There are some internet slangs that get you confused because they can be used in two ways. BTFO is an example of such slangs.

What Does BTFO Mean?

There are literally two BTFO meanings; “Blown the f*** out” and “Back the f*** off”. Both of them are vulgar and should not be used for people under the age of 18.

1. Blown the f*** out:

This acronym refers to when someone faces a defeat that is so embarrassing and yet so memorable that it will be remembered for the years to come. It is used to mock someone who faced such an extraordinary defeat that there is nothing that might have been done to undo the effects of that defeat. This term is especially used when someone loses a game, a political argument that was based on extremely wrong facts, or a debate about something that they got completely wrong. It is also used when someone loses in sports or a computer game.

How to Use BTFO Right?

If you’re talking to your peers or someone age-appropriate, you can use this term to mock their weak defeat and downfall against you. You can also use it to show something that has been broken, or destroyed beyond repair.

Example #1

Someone: “LOL he got BTFO’d so bad that he started running around in circles to get over his misery”

In this case, someone is telling you a story about somebody else that lost and got blown the f*** out. This example also explains what his reaction was, and doesn’t leave the statement completely vague for you to figure out.

Example #2

Someone: “All this crazy wind got my hair BTFO bro”

In this case, someone is talking about how his hair got all messed up due to the wind and there is nothing that the person that does to reverse the effects.

How Not to Use it?

It is important to remember that it is a vulgar and offensive term that should not be used in front of kids, teachers, parents, or anyone that deserves an element of respect in the society’s eyes, as it can easily rub the wrong way and end up creating unnecessary problems for you later on.

Example of How NOT to Use it

Someone, to their mom: “Hey mom, Dad got BTFO’d at an accident last night and passed away”

This is an example of using BTFO in an extremely insensitive way. This can clearly backlash for the person, as he is using the slang at a time where loss cannot be reversed, but it is inappropriate because it is said at an event that should not be joked about.

2. Back the f*** off

Back the f***off simply means ‘Back off’, in an aggressive way to warn someone that you’re extremely angry and hostile at the moment. it is used when you want to ask someone to stop doing something because you do not approve of it. The acronym can only be used as ‘Back off’, but with the advent of technology and the era of youngsters, it is now considered a necessity to use the word ‘F***’ if you want to want to improvise the intensity of the situation, or to tell someone how annoyed you are with them.

How to Use it Right?

There are no hard and fast rules to use it right, however, you must remember to not use the F word in front of the family to make sure you don’t offend them. A few examples of how to use it right are given below

Example #1:

“Hey man, that’s my girl you’re aggressively flirting with, so BTFO”

In this case, someone is warning someone else to leave his girl alone and go his own way, as a threat and warning to not do whatever he is going again or there will be consequences.

Example #2

“Whoever is trying to get my lead position at the game tonight, BTFO cause that ain’t happening”

This is a message to let someone know that the person is aware of the fact that someone is trying to take his spot at a certain game. This is an indirect message of caution sent to the person to be aware of the fact that even though he is trying hard, he needs to back off and let him be at a position where he is.

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