Playing a mech that you are comfortable with can only that you that far in Iron Saga. For winning more games consistently you need to play the strongest that has the best chance of winning.

Figuring out the strongest mech from the sea of choices available can be a tough ask but don’t worry. To simplify things for you I have done the research on the strongest mech available in the game and this article will be based on that information.

In this article, we will arrange all the mechs in a tier list ranging from the best to the worst. I will also give a brief description of every mech that I pick for any given tier.

Iron Saga is a very complex RPG game that relies on quick judgment and character strengths and perks.

It is very crucial that you have a strong mech if you are to progress any further into the game because without one, winning matches can be quite challenging. You also want a strong mech because it will provide you a solid foundation to build upon as you unlock more and more customization abilities.

The following is the tier list ranging from the best to the worst in which I will be ranking all the mechs present in the game. S-Tier indicates the best mechs that you should use and with each tier, we see a downwards trajectory with F-Tier coming in as our last tier with the worst mechs to use.

So, are you ready to defeat all the opponents that stand in your way with relative ease? Then let’s begin with the Iron Saga tier list, shall we?


This tier comprises the best mechs that you need to use within the game. The strongest mech in this tier includes:

AsyuraTankAsyura is a fantastic brawl character that has the capability to inflict serious damage with its faced paced agility. It also provides beneficial debuff and damage to enemy characters when destroyed allowing you to go ham with this mech.
ZulongRanged Attacker DebufferZulong excels in inflicting heavy long-range damage in a fight but when needed it can also defend itself in close-range scenarios. This mech is equipped with a melee attack that knocks back enemies allowing users to increase the distance between them and enemies.
Breaking DawnRange AttackerBreaking Dawn allows users to play a little aggressively with its long-range attacks. The mech not only has the ability to hit multiple enemies with its beams at once but when destroyed it splits into 2 smaller mechs.
MemphistoAttacker Diver/BrawlerThis mech perfectly synchronizes speed, agility, and lethality. The damage potential of Memphisto is very good and coupled that with the ability of this mech to debuff immunity makes it one of the best melee mechs in the game.
Sin 3Attacker DiverSin 3 is an agile mech with excellent speed and attacking capabilities. It can also heal itself with the use of the G mode strategy. The mech also becomes completely immune during the special move which allows it to compete with the strongest mechs in the game.
Huang LongRange Attacker DebufferHuang Long is a committed long-range attacker with which you can deal massive damage. Although slow the attacks are very precise allowing you to hit the target most times. The mech also has good debuff abilities and therefore is a force to reckon with in the hands of a player that likes to take things slow and methodical.


The mechs in tier A although not a powerful as Tier S mechs but are still considered very good and a viable option to play in PVP matches.

Belial 10Attacker TankBelial is a mech for users that want their character to survive heavy damage. Belial has an anti-range barrier that makes it suitable for tanking a lot of damage and with its health regeneration capability when it drops below 50% this mech can stay alive longer than others on the field.
Doy Jiang GaiTankDoy Jaing Gai allows you to consistently engage with the enemy due to its sheer survivability because of the last stand trait that lasts for 5 seconds. When fighting the melee damage potential of this tank mech makes all the difference in the fight.
GalahandRanged AttackerGaland is easy to acquire and use early game mech that also poses serious effectiveness in the later stages of the game. Along with the lethal attacks, this mech has extremely high damage special. Besides being a little fragile, to begin with, this mech is great to use for long-range situations.
Bat SamuraiAttacker BrawlerLike the name suggests the Bat Samurai is a stealthy mech for users that want to be sneaky with their approach. With its stealthy approach, users can deal massive damage with this mech in upfront fights with also having the ability to heal when need be.
ThorAttacker DebufferThor is a triumph card that is very beneficial in inflicting negative status and debuff on enemies to weaken them. This mech is also provided with self-healing ability hence completing its kit as a great Debuff mech.
PaimonTank/BrawlerPaimon is a heavy-duty tank that has great survivability due to its rechargeable anti-range barrier. When attacking the mech has an Area of Effect attack that paralyzes enemies making them a free target to deal with.
TsukiyomiRange AttackerTsukiyomi is a fantastic long-range attacker to control the flow of the fight with. It is equipped with the ability to stop time and it can also inflict paralysis on enemies making it a great crowd control mech. On top of that Tsukiyomi also features a ranged barrier to protect it from such attacks.
GoriagaAttacker Diver/BrawlerGoriago is an extremely fast mech suitable for users that like to keep a fast pace in the battle and use agility to their advantage. The mech comes with an Area of Effect attack that can paralyze enemies which makes it a great diver attacker for crowd control.
SusanooAttacker MeleeSusanoo is a treat for melee lovers because the mech is equipped with features that make it great for that purpose. It is fast and with the use of its agility can deal massive damage. For dealing damage and covering its fragility, Susanoo has many area of effect attacks and a barrier to shield it from incoming damage.


The mechs in Tier B are a viable option for PVP battles and can work well in most situations but dealing with more powerful mechs can be stretched for the mechs in this Tier.

DangaiohTank DebufferDangaioh operates on the principle of survivability first damage later. This is the ideal mech for users that want their fight to last for quite a while with them being able to take a large deal of damage. This tanky mech does come with some firepower though and that mainly being in the form of its ability to inflict debuff on its enemies. Dangaioh operates on the principle of survivability first damage later. This is the ideal mech for users that want their fight to last for quite a while with them being able to take a large deal of damage. This tanky mech does come with some firepower though and that mainly being in the form of its ability to inflict debuff on its enemies.
Kaguya 10Attacker Melee/DiverThe fire-breathing mech that once ruled the upper play on the game. Kaguya is a very fast and agile mech that can deal a large amount of damage very quickly. The only aspect that holds it back from higher tiers is its fragility to incoming damage.
AlbatrossDodge TankThe style of play of the mech is very unique compared to others hence won’t suit anyone. Albatross is a plane that acts as a dodge tank. It can avoid incoming damage with its passive regen aura ability. This mech won’t be good in the hands of every user and requires a great deal of practice to get going with.
JormungandRanged AttackerJormugand is a very effective long-range missile hauler that can deal a good amount of damage to enemies. Pair with a mech with the right setup to increase its attack lethality and you have a solid mech on your hands.
Xuang WUAttacker Debuffer BrawlerXuang WU strengths lies in close-range combat where it can hook and grapple enemies to throw them around which results in paralysis. With the Xuang WU aggressiveness is required and it pays off when you close the gap between you and the enemy.
Infinity CosmosRanged Debuffer AttackerInfinity Cosmos is a drone-based long-range mech that is very useful in dealing damage and slipping away from your enemies in quick succession. To get the optimal use out of this mech you need to use it for only certain boss fights and PVP where its ability is favorable. For the best setup pair this mech with Igarashi pilot to see the full potential of this mech.
DeerstalkerRanged Debuffer AttackersDeerstalker is a jack of all trades mech with very effective dodge moves. Not only with dodge but this mech can be used to easily counter incoming damage with its provided shield. The EMP attack which the mech also has allows the users to push back enemies and leave them debuffed.


The mechs presented in the tier-C are useable for PVP scenarios but more effort is required to make things work with them.

TaotiegaiRanged Attacker DebufferTaotiegai is a tank hidden in the clothing of a ranged combatant. This mech has abilities that allow it to fulfill the role of survivability but when needed can also be used to inflict some serious damage to the enemy.
Reno MK2Attacker Diver/BrawlerReno MK2 rewards players that are aggressive and like to be on the offensive all the time. This mech can dish out massive damage with its powerful melee abilities. The only thing holding this mech back is its fragility otherwise it would have been higher in the list.
AstarothAttacker TankAstaroth is a tank that can also be utilized to lead close-range attacks on enemies. The grapple ability that this mech has comes in very beneficial in this context of close-range fighting.
ZhuqueAttacker Diver/BrawlerZhuque falls in the same line as other Diver attackers. These mechs are characterized by having great damage potential and lackluster survivability. In this regard, Zhuque falls in the middle of the pack and there are better mechs available for this purpose in the upper tiers.
Lancelot GLRanged AttackerLancelot is an alright range attacker that excels in its survivability and abilities but due to the lack of debuff capabilities cannot be placed higher in the tier ranking. Not a bad mech but one that has better alternatives.
LongdanRange AttackerLongdan is equipped with a series of long-range damage potential because of its abilities. The mech has missiles and bullets which when accurately used can deal a large amount of damage on targets.
Demon BladeAttacker DiverDemon Blade is an evasive mech that utilizes blink ability to move around undetected. This cloak ability can be paired with deadly strikes on unsuspecting victims to inflict a large amount of damage at once.
GawainRanged Attacker DebufferGawain is equipped with unique abilities that need to be mastered to extract the full potential of this mech. If you want to be effective with this mech you need a proper setup around it.
Valk SCAttacker TankValk allows users to spam its abilities and use them consecutively. This slightly overpowered nature of this mech is balanced out with the lackluster stats of this mech.
Heavy KongouRanged Attacker DebufferHeavy kongou has not much going for it. It is not necessarily a damage-oriented mech which is represented by its lack of any decisive damage output. This mech can however disrupt enemies from quite a good distance.
Tyrant 2Ranged Attacker DebufferTyrant 2 is your typical ranged mech but this one excels in the PVE side of things than the PVP stage. For PVP there are better alternatives available which you can choose over this mech.
Tyrant 3 SRanked AttackerThe Tyrant 3 S has good abilities for dealing long-range damage but exhibits very poor performance when close-range melee damage is required hence pitching it at the bottom of the tier list.
Tao WuAttacker BrawlerWith Tao Wu, your focus has to be on the melee combat because this mech is only viable for that sort of engagement. In everything else, it falls apart.
BrynhildAttacker DiverBrynhild is a fast and agile mech with good abilities. With this mech, you can create great setups containing impeccable synergies. The mech however fails in the weapon damage and using it individually without good synergies can be a bit of a challenge.


The mechs in this Tier-D are not good choices if you want to progress further into the game. There are better alternatives available for the mechs in this Tier-D because they are either too weak or too one-dimensional.

SpilornisAttackerSpilornis is a fast mech that has good potential and range attacking capability. This mech however is too fragile and has to heavily rely on its dodge ability to survive incoming damage.
Artemis QAttacker DebufferArtemis Q is a very one-dimensional mech. It has good disruptions capabilities which are quite beneficial but that is all this mech can do. At the early stages of the game, this playstyle can be viable but later on, you would be left wanting more survivability and damage which does not bode well for this mech.
BaihuAttacker BrawlerBaihu is a decent melee mech but nothing to write home about. It fails to provide any other additional benefit or value to make it viable over other mechs that perform better than it in the melee aspect.
Nero SRanked Attacker DebufferNero S is a very good range mech after its Kai upgrade. It is present in the D tier because without the Kai update it is horrible to the point of being unusable for PVP scenarios. After the Kai update though it turns into a beast of its own and can be easily placed alongside the best mechs of this game.
Riot PoliceTank DebufferRiot Police is a decent mech which on paper may seem powerful with its shields, long-range attacks, and debuff capabilities granting it good survivability but, on the field, this mech lacks decent damage output hence relegating it to the D tier.
Master HeiAttacker BrawlerMaster Hei is a unique mech with the ability to make clones of itself. This mech also is provided with good capabilities one of them being the ability to throw shurikens. Although this mech can deal a handsome amount of damage it is too fragile to be a viable option for PVP due to the lack of survival abilities.
KamuiRanged AttackerKamui is a decent mech but quite one-dimensional. It has some use in certain aspects of the game that mainly being in the PVE front but for PVP this mech does not bring anything exciting to the table hence is rarely used.


This is the last tier and contains the worst mechs in the game. These mechs should be avoided at all costs since they are not good for any scenario of the game. By using these mechs you won’t be able to progress your journey as they are very weak and easily beaten by other mechs in the game.

Tyrant 1Attacker BrawlerTyrant 1 is a mech that you can get early in the game with the sole purpose of selling it later on for developing parts for Tyrant 2 or 3.
JuqueAttackerJuque is provided with a shotgun which also may seem enticing but using it reveals the lack of effectiveness of the mech. Do yourself a favor and pick any other attacking mech over this if you want to succeed in the game.
BloodwolfRanged AttackerBlood wolf is mediocre having the ability to launch missiles. It brings nothing special to the table and other mechs having the same ability provide a much better value making Bloodwolf obsolete in most situations.
FramewindRanged AttackerFramemind is yet another long-range missile base attacker that lacks effectiveness. The lack of survivability and fragile nature also weaken its case hence relegating it to the F tier.
Taylor StarDebufferTaylor Star is mech hyper-focused on the Debuff role that has nothing else going for it. It also falters in the Debuff aspect making it a very poor-performing mech of the game.

How to Choose the Right Mech for the Right Role?

Now that we have taken a thorough understanding of the tier list, I want to help you choose the best mech suited for your playstyle because regardless of how good a mech is, if you are not comfortable playing it then its raw power won’t do you any good.

In determining the best mech, you first have to evaluate the role you like to play in Iron saga and your general playstyle as well.

The two main roles in this game are offensive ones in the form of attacks and defensive ones in the form of survival abilities. Then attack contains subcategories like Tank, melee, range brawler, etc. The same goes for the defense as well there are several categories in defense as well.

When you know your role and the playstyle you like to adopt choose the mech that best matches that. For example, I like being on the attack and I am a player that will consistently dive onto your face then for myself I should pick a mech that is

  • Is a good melee attacker
  • Is fast and agile

The best mech that matches my description is Asura hence I am going to pick that for my needs and playstyle. This is how you need to figure out which mech to play for the right role.

Just keep in mind that for determining this you first need to evaluate your playstyle and then match the description of mech with your playstyle and role.

Also, when looking for a match start from the top of the tier list and then work your way accordingly coming down each increment until a match is found.

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Now that everything is covered that you needed to know about the Iron Saga tier list, it is time to wrap up the article.

For a quick recap, this article contains the Tier list for Iron saga mech which are arranged in order starting from the best to the worst.

This article also mentions how you can pick the right mech for the right role to guide you in picking the mech that best gels with your playstyle and needs.

Before I sign off, let me know in the comment section down below which mech is your favorite and the combination you like running with it. I would love to hear your opinion. With that said, I hope you found the article helpful in answering your queries.

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