When you play Minecraft game, you may face many enemies at once, especially playing in survival mode. It would be difficult to fight with them without any protection.

You might be thinking about how to protect yourself from mobs and other enemies? Don’t worry; we are here to help you out.

In this guide, we will be sharing tips on how to make a shield in Minecraft to protect yourself and take over the enemies.

What is Shield?

Shield, as the name suggests, is like a protection for the player from the enemies. The Shield is available in many versions, but if you are using java edition of Minecraft, then it would be super easy for you to make a shield.

Reasons to Make a Shield

Before we start with crafting the Shield, we want to tell you a few reasons to make a shield.

  1. The Shield is helpful when you are going to explore scavenging and dangerous caves for finding resources.
  2. Shield helps you to survive longer in the game.
  3. Ranged weapons cause more damage, and Shield reduces the damage.

Which Attacks Shield Blocks?

As the Shield is meant to protect from damage. Minecraft shield can protect you from following weapons, which include Arrows, Melee attacks, Snowballs, Fireballs, Explosions, Tridents, Non-magical projectiles, Thorns, and Guardian lasers.

Weakness of Shield

However, the Shield’s weakness is the attack from Axe. When you face a blow from Axe, it deactivates the Shield for five seconds. You are exposed to incoming attacks for five seconds.

Things Required to Make a Shield

Things Required to Make a Shield in minecraft

When you create something, you need pieces of equipment to create it. The same is the case for making a shield.

These are the items that you need to make a shield.

  1. Iron Ingot
  2. Birch Wood Planks
  3. Jungle Wood Planks
  4. Oak Wood Planks
  5. Spruce Wood Planks
  6. Dark Oak Wood Planks
  7. Acacia Wood Planks

You need any type wooden planks and an iron ingot for making a Shield. Where to find these ingredients? You can find any types of woods and convert them into wooden planks, and a piece of iron ingot will work. You can explore these ingredients in the caves.

Steps to Make a Shield

There are some steps that you need to follow to make a shield.

Open Crafting Table

The first step in creating a shield is to open the crafting menu. In the crafting menu, you will see the crafting table tab. Click the tab to open it. The crafting table is of the combination of 3×3 blocks.

Inserting Items in Crafting Table

In the crafting table, you have to add an iron ingot and six wooden planks. Wooden planks are of different types. You can insert any kind of wooden planks like spruce, oak, birch, jungle, acacia, or dark oak wood planks. It all depends upon your choice and available wooden planks to you.

Here is a sketch to follow for quickly making shields and inserting items in the crafting table.

  • 1st Row- Iron ingot in middle block and wooden planks on each side.
  • 2nd Row- Insert wooden planks in each block of the 2nd Row of the crafting table.
  • 3rd Row-Insert wooden plank in the middle grid of 3rd Row.
Inserting Items in Crafting Table

Move Shield to Inventory

Once you are done with crafting the Shield, it is the time to move the Shield to inventory.

In inventory, you can customize the Shield. There are different options available to customize the shields and choose the color of your choice. It will increase the beauty of your Shield as before it looks like a standard wooden.

How to Repair Shield?

If your Shield gets damaged and you want to repair it. There are two ways to fix it.

  1. Repair using an anvil.
  2. Combine two damaged shields in your crafting grid to get a repaired one.

How to Enchant Minecraft Shields?

We will share three ways to enchant your Shield and what does it do.

You can apply the following enchantments to your Minecraft Shield.

  1. Mending-It repairs your Shield using XPs.
  2. Curse of Vanishing-It removes the cursed Shield when the player dies.
  3. Un Breaking-It increases the lastingness of your Shield.

Can I Buy a Shield?

If you don’t want to make a Shield and don’t have accessories, the other option is to buy a shield. You can buy Shield from armorer villagers if you have emeralds and have decent friends in the local village.

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