Are you overwhelmed by the choice of characters available in Destiny child and cannot figure out which is the best to use? Then consider yourself not alone.

With the ever-growing cast of playable characters, many users get lost not knowing which character to unlock next as they progress further in the game, and without knowing often end up picking the wrong child.

Don’t worry though if you are in this situation as this article is there for you. In this article, I am going to provide you with easy-to-digest information that you need regarding Destiny child characters.

This article will include the following:

  • A complete tier list ranking all characters in Destiny Child from best to worst in a systematic order
  • Rating for different aspects of a character
  • How to choose the right character for the right role

Destiny Child is a complex and intriguing game that requires users to constantly evaluate their character roster to progress further in the game.

The game receives frequent updates, and the point of these updates is to not only add new content for the players to enjoy but also new characters and revamp some of the previous characters.

This keeps the game fresh from getting stale but since it is upgraded so frequently there are constant meta changes for which character is the best to play.

To keep you on top of everything I am going to compile the characters of this game in tiers so that you can unlock the best characters and not waste your time on the ones that are not viable.

So, without wasting any time let’s dive straight to the tier list featuring all the characters of Destiny Child.

S+ Tier

The Tier-S+ is the consortium of the best characters that the game has to offer. These are the most powerful characters that you can unlock, and they will excel in all situations be it PVE, PVP, Raids, or World Boss.

These characters can do it all without a hitch and they have next to no weakness. In other words, you can say that these are the overpowered childs that the game has to offer.


S Tier

The Tier-S contains very powerful childs that the game has to offer. These characters can get you through any content of the game with ease and when pitched against other characters of the game the ones in this tier can defeat most of the others.

Dreaming SaturnAttackerLight
Lost MaatHealerLight
Underground SirenAttackerWood
Forbidden EveAttackerWater
Starry AstraeaHealerWood
Naive SyrinxHealerWood
Lady BathoryDebufferWood
Wild BastetAttackerLight
Courtesan BathoryAttackerFire
Dancer SalomeAttackerWater

A Tier

The characters that form Tier-A are a very good choice for progressing further in the game. Although not the most powerful around, these characters can still hold their own in the field.

You won’t encounter any problem playing with the characters in Tier-A in any given situation of the game.

Aimless PantheonSupportDark
Autocratic ElizabethAttackerDark
Gunslinger HildrAttackerLight
Deceptive krampusAttackerWood
Spring BesTank/defenderWater
Liberated MaatAttackerDark
Luster KepriAttackerDark
Knight DaphnisAttackerWood
Holy NicoleAttackerWood
Guiding RitaDebufferDark
Moonlight ArtemisAttackerDark
Sweet LedaSupportFire
Sword TiamatAttackerFire
Overtaker TitaniaAttackerLight
Justice MafdetAttackerWater
Fire AbaddonAttackerWood
Needfire DemeterDebufferFire
Worker DeinoAttackerWater
Indomitable JacheongbiAttackerWood


Tier-B contains the characters that are decent at best. You can use these characters with great success but extracting the most out of them will require a great effort on your part. This is because these characters are not the strongest hence you can face some trouble in the later stages of the game. Still though with the right setup you can make them work.

Zooming MarsDefender/ TankWater
Spiteful CalypsoAttackerWater
Adventurer EponaSupportWood
Experimental JupiterDebufferFire
Hesitant MetisHealerDark
Catching EshuDefender/TankWater
Righteous MafdetAttackerLight
Glorious MyrinaSupportWater
Transmigratior CleopetraAttackerLight
Magician AilillAttackerFire
Harmony MebdAttackerFire
Broker BrownieSupportWood
Illusory DurandelSupportDark
Rider KubabaAttackerDark
Cynical TyrvingAttackerFire
Pretty MarsAttackerDark
Mysterious SaturnAttackerDark
Midsummer AnemoneSupportWater
Hands IsoldeDebufferWater
Praying BariAttackerWater
Buster LisaAttackerWater
Girlfriend KatherineDebufferWood
Ruffian MidasHealerDark
Scarlet IphisDebufferDark
Witch EochaidAttackerWood
Marie RoseDefender/ TankWood
Snow MikuSupportWater
Arboreal RaccoonDefender/TankWater
Seething HadesDefender/TankFire
Shadow OlgaDebufferWater
Cube MoaDebufferLight
Realm WodanSupportWood
Realm AnnieAttackerWood
Crescent LunaSupportLight
Proud FailnaughtSupportFire
Tragedy RusalkaSupportFire
Brilliant AriaAttackerLight
Dazzling VenusSupportWood
Temptress HeketHealerWood
Fancy SytrySupportWood
Mate SemeleSupportLight
Nirodhasatya NirrtiSupportWater
Remembering AuroraSupportWood
Devouring ProcelAttackerWater


The characters present in Tier-C are mediocre. You can get some use out of them, but I would suggest upgrading to better ones as soon as the opportunity presents itself. These characters are not quite powerful and will struggle against characters present in upper tiers.

Smoldering HesitaAttackerFire
Lan FeiDebufferDark
Exocist NirrtiDebufferLight
Indecisive RusalkaHealerWater
Dreaming NaiasSupportWater
Daoine SidheDefender/TankFire
Ambitious MammonDefender/TankWood
Composed MidasDebufferWood
White AshtorethAttackerLight
Moonlight WerewoldSupportDark
Maid MorganAttackerFire
Waiting VerdeletSupportFire
Glamorous BrigidDefender/TankFire
Hyprocrite BabelDebufferWater
Willow DoryeongSupportWood
Field PanDebufferWood
Hatsune MikuSupportWater
Snow MikuHealerWater
Sweet SytrySupportLight
Cheating CatherineDefender/TankFire
Maverick GaneshaSupportFire
Catgirl NeamhainSupportLight
Squadron NoelAttackerWater
Heroes NineDebufferFire
Winged DiabloDefender/TankLight
Hungry LimosDebufferFire
Realm BillyDebufferWater
Realm KeinoDefender/TankFire
Form TamamoDebufferFire
Piercing LuinAttackerWood
Fugitive HarpyDebufferWater
Marauder CacusHealerFire
Chaser CaciaAttackerWater


Tier-D lists down the last useable set of characters that are in the game. The characters that are included here should only be used until you have better alternatives available. If your characters fall into this tier, then I am afraid you need a new roster of better childs as soon as possible to continue your progress within the game.

Squandering HermesSupportFire
Singing AriaSupportLight
Western AuroraHealerFire
Bikini LisaSupportWood
Oracle WerewolfDebufferLight
Fluttering SytryDebufferWood
Reigning MedusaDebufferDark
Aurora KingDefender/TankLight


These characters are the worst in the game and pretty much not viable for any situation hence should be avoided at all costs. Playing these characters will only put you at a disadvantage and why would you do that when there are so many better options available for you.

Conceited HeraDefender/TankWood
Faith LuinDebufferWood
Two-sided MoaDefender/TankDark
Desert HorusDebufferLight
Grieving ThetisDebufferWater
Red CrossDefender/TankDark
Santa ClausDebufferWater

How to Choose the Right Character for the Right Role?

Destiny Child is not all about having the strongest character but also about having the right character at the right time because at the end of the fights are lost and won based on setups and counters.

In this game, you will find characters with either of these five elements. Water, Fire, Wood, Light, and Dark. These elements play a crucial part in your team’s chemistry and counters.

Water can counter Fire; Wood can counter Water and Light can counter Dark. By knowing this simplest trick, you can pretty much stream role through anything that comes your way.

In your team make sure that you have diverse characters with different elements so that when the time you can use the counter character in a fight and win it handsomely.

Also, in the game, all the characters have different roles. Primarily we can characterize all the childs into these five roles:

  • Attacker
  • Defender
  • Debuffer
  • Support
  • Healer

Depending on your playstyle, role, and team synergy you should pick and choose characters in these given roles that you are comfortable playing with. Make sure to always use the right kind of character for the task at hand because it will allow you to get things done more effectively and efficiently.

For example, if an offensive charge is required use an attacker as the main playing card, on the contrary when on the defense use your tank character. Also, make sure to use healers and debuffers liberally.

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This wraps up our article on the Destiny Child characters. To quickly summarize this article contains a tier list of all the characters in Destiny Child arranged in order ranging from the best to the worst.

This tier list will help you pick the right characters that are powerful and avoid waste of time on characters that are not worth the grind and farm.

Also, through this article, I want to iterate to you to pay attention to using the right hero for the right role. This is a simple attribute by mastering which, you can achieve wonderful results, therefore, I want you to master this habit of always choosing the right hero for the right role.

Now before I sign off, let me know down in the comment section whether you agree with my tier list or not. If not suggest the changes you would like to see, while you are down there feel free to let me know which character you like the best in destiny child.

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