Gaming chairs are usually seen as an unnecessary commodity and buying them is mostly an afterthought for most people. The high price of gaming chairs, when compared with a similarly specced office chair, can also be seen as unjustifiable for budget-conscious people. Many people consider a gaming chair to be a fancy version of a generic computer chair.

Gaming chairs also get flack for being too similar to one another. While this is true because of Chinese mass production but still many manufacturers make unique chairs with impressive features that stand out from the crowd. Staying on the topic let us discuss some features of gaming chairs for which consumers fork out a handful amount of money before we address the infamous question of are gaming chairs worth it or not.

Features Which Justify the Purchase of a Gaming Chair

There are certain features of a gaming chair which makes it more compelling and attractive to consumers. Whether these features are just a marketing plow or whether they are necessary for a good experience is up to the consumer to decide.

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1. Design And Aesthetics

The design of a gaming chair is one of the most inciting features for the consumer and the one which gets his attention in the first place. Gaming chairs often have a very bold and striking design and considering most computers nowadays are also going in that direction these chairs automatically become a more attractive option compared to generic computer chairs. On top of that gaming chairs are also usually available in a wide variety of colors.

2. Ergonomics and Comfort

Gaming chairs are ergonomically sound and provide the body with good continuous support. Most of these chairs are inspired by racing-style seats found commonly in high-end sports or track cars. The main objective of these seats is to provide optimum support for the user for the maximum possible duration. This is done by giving the chair a shape that is better suited for the contours of the body. The ergonomic shapes improve the posture of the person by forcing him into a better and more ergonomic sitting position.

To increase comfort most chairs also have lumbar support in form of a well-shaped pillow. These pillows when first introduced was mostly a hit or a miss depending on the person but fortunately, things today are a lot better. These pillows now have a good ergonomic shape and have adjustable. Most chairs also provide a neck rest which can be in the form of a pillow or integrated into the top of the chair.

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3. Materials and Padding

Gaming chairs have a generous amount of padding which is ample for whole day use. While there are some outliers to this but generally most chairs are thick and dense padding. The materials used on the gaming chair is mostly Pu leather or mesh. Some chairs also feature a combination of both.

4. Adjustability

The amount of adjustability provided in gaming chairs is unparalleled when compared to other types of chairs in the same price category. Most parts of the gaming chairs like the armrest, lumbar support, height of the seat, the headrest can be adjusted to better suit the body of the user. Upper category chairs even have multiple adjustments for the same part.

5. Features

Modern gaming chairs are loaded with features to the point where the features may seem redundant. Some features which you will not even expect in the finest office chairs are present on gaming chairs like massage functionality. Today gaming chairs come with a lumbar pillow which just uses a USB connection to provide a light massage. There are also other handy features like the recline of the chair. Most gaming chairs can recline up to a ridiculous amount making them a good napping mattress. This is just the gist of it and there are so many other features available on the gaming chairs as well.

6. Pricing

At a glance, gaming chairs might seem expensive but given the features they provide and the ergonomic shape of the chair pitch them for the best value award in the chair space. This is because while yes a generic computer chair may be cheaper it does not have the features a gaming chair provides nor it is shaped ergonomically.

On the other hand, a good ergonomic office chair from a reputable brand will cost you way more than a similarly specced gaming chair due to the influx of good budget options in the gaming chair shape while for the office chairs you have to pony up to pay for the name of the brand.

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So, Are Gaming Chairs Worth It?

This is where things get complicated because this question does not have a single answer tied to it. The worth of a product depends on the consumer and since there are people with different expectations and needs so naturally, their answer may vary as well.

To decide are gaming chairs worth it or not and whether you should spend a chunky sum on a gaming chair, look into the above-mentioned features and if you find them to be compelling and if any feature can enhance your experience then a gaming chair is a worthwhile investment otherwise if you are on the other side of the camp you should at least try one. 

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