If you’re a gamer, or you play the league of legends, chances are that you have been spammed with 4head many times. You might not know the meaning behind it. it may be possible that your gaming buddies are teasing you or sending a hidden message behind the 4Head. Let’s find out what it means, and how should you use it.

4Head Meaning

4head twitch emote is a guy who is laughing with very prominent broken teeth. This means ‘a hysterical laugh with consequences’. It is usually sent to make fun of someone after they send a cheesy joke. It refers to an image of a guy laughing very awkwardly. This emote is referred to when someone passes a joke and you’re supposed to show that it was extremely funny but in your own awkward way. This emote is placed in chat conversations repeatedly to show a hysterical laugh when someone gets beaten up or loses the game. It is also added in the conversation when people have no idea what is happening and they ask in the conversation, and to tease them 4head emote is sent.

It can also be sent to annoy your gaming friends between a chat after they make a pretty lame or tacky joke, or it can be sent after someone says something stupid and to annoy them this emote is sent to let them know that what they said was funny, but stupid.

How Should You Use 4Head

It can be used in two ways. The first way to use it to show laughter over a genuinely funny incident, or a joke. It can be used when you destroy your friend’s character within the game and you are laughing to tease him or annoy him or show off your victory by laughing at his face.

Example #1:

Tweety gave me a kick today! but John destroyed her through courier. 4Head.

In this example, you have used the 4head to signify that Tweety was doing something silly to your gaming character and giving you a hard time, however, John did something to save your character by destroying hers. At the end, 4head is mentioned to signify a laugh at the expense of Tweety.

You can also use the 4head twitch emote to show that you’re laughing within a stream at someone who made a joke that made no sense to you. This means that the joke was either silly or had been repeatedly used so many times that it just wasn’t funny anymore. To say in one sentence: it can be used when the joke is incredibly lame and you have to show that you’re pretending to laugh hysterically at something very stupid.

Example #2:

Wow, that was really tacky bro! 4head

In this example, you have called something tacky and used the 4head to show your awkward, silly reaction to a joke that has been used many times before.

Now that you know the meaning of 4Head, you can easily use it in your conversations!

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