Unless you live under a rock, you must have heard or seen ‘WYD’ written somewhere. It might be possible that your friend may have texted you this phrase, or you may have read in on some meme on social media. You may have heard it in a song lyric as well. You don’t need to be confused regarding the meaning of WYD when we are here to explain it all to you.

WYD Meaning

In simple words, WYD stands for ‘What you doing?’. It is an abbreviation mostly used in text messages, tweets, and memes. It came into its existence in 2010 when twitter users started using it to save character spaces. ‘WYD’ also sometimes refer to as ‘What are you doing’ or ‘What would you do’, depending on the context and the situation

How should you use it

The phrase ‘what you doing’ is a linguistic question to see if the person is available, or to find what the person is going to do. Many people, especially teens use it as a greeting or a welcome or to start a conversation. Sometimes, people use it to ask someone else out on a date. It can also be used as a literal, rhetorical question to ask what someone else is up to, or what is he doing currently.

This phrase can be used to extend the conversation and divert it when it is getting boring as when you ask ‘Wyd’ from a friend or a colleague, their answer gives out a new aspect to the conversation and improves discussion.

Moreover, this phrase is also used as a slang to ask or challenge someone’s life choices. Let’s see the difference between each kind of ‘Wyd’ with an explanation on how to use it appropriately

Example #1

“Girl, if he hasn’t bought you a ring and you’re still sticking around, wyd?’

This is a hypothetical use of the word ‘Wyd’. In this example, ‘Wyd’ is used as a phrase to question the life choices made by someone. It is used as a slang, or a jargon to denote the fact that the girl is sitting around for the boy even when he is not ready to commit to you properly. In this case, the individual is asking the girl to focus on her life choices and fix them.

Example #2

“Hi girl, I’m up for some seafood for lunch today. Wyd?’

In this example, the context points out to the fact that the girl is being asked out for lunch. The sender of the text message has asked the girl what she is doing, in a hypothetical way to see if she is free for seafood as lunch today.

Example #3

“Just took a shower. Wyd?”

This is a straight-up example of asking someone what they are doing as a way to drag the conversation forward. There is no hidden message in this example and it is a rhetorical question of what the person’s actions currently are.

In all these cases it depends on the reader to analyze and figure out what ‘wyd’ means at each instance.

Variation of ‘Wyd’

You can also use ‘Wud’ to ask someone what they are currently doing. The ‘U’ is a text message abbreviation of ‘You’. ‘Wyd’ is more widely used than ‘Wud’ so it’s always a good idea to use ‘Wyd’ instead of ‘Wud’. To make it easier for you, we would advise that you go with the latter version for text messages and the former version for twitter, emails or status updates.

Common Acronyms

Wyd is also used to ask ‘What’s your deal?’ which means the same as ‘What you doing?’

Hope this guide was helpful. The next time someone asks ‘Wyd’, you will always know what to reply back.

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