A 504 gateway timeout error is a very common error and usually occurs when the main server tries to load a webpage, but fails to do so because of an untimely response from the receiver server. This error always occurs due to the website’s technical fault and not because of the user’s end. There’s nothing that the user can do to fix the HTTP error 504, but there is no harm in trying once.

Meaning of 504 Gateway Timeout

A 504 error is an HTTP error that can occur when the web server does not get a connection on time and instead of waiting for the page to load, it crashes and shows the 504 error. There are different ways a timeout error can appear on a website, depending on the website’s design. However, all of them contain the words ‘504 Gateway’ to make the user understand the error.

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How does the error appear as?

The error appears something like this

  • Http 504
  • Gateway Timeout 504
  • Gateway Timeout Error 504
  • Gateway Timeout Error
  • HTTP Error – Gateway Timeout 504
  • 504 Error Gateway

Causes of 504 Gateway Timeout

In the HTTP error 504, the problem lies with the website host server, not the user server. It happens when the server has a lot of access requests and too little time to work through the requests or when the website host server is under maintenance or construction.

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How to fix a 504 Gateway Timeout Error If you are a user:

  • Restart the website

The first thing that appears to be the most common and basic solution to fix the website is reloading it. reloading the website simply reloads all the information and sends a new command to the host server. If it gets fixed, then well and good. If not, try the following solutions.

  • Contact the Website Manager

If you know the website’s owner or the in charge of the content management system, contact them directly and let them know of the issue that is occurring at your end. It is possible that they might fix the issues at their end and get the website to work properly for you.

  • Close the website and come back later

Some websites are unable to handle more amount of traffic as they have weak servers. This might cause your web page to show a 504 Gateway Timeout Error. To resolve this, take a break and come back later when the website has a lesser load.

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How to solve a 504 Gateway Timeout Error if you are the website owner:

  • Check the domain

Check if your domain name has been expired. Sometimes it is possible that either it has been expired or is not responding properly to the user’s site. Sometimes, some domains are not allowed in specific areas as well. Figure out if this might be causing problems for your website

  • Find any kind of corrupted Databases

If you own a WordPress website, simply check your databases for any sort of corruption or external malicious attacks from spam wares. An easy way to solve this is by installing WP-DB manager and using their Repair Database and Optimize Database features to get your website back on track

  • Check for HTACCESS of your website

Inspect if your HTACESS is set up properly and has no ambiguities or hitches blocking the access for users who may be trying to access the information on your website. Configure the settings properly and find any possible glitches that might have occurred.

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