If you’re on Reddit, chances are that you have seen most of the users aggressively using this acronym in their comments while arguing. You must have thought that it is a misspelling, or worse, a curse word. But it’s not. Let’s see what FTFY actually means and how can you use it in your text messages, comments, and posts to make them stand out from the rest.

What FTFY Means

FTFY stands for ‘Fixed that for you’. Some people also use it as ‘There, I fixed it for you’ which means the same thing.

It is used when you fix a spelling error or a mistake in someone’s statement, art, or something else. It is used when you fix something for someone who was completely unaware of it. It is mainly used to add comedic weight when you fix someone’s typo or add some opinion or value of your own in someone’s written material, especially comments.

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It is usually added in an existing statement to completely change the meaning of the statement.

It is important to remember that FTFY is used not as a sincere reminder that you fixed something, but as a sarcastic remark. It is used to denote that someone has made a mistake so stupid, that someone else has to jump in to correct it, and so they add FTFY as an epitome of sarcasm to put weight in their words and to embarrass the other person.

How should you use it?

After knowing what FTFY means, it is important to know how to use it appropriately. You can use FTFY in reply to comments that have a belief of values which are opposite to yours, or while arguing about something that you feel strongly about. You can also use it in memes as an element of added humor and to portray a message of something which is right by fixing the wrong.

Here are some examples to help you use FTFY in the right way

Example #1:

Someone: “Priyanka Chopra is an advocate for peace”

You: Priyanka Chopra is NOT an advocate for peace, FTFY.

In the example given above, someone has stated that their favorite celebrity advocates peace but since you disagree, you would add your opinion in their existing statement and turn the meaning completely around at a 180-degree angle. No word has been removed from the sentence, it has only been added to create a new meaning of the sentence which is in effect.

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Example #2:

Kid: “Hey mom, can I go over to study at my friend’s house tonight?”

Mom: “Hey Mom, Can I go over to my friend’s house to get drunk and make stupid life choices tonight? FTFY”

This case is a classist example of a teen trying to go out and his mother using sarcasm to show him that she is not stupid and is aware of all his tactics to go party with his friends. His mother has used his basic wording and has only removed the part where her kid has put his proclamation for permission to stay a night out at his friend’s house. This is un-doubtfully a clever way to straight-up refuse your kid from going out and making bad decisions.

Example #3:

A picture shows a snake biting a man. Someone Photoshops it to make it seem like the man is biting the snake with a caption ‘FTFY’ to denote that when a man gets mad, he can even bite back the snake.

Example #4:

In another picture, a woman is holding a baby and explaining how the baby makes her life beautiful. The photo is then edited to place a cat where the baby is placed in her arms, with a caption and hashtag ‘#FTFT’ to show that cats are better than babies, and make life beautiful the same way.

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In all these examples, there is always a sarcastic or a humorous element attached to the use of the word ‘FTFY’

Opposite of FTFY

The opposite of FTFY is NFFY which means ‘Not fixed for you’. It is used when someone states a vague opinion to confuse the other party while arguing.

Use this new acronym as a brand new addition in your dictionary and impress people with your knowledge of slang words be it on Reddit or anywhere else.

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