Since the start of time, gamers have used their own languages to signify their reactions to something intense happening and it won’t be wrong to say that gamers take their languages seriously. Pogchamp is a twitch emote, one of the many reactions that gamers come up with. If you’re confused about what it actually means how to use it properly, then read below to find out!

Pogchamp meaning

Pogchamp is an image of a street fight player, but is used as a reaction meme to show someone who is incredibly shocked and surprised at something happening, or is merely excited about something that may have happened. It means that you’re extremely surprised with an element of excitement hidden beneath that shock. It may also show someone totally pumped up for something crazy that may happen soon.

How should you use Pogchamp correctly?

Pogchamp twitch emote should be used to express your hype and top-level excitement while you’re watching a stream on twitch. It can be used to show that you are extremely exhilarated at the thought of something that happens or might going happen while you’re watching a stream. To show your enjoyment and delight in the stream, sending a Pogchamp emote is a perfect way. Not only is it quick and easy, but it also delivers the excitement by an accurate representation of how you are actually feeling inside while watching the stream. The accurate representation of your emotions is shown through this twitch emote.

Example #1:

“ActionTriformers 3??? Can’t wait! Pogchamp!!”

This is an example taken from a gamer who stated his excitement over a game that is going to have another part released very soon. The statement shows that he cannot wait, to show that he is very excited about the prospects of something happening and then he has used the twitch emote ‘Pogchamp’ to show his inside feelings, or his reaction in an image since his virtual friends cannot see him at the time, so he has used the Pogchamp emote to signify how he might have looked when he realized that a new version is going to be released soon.

Another way to use Pogchamp is to show shock that exceeds any level or limits. It is used to denote that you are so shocked that your mouth is open wide, in anticipation of something that has occurred to leave you very stunned and astounded, in a good or fun way.

Example #2:

“Did Lina just climbed Mount Everest? OMG! Pogchamp is the only response I can think of!”

In this example, you are referring to Lina who has successfully been able to do something impossible, or something that you were not expected of her that has left you so surprised that you cannot believe your eyes. You use Pogchamp as a response to signify your happy shock, to signify that you were totally not expecting anything like this to ever happen, but regardless you are surprised and startled.

It is important to note that to use this twitch emote correctly, you must make sure that the person you’re sharing it with actually knows the meaning of this twitch emote otherwise they might get confused and take your words in the wrong way.

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