About How2PC

We are your ultimate stop for jargon-free information on everything that concerns gaming and technology.

In today’s hyperactive PC space each day is a fascination of what next is about to come. Progression in technology is at an all-time high and each day brings about an evolved product to play around with. The momentum of change although has bought impressive technology down to the computer desks of an average joe like you and me but the rapid pace of change has also left us all confused and wondering.

This is where How2PC comes into play.

Our Story

How2PC is not a fancy startup. It is a website started by two friends who share an avid passion for PC gaming and look forward to the new and exciting technology on the verge of the horizon.

Our origins began with an argument. An argument between two friends who both shared a firm opinion on which gear is the best for gaming. The quarrel although couldn’t gain much but gave birth to an idea.

An idea that if two tech and PC enthusiasts are having trouble in deciding the best computer gear for their need then what do the regular folks go through. Upon research, it was found out that many information outlets today are filled with tech jargon which is causing a gap between the general masses and the tech enthusiast that are providing the information.

Just like this, How2PC was born, and work began to get the website established in the field of PC and Technology.

Our Goal

We at How2PC are believers in simplicity and therefore strive to make things possible. The sole purpose of How2PC was to remove technological jargon and provide you the necessary information you need in a simple manner. Even though we have expanded our operations and welcomed new members into the How2PC family the spirit still lives on.

What Can You Expect From Us

At How2PC we are engaged in imparting information related to PC and technology. From us, you can expect guides on different aspects, how-to content on complex terminologies, and best product ranking based on our extensive testing methodology.

We cover all niches in the tech and PC category as long as we have sufficient knowledge on the matter. This reason ultimately led to the expansion of our editorial team.

Meet the Team

M. Yousuf Silat

Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Yousuf has always been the nerdy type. Besides reading and researching about technology and how it changed the lives of people, Yousuf took a knack for PC gaming.

Technology has always been at his forefront, and it’s been a decade since his first involvement in the industry. Yousuf’s life revolves around researching and writing about technology. Having led multiple projects related to PC and gaming, he has also developed vast experience in the field.

When not working on his new project, you can find him enjoying his vacation on a faraway island or attending gaming conventions and technology displays.

Waleed Madni

Senior Writer

A tech junkie who fell in love with gaming in his high-school years. Counter-Strike was his drug of choice and even though his competitive days are long gone the spirit and adrenaline of competitiveness still lives in his heart even today. Freed from his shackles with a fresh graduate degree in Accounting and Finance Waleed is back in the field he loves the most but this time with a twist.

Rather than seeing him sweat in salty Counter-Strike lobbies, these days you will mostly find him researching on Tech. He shares a keen eye for new and upcoming technological advancements linked to gaming that will change the industry.

With his newfound interest and colossal passion for PC gaming, he is ready to contribute to the growing demand of making PC and technology easy and accessible for everyone. In his spare time, you can find Waleed spending quality time in the hillside, tuning his car, tearing up dirt with his EVO in sim rally games.

David Wiley

Staff Writer

David has been using a PC as far as he can remember. He still vaguely remembers and will tell you about his days with the Pentium 3 with a smile on his face.

Being a computer science graduate his main passion lies in the research field. David is very thorough in his research and every area unexplored is his arch-nemesis. David spends hours researching and writing on new and fascinating technologies.

When not sitting in front of a computer screen you can find David drinking coffee at Starbucks, watching movies at a theatre, and cheering for his favorite team in NFL.

Melissa Jige

Staff Writer & Graphic Designer

Being independent at a very early age Melissa has learned to hone her skills far more meticulously than others. She excels in her craft as a graphic designer and can turn generic-looking images into spectacular masterpieces.

Besides her aesthetical art, Melissa also has a passion for the human psyche. Kid, you not, she even at times a handful for us to deal with. That does not take away her ability to talk herself out in futile situations.

With the encroachment of technology in every walk of human life began her obsession with technology. Now she engages herself in deep research loves to report her new finding in a piece of writing.

Our Pledge

All information published on Howtopc is subject to meticulous research. We never publish information on our website that is unfinished, Broken or depicts the half side of the equation. Affiliate products also have to go through extreme testing measures to validate their legitimacy.

All featured products you see on the website are in no way part of a sponsored deal until otherwise stated. All the members of How2PC have pledged transparency and resorted to delivering the most accurate information on the topic. We take this matter very seriously and rest assured all our smart recommendations are a result of extensive testing.

Product Testing Methodology

The product testing methodology at How2PC is quite simple. We run every product through industry-standard tests and then write an impartial review on the product. Everything about the product is stated from its features to advantages and disadvantages. We also thoroughly examine the product before finalizing our take on it to find any small details that may have evaded the human eye at first.

What Set Us From Other Related Websites

Like other good technology websites, the team at How2PC consists of PC and tech enthusiast that know their footing in and out in this industry.

But you may not be like us, and we wholeheartedly acknowledge this fact. Therefore, after we have gathered all the information, we try to simplify it in a way in which a person who is new to the technology industry can comprehend it.

We strip the content of all the unnecessary jargon and filter out the complex terminologies to replace them with simplified explanations. This approach to content is reflected in all our writes and is what sets us apart from other related PC and technology blogs.



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