About us

Getting to know Us

How2pc.com is not just an ordinary blog but a representation of our passion for gaming and technology in general. The era we live in is predominantly tech-driven and with each day there is something new to explore and grasp. Therefore How2pc.com was inaugurated to celebrate gaming and technology and is based on the principle of providing the most up-to-date information regarding new technology and products.

The Ideology Behind How2pc.com

Our main objective with this blog is to help and facilitate gamers and technology seekers alike. We have been in this field for quite a few years now and realize that for a newcomer this hobby can be overwhelming at times therefore we provide reviews, guides as well as troubleshoots that are easy to digest and swallow.

On this blog, you will find heaps of reviews on different products that may fall either under the umbrella of gaming or general technology. We also take into account that consumers have different preferences and expectations tied to their products therefore this blog prioritizes its valued users and we try our best to list all sorts of products.

Our Pledge

Everything you see on How2pc.com is based on research and in-hand experience. We never recommend a product that is based on an advertisement on sponsor deals. If the product is sponsored it passes through our usual testing before we give an unbiased verdict on it. Rest assured you can count on us for sincerely evaluating a product. Every product that you see mentioned on our list exists there because it earned merit through extensive testing.

The reviews you find on this blog are an embodiment of the actual user experience. We at How2pc.com refrain from using overwhelming technical terms but rather focus on “how the product is to use daily and live it”. This has been the motto for our reviews and will always be the case because we believe in user experience rather than janky technical terms.