A good ergonomic chair is crucial for the body no matter how much people undermine and neglect their importance and need. Having a proper chair suited for the body can enhance the output and productivity of an individual by a great degree.

For this reason, gaming chairs have become quite popular recently and are hailed as an alternative to ridiculously priced office chairs. Both the gaming and the office chairs offer an ergonomic shape that is better suited for the body when compared to a generic computer chair. You will also find great adjustability in good offerings from both the gaming and office chairs.

Despite the obvious superiority of gaming chairs in terms of comfort people often ask the question of are gaming chairs good for your back. Well to answer this completely we first to discuss whether a generic computer chair is adequate and why you should upgrade to a better chair for long sitting sessions.

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Is Using Generic Computer Chair Feasible?

Firstly, we have to look at the shape of the chair. Most generic computer chairs come in an old-school design which are been carried on for ages now. It is not ergonomic nor it has any proper support for the body. For sitting in short bursts a generic chair can be adequate but sitting for a longer period is not a viable option on this chair.

Generic computer chairs are the main culprit behind the back pain which you experience later down the line after using the chair continuously. This is because on an unergonomic chair the posture of the body remains slouched which leads to muscles developing soreness. If this problem is not addressed the pain can get more frequent and harsher.

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The Main Components of a Gaming Chair

Before we proceed with the explanation of how a gaming chair is better suited for the back it is important to get a grip on the components which make a gaming chair.

  • Frame: The frame of the chair can also be called the soul of the chair because every other part relies on the frame. A solid and sturdy frame is the main distinguishing feature of a good gaming chair from a relatively lower-quality gaming chair.
  • Seat: This is an essential part of the chair because a good seat can single-handedly improve the overall comfort of the chair. This along with the backrest is the area that receives the bulk of the body contact.
  • Backrest: For an ergonomic gaming chair the backrest has to be good. It should have a proper shape suited for the body and there should be plenty of adjustment as well.
  • Lumbar support: This comes either in the form of a pillow or an integrated padded section. A good lumbar supports makes the chair stand out because the lumbar is the most difficult part to pull off.
  • Neckrest: Neckrest like the lumbar support can be either in the form of a pillow or integrated into the upholstery. Neck rest is not usually used but it is a good addition when you want to lay down and relax on your gaming chair.
  • Armrest: These are extensions found on the side of the chair. They provide support for the elbow and help to maintain a proper upright posture.

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Are Gaming Chairs Good for Your Back?

There is enough detail now that we can answer this question. It is clear without a doubt that the gaming chairs do provide better support for the back due to its ergonomic design. The shape of the gaming chairs has intricate details that make it better suited for the body. This helps to eliminate any pain or soreness in the back muscles.

The adjustability further adds to the comfort of the gaming chairs. Since we have different body structures having the commodity of fine-tuning a chair according to our body size is better than sitting at a chair with no adjustments. Keeping all this in mind the definite answer to the question will be that yes a gaming chair is good for the back due to its excellent body support and adjustability.

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