The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt needs no introduction. It is a masterpiece, but do you know you can enhance this already stunning game with mods into heights not fathomable before?

Yes, you heard me correct certain mods have the ability to enhance this epic tale of our beloved butcher of Blaviken and I am going to tell you about them in this article.

At the end of the article, you will be ready and well versed to dive into the mystic world of Geralt of Rivia yet again due to the following information contained in the article.

  • 32 best mods for The Witcher 3 divided into their respective categories
  • The easiest way to install mods for the game

By using mods, you can not only experience the game in a different light but also can purge some annoying bugs present in the game.

All in all, mods will enhance your immersion and put you in the shoes of Geralt to experience the whole journey of our Master Witcher through the thick and the thin.

Excited yet? Well, you should be because we are about to dive straight into the list of the best mods you can use for the Witcher 3 in 2022.

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Graphics Mods

The following mods will enhance your graphical immersion with next-generation visuals and stunning.

1. HD Reworked Project Mod

HD Reworked Project Mod

The world of Witcher 3 is mesmerizing but this mod takes that to a whole new level. HD reworked project mod is designed to replace existing textures with 4K renderings.

The result is crisp and awe-inspiring details. From the clouds and the water to the abandoned caves of skellige and the lavish market towns of Novigrad to roach riding in a flower-filled field and Geralt swinging his silver sword, everything feels more rich and intense.

This mod isn’t just a plaster of improved graphical coat but rather it makes the world of Witcher 3 more lively and alive.

2. Tweaks


A simple name for a mod that sets the stage for some rather rad graphic customization and works flawlessly with other related graphical mods like the HD Reworked Project Mod.

The tweaks mod unlocks graphical settings beyond the ultra-preset and hence paves the way for much greater visual fx fidelity and detail regardless if you are using a graphic mod or running the vanilla game structure.

Oddly the unlocked graphic settings are present right there in the game menu and hence you don’t have to fuss around making this mod a must-have.

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3. Super Turbo Lighting Mod

Super Turbo Lighting Mod

The Witcher 3 has some of the most complex geometry in video game history. Wetlands in the middle of valleys surrounded by giant peaks. We all know where this is going so let’s just stay on the mod topic.

The varied landscape lighting play’s huge role in depicting the vibe of the scene and let’s be honest who does not love cinematic lighting right?

With the Super Turbo Lighting Mod, you enhance the lighting geometry of the game owing to atmospheric and cinematic moments like never before. This is done without making the highlights overly saturated and blown out of proportion.

A win-win situation if you ask me and the ability to earn some extra deviant rep doesn’t hurt as well.

4. More Shadows

More Shadows

We have drastically increased our visual and texture fidelity so why should the shadows stay in the dark. No pun intended but this mod really enhances the shadows of the different light sources in the game.

The effect of this mod is subtle but once you come across a wooden hut in the middle of nowhere with a candle there is no going back.

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5. Immersive Camera

Immersive Camera

You simply cannot enjoy all the eye candy that the Witcher 3 has to offer with the default camera view and this is where the Immersive Camera mod comes into the picture.

The immersive camera mod puts the control in the hands of the user and allows you to adjust the camera for all situations separately. Be it walking, sprinting, riding on horseback, sailing, or sword fighting you make your bet.  

This is done by providing the user control of the important aspects of periphery vision like zoom, camera offset, and height.

6. Meadows


A grass mod because why not. The abandoned untraveled paths that you will explore in the Witcher universe are filled with overgrown grass, shrubs, and bushes.

Give the grass some love with this mod and increase its density and foliage making for a cinematic experience with you riding roach at speed and grass swaying to make way for the horse.

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Cosmetic Mods

Cosmetic mods are gameplay tweaks that will only enhance the visual aspect of the gameplay. The mods in this category are as follows:

7. Henry Cavill and Anya Chalotra

Henry Cavill and Anya Chalotra

Want to experience your game from the perspective of the leads actors of Netflix’s The Witcher TV series then try this mod.

It is quite simple in its approach. Adding it will reskin Geralt into the body of Henry Cavill and Yennifer into the body of Anya Chalotra.

8. Geralt Cloak

Geralt Cloak

Want to turn Geralt into a badass hooded super mutant then this mod should do the trick.

The concept and the execution of the mod are rather simple. Upon applying it, Geralt dons a cloak like the ones you have seen in the assassin creed series.

The change is quite subtle but the effect it creates is ever-lasting. Seeing Geralt with a hood in cutscenes or during general gameplay leaves quite a daunting impression that never gets old.

This simple mod demonstrates how little things can have such a drastic effect on any given game.

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9. The Appearance Menu Mod (AMM)

The Appearance Menu Mod

The default in-game customization for Geralt does not cut it for most of us and don’t even get me started on the roach part. That dumb soul doesn’t even get custom outfits.

Not to worry this mod has got us covered. With the Appearance Menu Mod, you can alter both Geralt’s and Roach’s outfits to your heart’s content.

The mod allows you to mix and match different cosmetic items for both the characters and uniquely dress them in a way making the game your own.

10. Black Scabbard

Black Scabbard

On the contrary, if you are not much of a mix and match type then you can use this mod to paint the outfit and the armor of Geralt in matte black color.

This works for any armor in the game. Truth be told this Black Scabbard mod with the Cloak mod just gives off such an intensive and badass vibe that this combination has become my personal favorite.

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11. The Butcher of Blaviken

The Butcher of Blaviken

CD Project Red has done an impeccable job in creating the fascia of Geralt but I don’t know why they have dulled down the mean look presented in the lore about Geralt.

With the Butcher of Blaviken mod however you can give the mean look Geralt deserves. This mod tweaks the facial aspects of Geralt and by making the scar on his face more pronounced and the skin less smooth.

This gives rise to a more mean and tough Geralt who looks rather scary in cutscenes.

12. HD Monsters Reworked Mod

HD Monsters Reworked Mod

With most of Geralt’s time revolving around hunting down and killing monsters the foes deserve some love too.

The HD Monsters Reworked Mod enhances the visual aesthetics of all the monsters in the world of Witcher 3 Wild Hunt.

The monsters receive much-improved detail work on their body and dare I say look pretty good. Overall, it makes fighting them more fun because of their more lively look.

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13. Friendly Meditation

Friendly Meditation

The Friendly Mediation mod is designed to replicate the real essence of meditation.

Meditating in the Witcher universe is a symphony of different menu screens that takes the immersion of player away from the game.

Enter Friendly Meditation. This mod removes the menu screen wait time when doing mediation and instead allows you to take in the world from the perspective of Geralt.

Kid, you not, with this mod mediating from being a necessity chore becomes something you want to do again and again to take in the sights from the Witcher universe.

14. Lamp on a Player’s Boat

Lamp on a Player's Boat

Weird name, a weirder concept but a nice execution. This very simple mod places a lamp on the deck of your sailboat.

Yes, it sounds insignificant but when you see it in action the atmosphere it creates is jaw-dropping.

Just imagine for a second, you sailing in your boat to a remote island in pitch-black surroundings and your only light source being a small lamp placed at the center of your wooden boat. Now that setting seems more likely in a Hollywood thriller than a video game.

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15. E3Quen Mod

E3Quen Mod

While there are five special signs in the Witcher 3 game I would argue that none is more useful than Quen.

This mod overhauls the visual fx of the Quen sign. Gone is the ugly orange effect and back is the nebula blue lighting effect for Quen that the developers should during the preview for the game.

The mod not only changes the color but also ups the intensity of the sign effect up a notch. What this leads to is a more satisfying pop when the claw of the monster you are fighting lands on you.

16. Sword FX

Sword FX

For pretty much 80% of your gameplay time Geralt will be wielding a sword either a silver one or a steel one.

If you always thought swords were lacking character then this is your chance for creating a truly unique sword for Geralt with the Sword FX mod.

This mod allows you to change the aesthetical appearance of the sword. You can pretty much go ham and with the flexibility provided by the MOD create the sword you always envisioned would look good in the hands of our master Witcher.

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Gameplay Mods

These mods will affect the core gameplay of the Witcher 3 Wild Hunt. The following are the best gameplay mods that will improve on the vanilla game.

17. Random Encounters

Random Encounters

If you are that type of gamer that gets excited to see a random foe waiting for you in a crop field then this mod will be godsent.

As the name suggests by adding this mid you increase the likelihood of finding more enemies in the open.

This includes both monsters and humans alike. So before going setting on a journey get your swords repaired because who knows what is waiting for you on the other side of the road.

This mod spares you from the boring journey with roach and adds a sense of thrill to each new turn.

18. Indestructible Items

Indestructible Items

It can be frustrating if you are stuck out in the wild with a sword that needs repair and broken armor.

To keep these instances from far and few, take the assistance of this mod.  This mod throws the entire weapon and armor degradation system of these items out of the equation, which ultimately means that you won’t be trading your precious monsters hunting time for repairing your sword and nipping out the cuts in your armor.

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19. All Quest Objectives on Map

All Quest Objectives on Map

The quests in Witcher are complex and multi-structured. Just take that loathsome Bloody Barren quest as an example.

By using All Quest Objectives on Map Mod, all the objectives of your active quest will be displayed on the map.

Hence by knowing all the objectives you can tailor your approach for a quest with the knowledge you gain as you progress through the game.

Trust me it will not only help you to mitigate minor hassles like altering the course of a tracked objective, or going to the quests menu for changing the objective but it will very beneficial at the tail end of the game when a single objective is missed can shape an entire course of the ending.

20. Fast Travel from Anywhere

Fast Travel from Anywhere

The world of Witcher 3 Wild Hunt is vast and contains highly varied topography making it hard to transverse on a horseback. But the dilemma is that the fast travel signposts are far and few compared to the vastness of the map.

Nothing to worry about since the Fast Travel from Anywhere mod has our back. This allows you to fast travel to any signpost on the map from anywhere.

Now you can loot your treasure chests in far-flung areas or be at a deserted island only to fast travel directly to Novigrad square in seconds.

Note: A word of caution. Don’t use this mod when you are doing missions because sometimes it can brick the whole storyline.

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21. Over 9000 – Weight Limit Mod

Over 9000 - Weight Limit Mod

If you have remotely sorted through Geralt’s inventory you would have realized that there is a certain weight limit to the items he can carry.

Now, for any explorer like me, the inventory limit can be reached pretty fast and it gets annoying traveling between locations just to sell your excess valuables.

Well not anymore because some geniuses in the community designed the Over 9000 mod which sets your inventory to 9100 points. Forget about maxing this number it would be an achievement if you can fill half of it.

Basically, what it means is after applying this mod you can wander around in the Witcher universe blindly collecting all the loot that comes your way.

22. Autoloot


This is rather a simple mod. Without needing to cycle through loot by having this mod applied you can simply press the loot button to collect all the items from chests or the ground.

This isn’t all though. When you have this mod applied the game will automatically collect loot from the enemies you just killed without you ever needing to press a button.

This mod together with the aforementioned Over 9000 inventory mod works wonders in making the game more streamlined and focused on the objective i.e slaying monsters and finding Cirilla.

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23. Enemies of Rivia

Enemies of Rivia

Let’s face it regardless of how good the Witcher is as a game the combat still lacks the competitive element.

This mod to designed to fill that void and with this mod your enemies become more powerful and smarter in the way they approach their attacks. The vitality of your opponents also increases making them harder to kill.

The Enemies of Rivia mod makes the combat more challenging and fun. It is no longer a game of mashing some buttons to defeat your opponent but rather a meticulous and well-thought strategy that wins the day.

Overall, the approach to combat becomes something entirely new and now you have to carefully plan the battle as well as get your oil and portions ready.

I won’t recommend this mod for beginners but for seasoned players, the challenge and difficulty of encounters will be a lot of fun.

24. Auto Apply Oil

Auto Apply Oil

The Witcher 3 has a rather complex item menu and let’s face it most of us don’t pay attention to the crafting section during our first playthrough of the game.

It is a shame because using the right oil for your sword greatly tilts the balance of the fight in your favor. If you are anything like me then this mod will come in quite handy.

The Auto Apply Oil mod like the name suggests simply coats your sword with oil from the Witcher universe before against your next foe.

This mod takes the player’s negligence out of the equation and automatically applies the best oil for the foe type and class to give the player leverage in the fight.   

25. Exotic Arsenal

Exotic Arsenal

In an RPG game, the variety of weapons is extremely important because it dictates the user’s approach to combat and the game in general.

Exotic Arsenal mod adds 55 unique weapons into the game to play around with. Swords, Axes, Spears you name it there is a good amount of variety on offer here and all these weapons can either be found in the wild or can be crafted and bought from blacksmiths.

This mod unlocks a lineup of new tools to experience the game with and even just for the sake of weapon variety it is a mod worth trying out.

26. No Fall Damage

No Fall Damage

Is it only me or despite Geralt being a super mutant capable of devouring potions unfit for human consumption is quite fragile when it comes to taking fall damage?

A slight flip from the edge of the cliff and the next thing you see you are rolling down into the gorge. Luckily for instances like these No fall Damage mod has got us covered.  

With the No fall Damage mod, you have freely catapult Geralt from cliff to cliff and down to the bottom of the valley as well without taking an ounce of scratch.

This gives you the freedom to freely explore the breath-taking world of Witcher crafted by the developers.

27. The Gwent Redux

The Gwent Redux

Ah, how can I forget Gwent? A whole game within a game that you can sink countless hours into. Gwent is by far one of the most engaging activities in the whole Witcher universe.

Players of the game take pride in building the best deck the world of Witcher has to offer. This mod is there to progress your Gwent journey even further and lit a fire under your passion for building the ultimate deck.

The Gwent Redux mod completely overhauls how the game is played by adjusting existing cards and adding another 120 into the playing field.

It also updates the behavior of the AI by making the NPCs smart and adaptable hence owing to a more engaging and intense round of Gwent.

28. Toss a Coin to Your Witcher

Toss a Coin to Your Witcher

The default soundtrack of the Witcher 3 is quite gritty and at times you might want to kick back and relax.

For those moments this mod is great as it adds the mellow toss a coin to your Witcher symphony from Netflix’s The Witcher 3 series to the game.

This soundtrack is rather jolly and can be a great fit in locations like Toussaint which blossoms in color and character.

29. Ultimate Roach Improvement

Ultimate Roach Improvement

The mod that we so desperately needed because let’s face it roach can be a thick head at times.

The Ultimate roach improvement mod not only tidies up the movement of the horse through wetlands, water crossing, and barriers but also allows roach to gallop in cities.

Finally, you no longer have to waste time walking roach through the dense Novigrad crowd just to get your coins exchanged at the bank rather you can bust the horse through the crowd and get there in no time.

If you ask me this is revolutionary isn’t it. Alas if only I could get a coin for every minute spent walking roach through the streets.

Essential and Utility Mods

Less of a mod, the following are tools that will allow you to run multiple mods in the Witcher 3 at the same time and also ensure a smooth operation.

30. Debug Console Enabler

The creme de la creme of mods if you want your life to feel at peace. This mod basically unlocks the debug console of the game.

The debug console is your very own command center for the game. This console can be used to perform multiple tasks like remedy broken things, alter settings of a mod, etc.

31. Script Merger

If you want to use multiple mods for the Witcher 3 the only possible way to make that happen is to use the service of Script Merger mod.

The script merger is therefore like a composer of sorts. It stitches all the mods you want to use simultaneously together ensuring that none conflicts with the game files to cause crashes.

32. Witcher 3 Mod Merger (Optional)

This mod is only applicable if you plan on running more than 50 mods in conjunction with other each.

You see, in the default state only 49 mods can be applied to the Witcher game but by using this mod you can obliterate all the limits and use as many mods as you like.

How to Install Witcher 3 Mods

Okay, I get it after seeing the mods that we featured on the list you cannot wait to dive right into them but before you click on the download button let me tell you installing them can be a bit of a chore.

There are two ways for installing mods for your Witcher 3 game.

  • manually replacing mod files in your game files folder.
  • Using an aided software program like the Vortex Manager from Nexus mods.

Manually Installing Mods to Your Game

Manually replacing files is simple yet very time-consuming. You also have to be very meticulous with it since even a single file replaced wrong can cause the mod to disfunction or worse corrupt your game files.

However, if you still do want to install Witcher 3 mods manually. Follow the link for your desired mod and download the zip file for the mod. Extract the content from the zip folder to your desktop and then get to the messy part of replacing each individual file with its counterpart in the Witcher 3 game folder.

Using Vortex Mod Manager for installing Mods to your game

It is recommended to use the Vortex mod manager especially if you are a beginner modder. With Vortex mod manager you can apply to your Witcher game within minutes and it takes the human error out of the equation as well.

Steps to Install Mods for Witcher 3 by Using the Vortex Mod Manager

  • Head over to the nexus mods website and register your account as a user.
  • Login to your account and download the Vortex Mod by clicking on the manual download button.
  • Head over to your download folder next and double-click on the vortex manager file to install the program. 
  • Once the Vortex is installed on your PC, launch it.
  • Upon opening Vortex, click on the login or register button and enter the credentials for the account you just made on the Nexus mods website.
  • Next click on the authorize button.
  • Now you will enter the user interface for the program.
  • Here navigate to the Let’s get you set up dashboard and click on the select a game to manage option.
  • Vortex will now scan your PC for supported games. We have to install mods for Witcher 3 so we will click on its image to select it.
  • We are almost done. Now you will see the picture of Witcher 3 on the top of the Vortex dashboard.
  • For the final part, we only have to install mods using the links above from the nexus mod website. If you have Vortex correctly setup it will automatically apply the mod to the game without you needing to do anything.
  • Voila, we are done. Now just open your game and enjoy the content contained within the mod file.

The simplicity and the ease of installing is the reason Vortex Mod Manager is the most widely used program for downloading Witcher mods. Use our above and set up your desired mods within literal minutes.


With everything now covered it is time to wrap up the article. In this article, we discussed the 32 best mods you should try for The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt in 2022.

I also gave you the easiest method for downloading these mods. Before closing the article I would like to iterate that no mod is perfect and therefore you might encounter small problems with each one.

But that’s okay because mods are made by gamers like you and me and hence should be appreciated for what they are.

Before signing off let us know which mod do you find the most epic for the Witcher 3 Wild Hunt. I know this game has so many great mods so I would like your opinion down the comment section as well.

Happy Slaying, have fun, enjoy your mods but make sure to teach that Baron a lesson or two in your next playthrough of the Witcher 3 Wild Hunt.

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