MonkaS is probably the most used twitch emote on the gaming platform, and it may be for a reason. You might have seen this twitch emote not only on gaming platforms but also on Twitter and Reddit. This twitch emote is famous for its combination of characters. If you want to know more about it, keep reading to find out what is monkaS and how should you use it properly.

MonkaS Meaning

MonkaS is a combination of characters that shows that Pepe the Frog is sweating nervously. It actually refers to someone who might be having a nervous breakdown or is under extreme pressure about something. It may also show someone who is extremely embarrassed about a situation that might have occurred and he has found no way to avoid it, rather than to accept it that he is in the situation. It means that someone is so mortified that he is having a panic attack and losing their nerves over something embarrassing that either they might have done, or someone else has done to them that has shattered their self-esteem and frozen them into a state of oblivion and anxiety.

How should you use MonkaS twitch emote correctly

MonkaS is a twitch emote that is always used to denote a high-pressure, nerve-wracking situation. So if you are ever in a situation like that, you can use this twitch emote to denote your misery. Another way you can use this twitch emote is when someone else is in a situation like this, and you use this meme or emote to represent the fear that they are currently facing.

Have you ever felt that the situation has gotten so out of control that you feel like the earth is moving beneath your toes, and you cannot get the situation to be corrected no matter what you say or do. You are helpless and deserted and found out that everyone’s attention is totally over you, and they are looking for an answer about something embarrassing you have done or said. If the answer is yes, then you need to know that you could have used the MonkaS twitch emote to denote that anxiety you were feeling at that time.

If you are still confused, here are a few examples to set your mind to rest.

Example #1:

Someone: I think I’m going to lose all my coins in this game. MonkaS

In this scenario, someone has bet all their coins on a gaming competition but realizing that they are going to lose everything as they might have made a silly decision, someone is frightened to their core. Now, he is using the MonkaS twitch emote to signify his extreme fear and anxiety.

Example #2:

Someone: I thought my crush was saying Hi to me but she was just using her hand to avoid sunlight. Everyone saw it.

This is a highly embarrassing situation for someone who thought that his crush was saying hi to him but she was not. And to top his embarrassment, everyone in the hall saw him doing that and saving his face when he realized that his crush was not saying Hello to him.

With these examples, it has now become easier for you to use the monkaS twitch emote easily and correctly.

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