, new ideas are turned into projects that provide great opportunities for you people. Hundreds of new information and ideas are growing through How2pc, the latest and innovative tech zone over the globe.

Purpose and Native Writers

How2pc is a reputable tech site with a strong focus on technology tutorials, how-to, tips and tricks, solutions and fixes. Our motto is “to know the unknown, to see the unseen and to discover the undiscovered“.

The site was launched as a mean to document our learning and exchange our ideas with others. It’s been a popular site within a short time because of our latest information, friendly-writing and good interactions with visitors.

To make you arouse on our web, more than 10 native writers are doing the hard work day in and day out.

Our Total Reach

How2pc quickly covers almost 50k visitors per month and draws more than 100k views per month. Besides, we have more than 200k friends through the Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and other social media.

We believe ideas change things

New ways, New technology, New solutions

We are curious, we innovate, we solve, we investigate and what we do not find, we create it. We are the first to adopt new ideas in order to develop attractive and solid online solutions for our Users.

We practice optimism

As your digital ally, we are always willing to go for more. We do not give up, no matter how difficult the challenge may be. In fact, in Backbone we do not see problems, we identify opportunities.

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