Few games have such an overwhelming impact on the gaming industry as the one had by Roblox. Ever since its release Roblox has presented something unique and interesting for the user hence attracting many new users to the platform.

Similarly, PS4 has undoubtedly been the most popular console of the last generation. The platform currently accounts for more than 100 million units sold and has amassed a worldwide following due to Sony’s global presence.

At this point, it is clear that both platforms have a huge following and there are many people on the PS4 console that want to access the Roblox platform and play with their friends. Unfortunately, there is no clear information for PS4 gamers on how to access the Roblox platform and many are left wondering whether can you play Roblox on PS4 or not.

Worry not in this article we will provide you will a concrete answer to that question and also touch on the future of Roblox on PS4 and PS5 but before that let’s see what the hype is all about around Roblox.

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What is Roblox and Why is it So Popular?

Developed and launched for the public in 2006 Robox is a platform that allows users to create and play different games. This platform allows a great deal of flexibility to the user and also puts the creativity of the user to the test when creating games. All the created games that are accessible to the general public are created from the users of Roblox from scratch.

For the not-so-creative people out there Roblox is a place where they can play and experiment with different games with friends. The best aspect of Roblox is that the developers keep updating the platforms by adding different features.

The constant injection of new content and the support of the platform by the developers as well as the users alike is what keeps this machine rolling. What started as a humble beginning has now surpassed Minecraft for the most active monthly players. If the developers keep refreshing the platform with new features then Roblox has a bright future ahead and its popularity will only increase with time.

Can You Play Roblox on Ps4?

If the above information intrigues you and Roblox sound just like the thing for you then you will be disappointed to hear that Roblox is currently not playable on PS4. Previously, before April 2021 Roblox was accessible via the browser application on your PS4 but as of now, an error occurs when opening the application.

Not all hope is lost though because through the browser you can still access the community and the social section of Roblox and chat with your friends. Now before you begin bashing your console there are some reasons for this game not being accessible on PS4 so let’s get to them.

Why is Roblox Not Available on PS4?

Roblox is not a new platform and it has been around for a while now albeit evolving as time passes by. Since the release of the last generation of consoles, Roblox has the presence of Xbox One but not on PS4. This can be due to multiple reasons which we will get to now.

The most infamous reason talked about in the community involves Roblox signing an exclusivity deal with Microsoft. This is not unreasonable and we have seen in the past aswell where game developers have exclusivity deals with the respective consoles.

The other reason that has been floating around in the Roblox community concerns the bad port of the game on Xbox. Roblox platform was introduced when last generation consoles were not a thing so it is possible that because of the bad port for the last generation of consoles Roblox is not available on PS4.

Will Roblox Release on PS4 in 2021 or the Future?

As of writing this article nothing official has come out regarding the release of Roblox on PS4. To our surprise when in 2016 a spokesperson from the Roblox team was questioned about the release of the game on PS4 he confirmed that it was in development and there were talks with Sony to bring Robox to the PS4 platform.

Since then there is no official word on the matter and with each passing moment more and more PS4 gamers are losing hope. By the state of things, it is looking highly unlikely that we will see Roblox on Ps4 anytime soon, and unfortunately, we all cannot do anything to rectify the matter.

Will Roblox Release On PS5?

The launch of Sony’s new console brings in renewed hope for all the Roblox loyalists on the PS platform. With the release of a fresh generation, many are hoping that Roblox will finally see its way on the PS5.

There have also been some developments that support the matter but unfortunately, still, no official word is out yet from either Sony or the Roblox team. We will hope to see Roblox integration on PS5 because it will provide PS players with an entirely new and unexplored world.

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The release of Roblox on either PS4 or PS5 is not official and the rumors that are circulating in the community have to be taken with a pinch of salt. There is no denying that there is a massive demand for Roblox on PS4 but until an official word is out we are all left stranded. The best alternative right now is to play Roblox on other mobile platforms and use PS4 for only interacting with the community.

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