When you are playing the Minecraft game, you may need to travel long distances. For transportation purposes, you need a horse if you are traveling through road and boat to go through the sea.

The saddle is required for a horse to travel through the land. Like, the shield which can be made through craft table saddle can’t be made with the help of a craft table.

What is a Saddle?

The saddle is an item that a player can place on the animals like horse, pig, or mule. It allows the player to ride on these animals.

Can You Make a Saddle in Minecraft?

How to make a saddle in Minecraft? Unfortunately, the saddle is one of the items in Minecraft which can’t be made in Minecraft using a furnace or craft table. However, you can locate the saddle in many ways.

You might be thinking, now where to locate it? Don’t worry, and we have done all the work for you.

All you have to do is to give it a read carefully.

How to Get a Saddle in Minecraft?

You can locate a saddle in these ways

  1. Find in a Chest
  2. Find by Doing Fishing
  3. Find in the Nether Fortress
  4. Find in a Dungeon
  5. By Buying Emeralds
  6. Find in Desert Temple
  7. Find in Blacksmith’s Building

Find in a Chest

minecraft chest

You can find a saddle in the chest. It is the easiest way to find a saddle. It would be best if you opened every chest that you encounter. However, there are chances of up to 2.5% that you will locate saddle in the chest, and there is less chance to find the saddle in the chest as compared to other options available. You will be lucky if you find the saddle in the chest.

Find by Doing Fishing

Minecraft Fishing

Another way to find a saddle is by doing fishing. You have to go fishing, and if you like fishing, then it will be plus while finding a saddle. However, it also depends on your luck that what thing your bobber is going to pick.

You have to cast your fishing rod in the water and wait until it goes underwater when the bobber starts to disappear, reel in the fishing line to see which thing you have caught.

The fishing rod can be made by using two strings and three sticks in the crafting table.

There are chances that you will locate a saddle, but it’s an excellent opportunity to loot other items while doing fishing. All you have to do is to remain patient and try again until you become successful in finding saddle. Don’t lose heart; we have got other options for you as well.

Find in the Nether Fortress

Nether Fortress minecraft

Nether Fortresses are present in the Nether Realm. These fortresses carry the most valuable items, but it’s rare and difficult to find. Chests are available in Nether Fortresses, and you can find saddles by opening them.

Chests are present inside the nether fortress, which you can locate in the Nether Realm. And you might find saddles in these chests and chances are up to 40%.

Find in a Dungeon

dungeon minecraft

Chests can also be found in a Dungeon. Saddles and many other items are present inside the chest. Eye of Ender can be used to locate the Dungeon. It works perfectly, all you have to do is to throw that Eye, and it will drop to the point where Dungeon is present. You can dig that place to get Dungeon. In Dungeon, there are Minecart tracks that are available in Mineshafts. Move around that area, and you will find a chest.

There are up to 55% chances to find saddles in chests found in Dungeon as compared to Nether fortress.

Find by Using Emeralds

Find by Using Emeralds minecraft

Saddles can be bought from villagers using Emeralds. However, it is not entirely sure that the villager will have a saddle. It depends on your luck to find the saddle.

If you don’t have Emeralds, you can get them by mining or by killing Pillagers. But keep in mind Pillagers are dangerous.

Find in Blacksmith’s Building

Blacksmith Building minecraft

You can find a saddle in Blacksmith’s building. Chances to find a saddle in the blacksmith’s chest are rare, up to 16%.

Find in Desert Temple

Desert Temple minecraft

The desert temple’s floor has the structure of Y:64. Y:64 shows that the desert temple is half or fully covered with sand. There is a blue clay block present at the center part of the temple floor.

If you dig that blue block, you will find four chests. There are higher chances that you find a saddle in one of the chests. You have to be careful from the TNT trap present in one of the secret chambers.

Guide to use a Saddle

Saddle in Minecraft

When you are done with finding the saddle, the next step is to use it. Horses are easily accessible, and they can be found in forests in groups or alone. Right-Click on the animal (Horse) with the saddle on the other hand and apply it. The Horse should also be tamed, and it can be done by climbing on it, and hearts surrounding the Horse shows that it is tamed.

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