Online gaming can be very intimidating. Hoping into your first online game, you don’t know which person you will end up playing with, which is quite worrisome.

As intimidating as online gaming can be, I won’t trade it for anything else. Once you get the hang of things, nothing is more pleasurable than hopping online into the waiting arms of your favorite game. 

When I first started gaming online, I was also confused until a kind Redditor helped me get my foot in the industry with the right tips. 

I would like to pass those trivial online gaming tips to you. So that you can also enjoy and experience the true fun of online gaming. 

So, without further ado, let’s begin. 

Get Started with Online Gaming

The following are some tips and tricks that will greatly help you in exploring the vast world of online gaming as an amateur. 

1. Join the Social Community of Your Online Game

Before stepping into the online game of your choice, join its social community on Reddit, Meta, or Discord. The social community is filled with admirers of the game, and you are most likely to find like-minded individuals. 

The community tabs also contain tons of useful information, including tips and tricks on how to make your online gaming journey more fun and exciting. 

Most communities also contain special channels for gamers who are just starting out and venturing into the world of online gaming for the first time. Here, you can meet other gamers who are in the same boat as you and make friends with them. 

Some of my best gaming friends are those I met on community forums, and now I play with them daily. 

2. Protect Your Gaming Account With MFA

When gaming online, you are required to enter your personal information to create an account. Not only your name, address, and other sensitive information is saved into your account, but also your credit card info and social security number sometimes. 

Therefore, it is important to protect your account’s sensitive information using a Multi-Factor or 2-step Authentication

Enabling Multi-Factor Authentication adds extra security when logging into your account of your choice. You can select between email or text validation. Once set up, it prompts you to enter the code sent to your mobile phone or email every time you log in to your account.

Having Multi-Factor authentication security makes it extremely hard for hackers to access your account. Hence, your sensitive information stays protected from the clutches of the exploiters. 

3. Get Your Headset With a Mic

You do realize that everyone queuing up with you is a human on the other end of the screen. Therefore, communication can go a long way in making not only your experience but also the experience of others enjoyable and pleasurable. 

Do not be afraid of initiating a small talk. Most people won’t respond. That being said, some will, and those are the guys that will make playing the game more enjoyable and fun. 

In competitive games like Valorant, Dota 2, and others, communication is not a luxury but a necessity. To win the match, you will need to communicate with your team and work as a single unit.

4. Remember to Have Fun

Gaming is all about having fun. According to a survey conducted in 2022, three-quarters of gamers in the United States play video games to release stress. Therefore, if you are not having fun, it defeats the entire purpose of playing the game in the first place. 

To keep yourself entertained, explore new online games and try new things. For instance, while playing online games, I stumbled upon Betamo, an online gaming platform with a huge collection of games.

I am not too big into casino games, but using Betamo was fun. This was when I was starting to get burned from traditional online games, so this was refreshing and uplifting my mood. 

Similarly, you should keep yourself open to options and not be afraid to experiment with new things and explore new fun avenues. 

5. Ignore the Toxicity 

Online gaming is fun and exhilarating, but it is far from perfect. Oftentimes, you will stumble upon people who are extremely rude and toxic people. 

Sometimes, the toxicity translates into anger and frustration. Let’s just say when things go down this path, tempers boil up, and things get ugly. 

However, just like everywhere in life, toxic people are everywhere. You should ignore such losers and concentrate on your online game.

If someone is being toxic towards you, simply block him and move on. Do not get flustered in the heat of the moment. Keep your composure because surely the next online lobby will be filled with nicer people.    

6. Do Not Click on Any Links

Online gaming is a great medium for getting to know people from all around the globe. However, you have got to realize that some people are ugly and nasty. They will try to scam you, get sensitive information, or blackmail you to extort money.

Scammers will mostly send you a link and entice you to click on it. Beware, never click any links that are sent to you by random strangers. 

These are phishing links. Once you click on them, the scammer will gain access to your device, stealing all your data and personal information.


I cannot say that you will have a smooth ride when starting online gaming. There will be some rough patches that you will need to navigate. However, I can guarantee that by following the above five tips, you will stay out of trouble and find pleasure and joy in your online gaming.

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