UPDATE: In a blog post on June 22nd, 2020 Microsoft (parent company of Mixer) announced that the platform will duly cease its operation in a month’s time. Meanwhile, before the commencement of the complete shutdown Microsoft partnered with Facebook gaming which was to be a place where the mixer community could find a new shelter.

Many big-name stars however considered Twitch to be their next safe heaven hence moved to the platform after the shutdown of Mixer. If you’re new to the streaming scene and thinking about streaming on Twitch then check out our detailed articles covering many aspects of Twitch and streaming in general.

The topics include the following:

With Twitch’s two biggest streamers Ninja and Shroud announced to stream exclusively on Mixer, the Mixer is seeing a huge surge in interest in viewers. But for those of us who grew up watching Twitch, the jump to Mixer can be a pretty shocking transition. From the different chat interfaces to stricter rules on conduct, there are a ton of major differences between the two streaming platforms that will leave you scratching your head. Luckily for you, we are here to break down all the things you need to know about the differences between Twitch and Mixer. So let’s dive in.

Mixer vs Twitch: Pros and Cons

Twitch Pros
Twitchcon is held by Twitch
A larger viewer base
Twitch has better profit potential
Easier to navigate and record VODs
Available on both Xbox and Playstation
Twitch Cons
Hard to get noticed due to the already available large number of streamers
Necessary to meet affiliate requirements before making any profit
Slower streaming technology
A more toxic and unfair community
Mixer Pros
Faster streaming experience due to its ‘’FTL’’ technology
A tamer and friendlier community
Better chances of gaining a following due to less competition
Integrated PC and Xbox streaming
Better interactivity features
Mixer Cons
Less versatility as live streaming is mostly  constrained to gaming
A smaller audiences
Difficult to stream from PS4

Things that Twitch does Best

Many streamers have been inquiring recently about whether they should leave Twitch for Mixer. Different opinions are being passed around which makes taking a final decision very difficult. Well fear not, We are here to help.

In this article, we are going to list the reasons why some people are thinking of leaving Twitch and why some people have decided to stay here.

  • Twitch holds Twitchcon, one of the largest annual conventions bringing video game streamers and content creators together. This will be an amazing opportunity for streamers who want to grow their business.
  • Creating on-demand content has been made very easy by Twitch, allowing you to get the most of both VODs and live streams by increasing your audience.
  • Twitch is still the undisputed king of live streaming with a whopping 15 million daily views and more than 2 million streamers. If you want to stream your content before a large audience, Twitch is the platform to be on.

Things that Mixer does Best

Now that we have discussed the main reasons on why you should stay on, let us talk about the benefits of Mixer.

  • The mixer will provide you with the possibility of appearing in the HyperZone. This is a tool; that selects games in search of key moments. This allows the viewers to discover new streamers of all levels during the game’s most intense moments. HyperZone Supported Games: PUBG, Fortnite, R6: Siege, Call of Duty: BO4, and Apex Legends
  • The Mixer has a highly interactive video streaming service that allows you to offer special controls to your viewers, for instance, voting on significant story choices in games.
  • The Mixer provides a highly integrated Xbox experience. You are always a few buttons away from going live.
  • The Mixer has also a newly added feature of streaming from your mobile phones. This will allow for a better fan following.
  • For the newcomers, making a profit on Mixer is extremely easy as you do not have to meet specific affiliate requirements. The monetization options will be in play as soon as you become a partner on Mixer.
  • The Mixer has a very friendly and toxic-free environment and a reasonable moderation team unlike the Twitch moderation team, that has been in the limelight for irregular rulings.
  • Mixer’s faster than light technology of ‘’FTL’’ will provide your audience with an amazing live streaming experience.
  • The mixer has an excellent EXP rewarding system. They reward viewers just for spending time and engaging on the platform.

The General Cons of Mixer and Twitch


  • It is very difficult to get noticed on Twitch because it has so many streams available. Because of its long presence in the game, Viewers have already picked their favorite on Twitch. If you are new in the streaming business and looking to gain a large following, streaming on Twitch might not be such a great idea.
  • In recent years, Twitch has increasingly been getting a bad reputation for being Toxic and unfair to its streamers. According to Ninja and his wife, Money was not their primary reason for leaving Twitch. It was the toxic and unfriendly environment of Twitch.
  • Being a new streamer to Twitch, making a profit on it will be impossible until you meet all the necessary affiliate requirements.


  • The Mixer has very strict guidelines in terms of what is appropriate for viewership. Things that will force you to make your channel 18 plus are using any sort of age-restricted items like consuming alcohol, using a vape pen or smoking a pipe. These will automatically require you to clearly label your stream as 18 plus.
  • The Mixer has a much smaller audience and you will probably find it very hard to become the world’s biggest game streamer simply because your work is not reaching a greater no of people.

Which is Better, Mixer vs Twitch: Ending Thoughts

Now that you have the major pros and cons of leaving Twitch for Mixer, the ultimate decisions fall completely on your shoulders. The final decision should be made with great precision after carefully going through our list.

However, If you ask me what I would personally go for, that would be the Mixer. Microsoft has carefully gone through all the mistakes present in Twitch to make sure that they don’t exist in Mixer. Although Mixer is relatively new and has a long way to go, It will prove to be greatly advantageous in the long run. With its faster technology and rising popularity, Mixer would be a great choice for the new streamers. If you choose Mixer over Twitch, due to the decreased competition,  you will have a  greater potential for the growth and continuity of your channel.

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