Poggers is a widely used twitch emote or meme, viral on social networking and gaming sites. Reddit users use it quite often, however, it is used the most in gaming streaming sites by youngsters or millennials as an expression. If you are looking to find out Poggers meaning and would like to know how to use it correctly, well you have come to the right place. Find out below poggers definition and the correct way to use it, with examples to help you understand better.

Poggers Meaning

The best way to understand Poggers emote is by knowing that it signifies top-level excitement, sudden surprise, exaggerated shock, and thrilling hype that is created after something out of the ordinary happens. It is used to refer to an event that has put you in a state of shock and utter oblivion. Usually, it is used as a replacement word for Pogchamp and is considered a cooler way to signify the same meaning that Pogchamp stands for. But while Pogchamp is a previous version of the word, Poggers is the latest and most trendy twitch emote to portray the surprising feelings.

Poggers does not only refer to shock, but also the excitement that comes with that shock. It refers to the exhilarating anxiety that is filled inside you when something amazing happens. It is used to communicate your amazement and is the most used by gamers in Fortnite and League of Legends when they face something that blows their mind away.

How to Use Poggers Correctly?

There is always a way to use the Poggers emote in the right manner. You can use Poggers when you want to imply that you have been shocked out of your mind at an unexpected turn of events. When something exciting happens in the game that is totally unexpected or someone takes a turn and ends up doing something unexpectedly awesome, Poggers is an emote that can be used to denote just that.

Example #1

Someone: “Did DaveCrispy just run past me to destroy the King’s Landing and in turn saving himself?? Poggers!!!”

In this example, you can see that the person in question, Dave has taken a step that was totally unexpected. His team was not expecting him to save himself like that and destroy the King’s Landing, but he did. The person who is stating this is clearly shocked and surprised at this unique turn of events and is expressing the legitimacy of it since he feels like the action is way too surprising to be true.

Example #2

“Poggers!! Did Lina just acquire a brand new grenade? All Hail our queen!”

In this scenario, it can be seen that Lina has acquired a new gadget in the game. No one else has probably acquired it before, so the event is pretty surprising as well as exciting on another level for her teammates in the game.

Poggers can either be portrayed in the form of Pepe- The Frog memes, and it can also be shown by the use of the exaggeratingly shocking face’ of Ryan Gutierrez, who is mainly known as Gootecks.

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