If you are on any social media site, you might have seen people use LMGTFY often a lot. This term is extremely popular in teens and youngsters and is considered the latest hip term of the Millennial Era. People use it in their text messages, Instagram captions, tweets, and whatnot. If you are clueless about what LMGTFY, read below to know what it means with major-league examples on how to use them the best way possible.

What is the Meaning of LMGTFY?

LMGTFY is a famous Internet acronym that means ‘Let me google that for you’. It is used when someone asks you a simple question, of which the answer is so simple it could have been easily be searched on google. This is mainly used as a smart reply to let someone know that their question was fairly simple and to mock them that they could have found the information online, easily. Sometimes, it is also said when the information is very basic and could have been answered if they have thought hard enough about it. The main goal is to make the person search for the information themselves next time instead of asking you.

How you Should Use LMGTFY?

The best way to use LMGTFY is when you are texting or replying to comment online. You can also use the acronym on Twitter when you’re replying to someone else’s Tweet. It is a sarcastic remark so use it only when you’re showing even a teeny weeny bit of sarcasm in your reply.

Example #1

Someone: Who is the president of the United States of America?

You: Wow, you’re really asking me that after him being all over the news huh? LMGTFY

In this particular example, someone has asked you about the president of The United States of America, but Donald Trump is currently so famous for being in the news for something he is always up to, that you are shocked at the thought of your friend being completely oblivious to the fact that he is the president of America. Undeniably, you answer him in a sarcastic way and add the acronym ‘LMGTFY’ to show that your friend does not know the extremely basic information and doesn’t stay up to date with the world.

Example #2

Someone:  When is Christmas This Year? Is it on the 25th of December?

You: Wow Boyle, LMGTFY.

This example is a picture-perfect use of LMGTFY for someone who is aware of something but is clearly only asking to get the conversation rolling with you. In this case, what you’d do is say something such as ‘Wow’ to throw them off that you understand that they are only asking to waste your time, but also include ‘LMGTFY’ to let them know that their question was totally uncalled for, and they could have spared some effort to search about it themselves.

Example #3

Someone may have seen you out with friends, having fun and getting silly to get a good time out of your night out. They would have come to you and asked you ‘So, you’re out with your friends huh?’

This is a perfect instance where you could reply with ‘Let me google that for you’ because now the person is just stating an obvious fact. This is a perfect sarcastic reply, to completely throw the other person off. However, be aware that this might be considered rude or blunt and you don’t have any intentions of seeming like a cold-hearted person, then you might like to avoid it. But if it is the other way around, then it is a perfect opportunity to use LMGTFY.

How did this Term Come into Existence?

This term was basically created when a group of web designers came up with their own brain-child ‘LMGTFY.COM’ where you can google your basic questions in the most effortless way possible. The website has sarcastic video answers to silly questions such as ‘What color is the sky’.

When this website came into existence, people used to mock their friends and family asking silly questions by sending the link of the website as a reply to their text messages. Soon, the term became viral and instead of sending the link, people started saying the acronym to let someone know that their question was only a five-finger exercise and they could have searched it themselves online.

It is important to know that LMGTFY can also be used to not answer sarcastically, but there is a thin line between that and people can always take you wrong if you use it that way.

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