After a remix song was released on the social music app and streaming site known as of a wrestling fight of Billy Herrington, the gaming connoisseurs started to use his facial reaction in a twitch emote or a meme. After the meme surfaced online, it gained a lot of popularity, quickly becoming everyone’s favorite twitch emote for all the right reasons. If you have seen this twitch emote around, and you want to know what it means and how to use it perfectly in front of your friends or gaming whizzes, read below to find out!

GachiGASM meaning

The twitch emote, Gachigasm is an image of a man used to state reaction to something that gives you extreme pleasure and satisfaction regarding something that has happened. It is used to show gratification over something that has occurred and has rejoiced your inner soul so much that you are at the top level of inner happiness. The image is used to show the top tier of pleasure derived from something and as a reaction this twitch emote is used signify how exultant your soul is feeling at the moment.

How to Use GachiGASM in the right way

The fun part about using twitch emotes is that there are so many ways you can use it, but the plot twist is that you have to use it right or else the joke would completely turn around you instead of your competitor. To use Gachigasm right, you need to remember one thing: Use it when you feel extremely pleased, or really glad that you are somewhere that you are. In one sentence, it is used to signify a sense of the deepest pleasure that you have ever derived in your life.

Example #1:

“Boy, I just had the creamiest donuts of my life. GachiGASM”

In this example, someone has found the donuts of his dreams. The donuts are creamy and yummy and have given him an intense sense of gratification and satisfaction and in order to denote it properly, the twitch emote GachiGASM is used. The fun part about this twitch emote is that you can just attach it with anything that has made you super happy, you just need to make sure it is not religion-sensitive. Otherwise, anything that makes you happy can be connected with the twitch emote ‘GachiGasm’ very easily!

Example #2:

“Lina wore her red dress to the party today. GachiGASM”

In this example, someone is extremely happy that Lina wore her red dress to the party. Now Lina might be a crush of his, who was looking awfully hot, and that gave him a sense of delight that matched none other than the twitch emote, GachiGasm.

Similar Twitch Emote

Another twitch emote that might be used in the place of GachiGASM is GachiBASS. This term is the representation of the same twitch emote of Billy Herrington, however, the word which is used is different. If you want to seem unique, you can also use GachiBASS as a replacement word to GachiGASM since it means the same thing.

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