The 12 Best Gaming Headsets Under $50 in 2021

Best Gaming Headset Under 50

The need for the best headset under $50 has grown tremendously. More people are coming into the gaming umbrella and undoubtedly the most important peripheral to get first is the best gaming headset under $50 to complement their needs. A quality headset can enhance the gaming experience by making the person more immersed in the game. Similarly, the need for a good quality microphone for voice chat has also increased.

In the world of expensive gaming headsets which most people associate with having the best quality, there are budget gaming headsets as well. These cheap headsets which were once considered as being a bad buy due to underwhelming performance are getting better and better. Most top brands also now have their budget lineup due to the increased demand in the budget sector which is a good thing for the consumer.

If you are looking for the best headset that won’t break the bank you have come to the right place. In this article, we have handpicked and chosen the best PC headset under $50, the best PS4 headset under $50 and the best Xbox One headset under $50 we could find on the market. But before we dive into the list and break each gaming headset down for you there are some things that you need to understand regarding headsets.

Product Preview

Our Pick

Key Specs


HyperX Cloud Stinger Review

Overall The Best Headset Under $50: HyperX Cloud Stinger

  • Frequency response: 18Hz-23kHz

  • Impedance: 30 Ω

  • Driver: Dynamic, 50mm with neodymium magnets

RAZER Kraken X Review

The Best Gaming Headset Under $50 Alternative: RAZER Kraken X

  • Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz

  • Impedance: 32 Ohm (1 kHz)

  • Driver: 40 mm

Best PS4 Headset Under $50: SteelSeries Arctis 1

  • Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz

  • Impedance: 32 Ohm

  • Driver: 40mm neodymium

Best PC Headset Under $50: Logitech G432

  • Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz

  • Impedance: 39 Ohms

  • Driver: 50 mm

Best Xbox One Headset Under $50: Astro A10

  • Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz

  • Impedance: 32 Ohms

  • Driver: 40 mm

Best Headset Under $50 for Competitive Gaming: Redragon H510 Zeus

  • Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz

  • Impedance: 64Ω±15% (f=1KHZ)

  • Driver: 53mm

Best Budget Gaming Headset: Turtle Beach Atlas One

  • Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz

  • Impedance: 32 Ohms

  • Driver: 40mm

Best Breathable Gaming Headset Under $50: NUBWO N20

  • Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz

  • Impedance: N/A

  • Driver: 50mm

Best Microphone Quality Under $50 Gaming Headset: EKSA E900 Pro

  • Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz

  • Impedance: 30 Ohms

  • Driver: 50mm

Best Cheap Gaming Headset: Sades SA902

  • Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz

  • Impedance: 32 Ohms

  • Driver: 40mm

Best Headset for Shooting Games Under $50: Corsair HS50 Pro

  • Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz

  • Impedance: 32 Ohms

  • Driver: 40mm

Best Headset Under $50 for Casual Gaming: Jeecoo Xiberia V22

  • Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz

  • Impedance: 32 Ohms

  • Driver: 50mm

What is the Difference Between Headsets and Headphones?

A headset distinguishes itself from a headphone as the latter is primarily made for gaming. In a headphone, the main focus of the manufacturer is to produce something with good sound quality but here the focus and the main objective is different. A headset contains features that are more fit for gaming and the sound is also tweaked to provide a more immersive gaming experience.

The most staple feature of a gaming headset is the inclusion of a high-quality built-in microphone. This is convenient for gamers because most games require voice communication for better gameplay and teamwork. Having an integrated microphone can be beneficial for chatting with your friends in discord and TeamSpeak or a party chat on the console.

There are heaps of other features present as well in headsets that separate them for a headphone. These may include an audio hub integrated into the wire which can be used to adjust volume, and control the microphone. Other features might include some lighting to spice up the aesthetics of the headset and make it look more flashy and bling. There are also many other aspects separating a headset from a headphone which you check out here in detail.

How to Choose the Best Gaming Headset Under $50?

The Buyer’s Guide

There are many gaming headsets on the market each offering something different from the other. To help you make a better and smarter design we have listed some attributes associated with gaming headsets.


This is the first and foremost thing you should look in a headset. It is important because no matter how good a headset is if it is not comfortable to wear there is no point in buying such a thing. If you cannot have the headset for a long time on your head without feeling any pressure or fatigue it will not be a pleasant experience.

A good comfortable headset can be identified by its design and use of materials. Most companies use pleather or leatherette padding in this price point but the main difference is the softness and plushness of the padding used. A soft memory foam padding will be way more comfortable than a generic thinly padded earpad. Also, good headsets have a design that does not put strain on the ear and the head. They have a well-balanced weight distribution.

There are also padding used for like fabric or velvet. The fabric padding can be a good choice if you are someone who sweats a lot and wants a breathable headset. So it depends on what sort of padding you like the best and what works for you.

Sound Quality

Gaming oriented headsets tend to have a boomy sound signature. There is emphasis on the low-end frequency and the bass to bring a sense of punchiness to the sound. However, not all headset has this sound signature and this sound is also not good if you are a competitive gamer because some highlights are drowned but the excessive bass. For these games, a headset with good balanced frequency and soundstage will be much better but not as much fun for general use.

For the sound quality, you should evaluate what is more important to you the analytical sound signature, or the fun sound signature and get something accordingly. You can also get something that is the middle and can work for both scenarios with some EQ tweaks.

Build Quality

Let us be real here a gaming headset has to endure some rough use. There are some instances after which we can be a little hard on the headset. The point being a headset should be strong and durable enough to endure some nicks and scuffs. The durability of the headset depends on the material used for construction and how good the headset is bonded together.

The harder the material used the stronger the headset will be. You should look for a headset that uses metal to reinforce its construction especially along the hinges and the headband so that it may stay put for a long period and not fall apart after some time.

Mic Quality

If you are an online gamer you know the importance of having a microphone. Some games require teamwork and in those games, the voice comms can be very crucial and decide the outcome. Also, some mics have background noise cancellation built-in which eliminates and noise in your surrounding so that only your voice is picked up. Having this feature is amazing if you love in a crowded area with a lot of background noise which can be irritating for other people.

RGB and Led Lighting

A gaming headset for some people is not complete without some sort of flashy lighting. There are many headsets which some with lighting some have a single static color, some have a set of predefined colors, while others have user changeable lighting known as Rgb lighting. Headsets with Rgb lighting have the complete color spectrum to choose from.

Lighting in most budget headsets is limited to a single static color or a predefined color spectrum. If you can lighting you should choose the one which complements the color of the setups and does not look too obnoxious and flashy.

Extra Features

Some headsets also contain other salient which enhance the experience of the user and provides more convenience. These features include an audio hub integrated into the cord of the headset. This hub can be used to adjust volume, mute/unmute the microphone and also control other aspects of the headset. Other features might include buttons on the earcup. These buttons can be used to perform some crucial actions on the fly.

We cannot mention all the features because there are just too much but you get the gist of it. These features might come in handy for your specific use so look into what the headset has to offer because some features can single-handedly influence your buying decision.

With this all mentioned let us get on with the list of best gaming headsets under 50 dollars.

Headset vs Headphones

The 12 Best Gaming Headset Under $50

Top Picks & Recommendations

1. HyperX Cloud Stinger

Overall The Best Headset Under $50

HyperX Cloud Stinger - Overall Best Gaming Headset Under 50

Our pick for the best headset under 50 dollars goes to HyperX Cloud Stinger. HyperX in the world of gaming headsets needs no introduction. Ever since the OG cloud, they have been pumping out amazing headsets. In this iteration of the cloud series, HyperX has targeted the budget end of the headset spectrum in the form of HyperX Cloud Stinger. Let us break this headset down to see what sets it apart from other headsets.

Very Comfortable for extended period of listening
Good build quality
Good directional sound
Good clarity throughout the frequencies
Mic Quality is excellent
The cable is not detachable
The mic is not detachable or retractable
Low-end bass and high range is watered down

Build Quality

HyperX Cloud Stinger maintains the solid build quality of the HyperX line but there are some cost-cutting measures here. The earcups and the headband is made from plastic. This is unlike the high-end cloud series which are made from metal but still the construction here feels of decent quality. To increase the rigidity of the body headband adjustment mechanism is made from metal.

The headset has no rattling sound or any sort of creaks when it is stretched. Despite having cheaper materials this headset is well put together with great cohesion. The plastic also does not have the cheap-feeling associated with lower quality headsets.

Design and Connectivity

The design of this headset is simple and sleek. There is no Rgb lighting or any tacky frills. It is matte black with a red hyperX logo on the earcups. To spice up the aesthetics this headset has sharp lines on its body. This headset has a built-in volume slider on the earcup which can come in very handy. The mic is also fixed and cannot be removed or retracted. Looks are a subjective matter but we cannot deny that the hyperX Stinger looks clean.

Since this headset is can be used for all platforms it comes with a standard 3.5mm jack. This can be plugged into any device containing a 3.5mm jack including mobile phones if you fancy. For Pc, it comes with an extension. This cord terminates into a separate mic and audio channel. The length of the cord with extension is plenty and it will be adequate for most people who want to hook their headset into Pc.


HyperX cloud stinger features memory form leatherette on the earpads and the headband. There is a decent amount of cushioning to avoid any sort of fatigue. The clamping force is also just the right amount. It forms a good seal around the ear but avoids being excessive. There are no pressure points and even people with glasses and wear this headset without any major discomfort.

Though please note that like most headsets these will have a break-in period. In this spell, these headsets might not be as comfortable but once they are worn in they are very good and comfortable.

Sound and Mic Quality

This is where HyperX Stinger knocks it out of the park. They have excellent sound for a budget headsets. The sound here is better than many more expensive gaming headsets. This headset maintains a great amount of clarity throughout its frequency range.

The bass is done wonderfully on this headset. It is very controlled and it does not bleed into other frequencies causing muddiness. It is present enough that it provides a very immersive experience. For the bass heads out there this headset might not be blind buy.

The upper bass and the mid-range frequencies are pushed forward in this headset to increase immersion. The treble is a little watered down by the other frequencies but still comes through. For Fps games in which a lot is happening this headset is great. All the explosion and gunfire comes through spectacularly.

The directional audio in this headset is also good. Pinpointing the exact location gunfire or listening for a faint hint of a footstep is viable here. Mic quality is also very good in HyperX Stinger. The mic picks up natural tones and there is not much compression also. The voice also is very clear and detailed. For what you are getting this mic is fantastic.

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HyperX has delivered on all fronts with Stinger. This is an amazing headset and ticks all the right boxes. Due to its excellent sound, comfort, and performance, we can recommend this to anyone looking for a do it all headset.

2. RAZER Kraken X

The Best Gaming Headset Under $50 Alternative

RAZER Kraken X - Runner Up for The Best Headset Under 50

Razer is one of the most well-known companies in the PC peripheral space. They have produced some ionic peripherals and among them is the Razer Kraken. Kraken X is an updated version of a legend with some much-needed improvement and changes. On paper, this headset looks like a solid choice so let’s dive into more details.

Lightweight and comfortable
Sleek and simple design
Audio controls incorporated on the earcups
Good sound quality
Build quality is subpar
Non-detachable cable and mic

Build Quality

Razer Kraken X is a very lightweight headset. To keep the weight down it made entirely of plastic. Due to the plastic used the headband adjustment mechanism is not the most robust and can feel flimsy at times. Like all other Kraken’s this Kraken X also has a grill baked into the earcup but unlike the rest of the pack, this grill is made from plastic.

Even with the plastic construction, this headset does not feel cheap in the hand. Problems arise though when it is stretched. It has some squeaking noise and robustness is not at par with other headsets.

Design and Connectivity

Razer Kraken X shares the same design philosophy with other Kraken series headset. This lineup is attributed to bulky thick design with massive earcups. To continue with the latest trend razer has made this headset is completely matte black color. This is no obnoxios branding on the headset and all the razer logo’s are tastefully done. This makes this headset a very versatile pair.

Razer has also simplified the inline controls of the headset. Most of the useful buttons are present on the earcup themselves rather than tucked in the cable. There is a volume wheel accompanied by a mic mute button. The mic of the headset is fixed For connectivity Razer has provided a simple 3.5mm jack on this headset with an extension cord which splits into mic and audio input for Pc use.


Razer’s ultimate goal by making the headset lighter was to make it more comfortable and we are happy to report that this headset is very comfortable. It has deep earcups with soft memory foam leather padding. The headband also has a decent amount of leather cushioning. While this setup is very comfortable it can cause heat to accumulate. The build-up of heat over time makes the ear’s sweaty and unpleasant.

The clamping force is also well managed on this headset. It provides a good seal around the ear making the space. This makes the surrounding isolated and any noise is not bothersome.

Sound and Mic Quality

Razer Kraken X has a very clear sound signature. There are not the bass cans you would expect from the razer but have a good amount of depth to them. Bass is still present and it can hit hard when it needs to but it is relatively well controlled and does not bleed into the mids. The mids come through with good clarity and have a good amount of detail present. The highs are a little bit pushed forward.

This headset has good positional awareness. Being able to accurately locate the position of the audio is a breeze. Another good trait of this headset is that it never overpowers any frequency. For example in games with very loud background sounds the less loud faint sound also comes through.

The mic quality is also a strong suit of this headset. The mic picks up clean audio with just a little amount of nasalness. The background noise cancellation is also fine but nothing to write home about. But still considering the price of this headset it is a very good headset.

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Razer has been on a roll lately with their peripherals and this Kraken X is a great new addition to the lineup. This headset boasts great performance, comfort, and sound quality. It also comes included with some nice features like the onboard volume slider and mic mute button. It only has little nicks of issues that are not deal-breaking and be lived with.

3. SteelSeries Arctis 1

Best PS4 Headset Under $50

SteelSeries Arctis 1 - Best PS4 Headset Under 50

Steelseries arctis lineup is one of the most popular lineups in the gaming headset space. Ever since its incursion, the arctis lineup has been at the top of the gaming headset throne. Arctis 1 is SteelSeries’ take on a budget headset.

Very comfortable
Good build quality
Detachable mic that sounds great
Good sound quality
Plenty of extra features
Design can be boring
Fabric earpads might not be for everyone
Non-detachable cable

Build Quality

The build quality of Steelseries artic 1 is top-notch. The headset is mainly carved out of plastic with metal reinforcement in the headband. The metal enhances the sturdiness of the headset. The plastic used for this headset is also of the highest grade and feels good to the touch.

The fit and finish of everything is also very good and the headset oozes premiumness despite its low price. The headband adjustment in this head is also solid and well-weighted. The individual steps are crisp and well defined. To top it all off unlike most headset in this category this headset does not have a squeaking sound when it is stretched.

Design and Connectivity

This headset has a bonded design rather than the suspension design of other arctis headsets. This is done to save the cost of manufacturing but and bring it in line with the competition. This headset also comes in a single color and take to no one’s surprise is matte black. The finish on this headset is a matte black finish that feels premium.

This headset can be used on all platforms but mainly it catered towards PS4. It has a single 3.5mm connection which you can plug directly into the controller. The length of the cable is also adequate but if you want more length there is an included extension cable and also a 3.5mm audio splitter with the help of which you can use this headset on Pc or a gaming laptop if you so desire.

There are also built-in audio controls on the earcup that being a volume wheel and a mic mute button. The only negative here has to be that the cable on this headset is non-detachable so replacing it will be challenging to say the least.


Comfort is another area when SteelSeries has hit a home run. This headset uses fabric earpads which are breathable and do not accumulate heat like pleather earcups. The earpads also have a good quality memory foam making them very soft and plush. The headband also has plenty of pleather cushioning making this headset loaded with soft padding all around

The headset also has the right amount of clamping force. It is neither too excessive nor too loose. Also, this headset is glasses friendly and folks wearing glasses will have no issues with this headset due to the soft padding. This all makes this headset extremely and pleasant to wear even for long gaming sessions.

Sound and Mic quality

This headset uses the same drivers as its higher-end arctis brethren. Right of the bat, this sets high expectations for this headset and fortunately, it does not disappoint. Though the sound quality is not identical to the other Arctis headsets which gives it a unique touch. The sound here is well rounded and balanced. Each of the frequencies is well portrayed in the final sound signature without the headset sounding too boring.

The bass is slightly boosted which gives the sound a character because most games involve important sounds in the bass frequency range. The mids are flat and the highs are also slightly boosted. This all portrays a sound with a good thump in the low end while maintaining subtle details in the sound. This sound signature makes the games very immersive and enjoyable.

Also, this headset does well with sound separation and imaging so pointing out sound in the audio space is easy. This comes in handy for competitive games where you have to point out an enemy position based on sound and where a subtle sound can make a huge difference in the outcome of the match.

This headset shared the same ClearCast mic as other arctis headsets so mic quality here is very satisfactory. The ClearCast mic has good sound pickup though it struggles a little bit with the pops in the voice but this can be resolved with a windshield. The background noise cancellation is also good and the headset to subdue a good amount of unwanted noise. Overall, a very good mic considering the price of this headset.


SteelSeries Arctic 1 is a great headset that does not break the bank and worthy of its best PS4 headset under 50 dollars crown. It has good features, is comfortable, and the sound quality is second to none. There is also no major drawback with this headset so if you looking for a headset for PS4 this is our recommendation for you.

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4. Logitech G432

Best PC Headset Under $50

Logitech G432 - Best PC Headset Under 50

Logitech is no stranger when it comes to gaming headsets. They make some of the best PC headsets. The headset featured here is their G432 headset. This headset is the 7.1 surround sound version.

USB dongle for 7.1 surround sound
Good sound quality
Good sound isolation
Minimalist and simple design
Build quality can be better
Pleather padding is a little stiff
Mic suffers from audio clipping

Build Quality

Build quality is not a strong suit of Logitech G432. It is based on the previous G430 iteration and while that was a good headset for its time now it’s outdated and Logitech has not made any significant changes to reinforce the headset. The main notable flaw of this headset is the squeaking sound it produces when it is stretched.

The feel and look of the material is also subpar. While we are on that topic this headset has very flimsy plastic construction. The finish of the product is also not up to today’s standard. The headband adjustment is good though and the steps are well defined.

Design and Connectivity

This headset has a very traditional design which we have been seeing for a very long time now. The squared shape earcups house a silver Logitech logo. There is a blue trim along the padding of the earcup which spices up the rather boring matte black look of this headset.

This headset comes with a lot of cables and dongles since it is an all-platform gaming headset but to access the 7.1 surround sound the USB sound card dongle has to be used. The dongle is not compatible with consoles and the headset has to be used in stereo mode with a 3.5mm jack for consoles. So this headset better suited for Pc though it can work on console.

The cable of the headset is plenty long and there is also an extension cord included that can be used if need be. One neat feature of this headset is the inclusion of a volume wheel on the earcup which makes life a lot easier than using inline cable controls.


This headset has a decent level of comfort. The G430 shape was known for its comfort back in the day and since Logitech has done minimal changes to the core design this new iteration is still comfortable. The headset has a balanced weight which allows for better pressure distribution and does not create any concentrated pressure point.

The only downside is the stiff padding on this headset. The padding is not bad by any means and will eventually get softer after the pleather is fully broken in but during initial use, it can feel a bit stiff and uncomfortable.

Sound and Mic Quality

Logitech G432 plays safe with its sound signature. It has a relatively balanced sound throughout the frequency range with a slight emphasis on the low-end. The mids are a little bit washed and watered down with bass empowering some of the lower mid-range. The highs are well portrayed and clear.

This is a tried and tested sound signature and works pretty well in games. It provides a solid low-end thump without missing the intricate details. In games with a lot of emphasis on the environment sounds this headset provides a clear visual representation of the audio shape with all the details. This headset is compatible with the Logitech GHub software. The software allows for custom EQ and the 7.1 surround sound toggle is also enabled through the software.

This headset also provides a good seal around the ear and the pleather padding helps to isolate the surrounding providing a more immersive experience. The mic quality of this headset is adequate. The voice pickup is clear but the mic suffers from audio clipping issues.

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Logitech G432 is a good headset, especially for PC. The surround sound in this headset works reasonably well. The headset is also comfortable granted the pleather the broken in. This headset also has a couple of neat extra features and the software is the icing on the cake. The headset is not all good though and does have some flaws the most critical being the subpar build quality of the headset. Despite this, we recommend this as the best PC headset under 50 dollars.

5. Astro A10

Best Xbox One Headset Under $50

Astro A10 - Best Xbox One Headset Under 50

Astro has been making some of the best console gaming headsets albeit expensive ones. With this Astro A10, they have tried to punch into the budget headset segment.

Sleek design
Impressive audio quality
Good mic quality
Excessive clamping force
No built-in audio controls on the earcups

Build Quality

Experiencing this headset for the first time will leave you stunned by the excellent build quality of this headset. This headset has a mono frame chassis and the earcups are not hinged which strengthens the frame of the headset. There is metal reinforcement for the headband. The other parts of the headset are made from plastic but the plastic used here is of fantastic quality and the feel of the material also oozes premiumness when pitched against its competitors.

Design and Connectivity

This headset is the embodiment of sleek design. Though it shares the same basic hexagonal-shaped chassis as the other Astro headsets, it manages to remain stealthy. It is coated in black color with the Xbox version having a little touch of green on the earcups. This gives the headset an aesthetically pleasing finish.

There are also other colors available and some special editions colors also demand a premium over the standard price. Despite being marketed for a specific platform this is an all-platform headset because it uses the standard 3.5mm connection. With just a splitter extension this headset can even be used on the Pc if you so choose.


Astro A10 is a very comfortable affair. The earcups have foam padding which is soft and dense. Despite being dense it is breathable and does not accumulate heat like a pleather padding does. The headband also has a generous amount of padding of the same foam material.

While the cushioning is good the problem arises with the size and clamp of the headset. The earcups are not big enough so people with large ear may find their ear touching the driver which is rather uncomfortable. Also, the clamping is excessive which renders this headset not feasible for long gaming sessions. Folks wearing glasses will also find the clamp to be uncomfortable.

Sound and Mic Quality

The Sound quality is also tremendously good for the price. Most headsets when plugged into the Xbox controller have a dim sound but this headset is plenty loud and can satisfy most people. As for the sound signature, this headset has a good low-end thump with punchy highs.

This is a very alluring and immersive sound signature and games sound amazing with this headset. The headset also has good detail retrieval and positional audio is also decent for a headset in this price range. Overall, the gaming experience is very enjoyable regardless of any game of any genre.

The mic quality is also good and the mic it picks up the voice reliably. There is not any distortion or clipping even when speaking at a high pitched tone. The background noise cancellation is also alright. For normal comms, during gaming or voice chat this mic is absolutely fine.

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After such a long wait Astro finally has a budget-oriented headset in their lineup which is not a letdown. This headset has good audio and mic performance though it might a little basic on the features. Still, here you are getting a solid Astro product that has only minor drawbacks and deserving of the best Xbox One headset under 50 dollars spot. This headset is an easy recommendation but if you have large ears might look elsewhere because the earcups are narrow on this one and are not suitable for large ears.

6. Redragon H510 Zeus

Best Headset Under $50 for Competitive Gaming

Redragon H510 Zeus - Best Headset Under 50 for Competitive Games

Redragon is a company that focuses on value-oriented peripherals and this headset is no different. Redragon H510 Zeus offers amazing performance and features for its price point. It can be easily compared with some of the more expensive headsets. This headset takes a lot of cues from the HyperX Cloud series and is a good thing since the Cloud series is fantastic. By no means this headset is a copy.

Good build quality
Very Comfortable
Detachable mic and cable
Wider soundstage compared to other closed-back headsets
Good positional audio
Good mic quality
Flat bass
Highs can be a little harsh
Mic background noise cancellation is ineffective

Build Quality

The company has directed a lot of attention to the build and it can be seen. The ear cups are made from plastic materials and have a smooth rubbery coating on them making the plastic feel very premium. The headband adjustment is made from metal and each step is crisp and tactile.

When the headset is stretched there is no creaking or flexing because of the metal reinforcement. This headset is built like a tank and can easily last for a while even with heavy and harsh use.

Design and Connectivity

Like previously mentioned this headset owes a lot to the HyperX series. The earcups are attached to be suspended aluminum headband extension and a cable from the earcups attaches to the suspend. The earcups are rectangular and are huge. Each earcup has the redragon logo on its side. There are also some red accents along the headband and inner side of the earcup to spice up the look and made the headset less bland.

This headset is primarily a Pc gaming headset but can also be used with other platforms. In the box, there are two detachable cables supplied. The main cable has a 3.5mm jack which terminates into a USB connection for Pc. Only by the use of this cable surround sound can be enabled. This cable also has an inline audio control hub. This hub can be used to adjust the volume and also mute/unmute the microphone.

The other supplied extension cable is a generic 3.5mm to 3.5mm which is used to plug the mouse into a console, laptop, or mobile phone. The mic on this headset is detachable so if need be this headset can be used as a headset for listening to music. To further fine-tune each aspect of the headset there is also software available that can be downloaded from the Redragon website.


Redragon has come up with their A-game when it comes to the comfort of this headset. Plush memory form leatherette padding is used for both the earpads and the headband. Ample amount of cushioning to satisfy even the most sensitive people. For people with larger ears, there is also a form padding between the driver and the earcup capsule. This prevents the ear from making direct contact with the driver.

The clamping force on this headset is also adequate. There are no pressure points and due to the massive rectangular earcups, there is a good distribution of weight around the ear. The headset does not feel bogged down and remains on the ear nicely. The seal created by the headset is also good. There is enough noise isolation to let you enjoy the game even in a loud space.

Sound and Mic Quality

This headset has a very balanced sound signature. The 53mm drivers used here are tweaked in a way where no frequency can assert complete dominance over the other making the sound muddy and muffled. The bass frequency can be said to be neutral and flat. Do not get me wrong it is present and can be felt when listening to low-end focused audio but it never comes as empowering or uncontrolled.

The bass frequency smoothly rolls into the mid-range. The mids and clear and detailed but the upper mid-range and the treble is pushed forward. This sound signature can be harsh for some people if they are not used to it. The amount of detail present in the treble is mind-blowing. Besides the detail retrieval, this headset has a good soundstage for a closed-back gaming headset.

Owing to this somewhat wide soundstage and balanced audio the positional audio in this headset is amazing. Determining the accurate positional of an audio cue within the game is as easy as it gets. Even during peaky audio, the details are still present. This headset is especially good competitive FPS games like CSGO, Call of duty warzone, and Rainbow Six Siege. Music also comes off great in this headset and can be enjoyable to listen too. In the software 7.1 surround can also be enabled if needed but we recommend to use the headset on stereo mode.

The boom microphone supplied with this headset is also very clear and detailed. The voice pickup is natural and crisp. There is no popping in the audio and the audio compression is also minute. The only major gripe with the microphone is its background noise canceling ability which is terrible.

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Redragon H510 Zeus is a complete package. It is a beast when it comes to performance and sound quality. The comfort of the headset is also good. The mic quality is good enough to be used for casual voice-overs or streaming. Its sound signature might not be mass appealing but we cannot deny the worth of the package that is here on offer. Overall, an excellent headset and an easy recommendation.

7. Turtle Beach Atlas One

Best Budget Gaming Headset

Turtle Beach Atlas One - Best Budget Gaming Headset

This headset from turtle beach follows their atlas lineage. Atlas One is directed towards the budget-centric crowd. While being a budget headset this headset still preserves the Atlas line DNA.

Simple and functional
Good gaming audio performance
Good microphone
Build quality is subpar
Lackluster detail in treble

Build Quality

It is apparent by looking at the headset that Turtle Beach has cut costs by using inferior quality material in this headset as opposed to their other headsets in the Altas line. The Turtle Beach Atlas One is made primarily of plastic. This plastic feeling does not fare well for the headset and makes it feel cheap.

There is no metal to reinforce the chassis and provide rigidity. Thus stretching the headset makes it apparent about its weak build. There is a creaking noise in the joints. Although fortunately, turtle beach has somehow managed to make the headband adjustment mechanism feel crisp. This headset is not a beater though and will only be able to abstain little amount of rough usage.

Design and Connectivity

The design of this headset is very reminiscent of other turtle beach headsets. It features the same oval-shaped ear cups with a crevice on the face of the earcup dividing it into two. This design philosophy is very unique to turtle beach and it stands out. The headset is available in a two-tone carbon fiber and matte black finish. This might not be for everyone but it makes the headset stand out among the crowd.

A white turtle beach logo is present on both the earcup matching the overall theme of the headset. The boom microphone is not detachable but features a flip-up mechanism. Also on the upright position, the microphone is auto muted. There is no windshield protection on the capsule on the microphone which can cause some popping sound to go through but more on that later. To adjust the volume the integrated slider on the earcup can be used.

This headset is compatible with all devices accepting a 3.5mm headset jack. For Pc, there is a splitter cable provided but the length of the cable is very short. Coupled that with the already short 1.2-meter main cable this headset can be troublesome to fit into some setups.


This headset is marketed as a glasses friendly headset. The earpads have soft memory form embedded into the leatherette top layer. The leather is plush and earpads are plenty deep so even people with larger ears will have no problem with these. The padding which touches the lobe of the ear is extra soft to allow roam for the glasses.

The clamping force is weak to further enhance the comfort of the headset but this can cause the headset to slide around on the head when it is shaken. The headband also has soft leather padding but the padding is thin and insufficient. The head can come in contact with the plastic of the headband which can be annoying for sensitive people. 

Sound and Mic Quality

Turtle Beach has retained its signature sound in this headset. The low-end rumble is well portrayed in the headset. The bass is full and choky. It has a good amount of presence and adds a thumping flavor to the audio. The mid-range is well also well handled. It is clear but a little bit watered due to bass. Nonetheless, the mid-range sounds natural. The treble is where this headset lacks.

As the more up the frequency, the treble starts dwindling and the details present in the audio start deteriorating. Music listening experience suffers due to this but this does not hold that much significance in gaming because the gaming experience with this headset is nothing short of remarkable for the price. In games like rainbow six siege, the surrounding awareness is excellent. All the subtle sounds in that title which there are many are portrayed wonderfully by this headset. Positional audio is also good and accurately identifiable.


Turtle Beach has stepped up their budget game with Atlas One. This is a solid headset and goes toe to toe with other headsets in its price point. The sound quality for gaming is one of the best we have seen from a budget headset. If you were in the market and wanted the best budget gaming headset from a reputable brand well now wishes have been answered in the form of this headset.

8. NUBWO N20

Best Breathable Gaming Headset Under $50

NUBWO N20 - Best Breathable Gaming Headset Under 50

This headset has been overlooked as just another Chinese headset with mediocre performance and cheap build but this could not be farther from the truth. Nubwo has some not-so-good headsets in their lineup but this one is amazing and it can easily compete with other headsets from reputable brands.

Good build quality
Fabric earpads are breathable
Good audio quality
Compatible with all devices
Microphone quality is subpar
Noise isolation is minimal

Build Quality

This headset right out of the box feels high quality. The outer frame of the headset is made from plastic but it has some texture which feels nice to the touch. The earcups have some coating making them feel super nice. All the hinges are reinforced with metal and feel sturdy. The headband adjustment is mainly metal and has well-defined steps.

There is no rattling in the headset when it is stretched and the plastic also exhibits no noise whatsoever. It never feels that the headset is going to snap which speaks volumes for the build quality of the headset. This headset can easily bear some nicks and drops.

Design and Connectivity

Nubwo N20 has a pleasing and elegant design without being too loud or flashy. Surrounding the outer circumference of the earcup is a red stripe. This combined with the no logo approach on the earcup makes for a very clean and elegant look. The branding on this headset is minimal only a small logo is placed on the end of the headband making for a very clean look.

The microphone in this headset is detachable making this headset very versatile. Since this a multi-platform compatible device it uses a 3.5mm headset jack for connection. For Pc, there is an inclusion of splitter cable but it very short and might not be suitable for expansive setups.


This headset is the most breathable one out of all the headsets we have featured in the list. If the excessive heat of leather earpads irritates you this the way to go. Breathability is achieved in this headset by using fabric earpads. These fabric earpads allow the air to penetrate cooling the inside of the pad and not allowing the build-up of excessive heat.

The headband also has good cushioning and provides sufficient support for the head. The clamping force is minimal making this headset very easy on the head. Everything feels roomy and you don’t get the sensation of your head being trapped inside a can. If you need to take the headset off this can lay flat on the neck which is way better than your neck being chocked.

Sound and Mic Quality

The 50mm drivers in this headset provide is well-rounded sound. Since this headset is not marketed solely as a gaming headset it lacks the oomph of a gaming headset which is a good thing. The sound produced is very detailed and crisp. All the frequencies are well presented and textured.

This is a very capable headset for music and gaming alike. The music sounds good and the tracks which emphasize the treble are well portrayed here. For gaming, this headset also does a good job. Games in which there is a lot of detail in the surrounding like battlefield or call of duty sound good. The loud notes never crush the micro detail which can be important for some scenarios. It also creates a good immersion due to rich sound.

The microphone quality is also good. The voice pickup is clear but it sounds a little bit tiny. Maybe it is due to the position of the microphone arm which is not very flexible. There is also some sibilance but for a general chat or voice comms, it sounds fine. The background noise cancellation is not good in this one though and even faint noises can be heard by other people.


Nubwo N20 is a great headset if you want something for both gaming and general use. It is also excellent for people who sweat a lot and find the build-up of heat irritating. The performance of its headset is on track with more expensive headsets. Overall, a great choice but just of vary of the fact that the microphone picks a lot of background noise.

9. EKSA E900 Pro USB

Best Microphone Headset Under $50

EKSA E900 Pro - Best Headset Microphone Under 50

EKSA E900 is another headset that is not very popular yet this brings some of the best features in a budget headset. There are two versions of this headset the one featured here is the USB version also called the Pro variant. This headset has the HyperX series as its inspiration due to somewhat similar design cues. To find whether this headset can hang with the other popular headsets let’s discuss EKSA E900 in detail.

Good build quality
Flashy and gamery aesthetics
Good bass response
The detachable mic is good
Good noise cancellation
Muffled sound when listening to music
Tight clamp around the head

Build Quality

This headset has unmatched build quality for the price. The mainframe of the headset is made from plastic while the earcups are made from plastic. The earcups have a plastic grille integrated into the front which shields the driver inside. The whole headset is well put together and there is no rattling present.

The headband adjustment is crisp and well-weighted. Each step is defined by a solid click and the whole mechanism feels sturdy. The headset also has no problem when it is stretched. There is no noise and the hinges remain firm.

Design and Connectivity

This headset picks up the gamer vibe and takes it a step further. It has red accenting along the headband and the earpad. The Eksa logo on the grille also lights up red. This flashy aesthetic can be seen easily so this is not a good headset for using in public since it grabs unwanted attention. The top of the headband has the Eksa name embossed on the leather.

This headset has a couple of good features. The first being the inclusion of a micro USB slot along with the 3.5mm jack on the earcup. It comes with a braided cable for connection. This cable is long and will be sufficient for most setups. There is an audio controller integrated into the cable. This can be used to mute and micro and adjust volume. The microphone is also detachable and the arm is very flexible and can be placed in any required position.


EKSA E900 uses soft leather padding for the earcups and headband. These earpads are deep and can accommodate most head sizes with any major discomfort. The headband also is sufficiently padded. Even with long use, these headsets remain comfortable but the earpads can get hot due to the leather padding.

The clamping force of this headset is mildly aggressive. It wraps the underside of the ear tightly due to weight disbalance and the headband being narrow does not help either. This creates a pressure point especially for the people with a large head and can lead to some discomfort.

Sound and Mic Quality

The sound quality of this headset is what you can get from a typical gaming headset. It has rich deep bass with the mids being rolled and an echoey treble. This sound signature is like by many gamers because it works fantastically in games. But in music, this headset shows its limits and the tracks with vocal and sharp instruments can sound muddy and echoey. 

For gaming, it’s a completely different story. The deep thumping bass increases the immersion and games sound more fuller. There are ton of rumbly accords thrown at you. This headset especially thrives in games like call of duty. That tittle displays the full potential of this sound signature. All the explosions and gunshots sound exceptional and you are drawn into that plane with good positional audio.

The microphone is also a strong suit of this headset. The audio coming from the mic is crisp and clear. There is no compression or tinyness. Apart from using in comms, this microphone can also be used for casual voice overs. The background noise cancellation is also good. It filters most of the sound and without sacrificing on the voice quality.


EKSA E900 Pro USB is a nod to the past when all gaming headsets used to be bass canons. This headset has an overpowering bass response that shadows other frequencies but if you prefer this sound signature this is the headset for you. Apart from the sound it also has good build quality and a great microphone to back it up. This headset offers a great package for the price and if you are a bass head this should be right up your alley.

10. Sades SA902

Best Cheap Gaming Headset

Sades SA902 - Best Cheap Gaming Headset

Sades has many headsets in the budget category but this SA902 is the most intriguing one. For a low price tag, on the spec sheet, this offers a good array of features. This has kept people wondering do we need to pay a premium price for a headset if this Sades SA902 has most of the features at a low price point. To find if this headset is as competent as it sounds on paper we need to dig deeper into the real-world performance of the headset.

Inexpensive and good value headset
Flashy and gamery design
Good microphone quality
Comfortable if fitted properly
Cheap and flimsy build
Fixed microphone
Only compatible with Pc

Build Quality

When you first glance at this headset all you see or feel is the endless use of Plastic. To save cost this headset is entirely out of Plastic. The feel of the plastic is similar to what you will find on low-end peripherals. The frame of the headset feels hollow and delicate. There is not much weight to the earcups and they are flimsy feeling.

The headband is also not well put together. The adjustment mechanism is brisk and clunky. Shaking the headset produces some sort of rattling noise. This further solidifies the account of cheap build quality coming out of this headset. Therefore this headset should be used with delicacy at all times.

Design and Connectivity

This headset has a very approach in terms of design compared to other headsets featured on the list. It leans more towards a flashy gamery design and that can be easily seen with the final presentation of this headset. The headset has a two-tone finish. The earcups are glossy black while the headband has a matte textured finish. The most striking aspect is the red led light which shines from the earcups. Though unlike most led headset here it is done in a rather subtle and unique way.

The headband extends to the entire length of the earcup covering the front of the earcup. The red light is dispersed only from the little opening left hence making it look unique. This is a very bold design and one we have not seen in the industry. There is also the use of red accenting on other parts of the headsets as well. This all comes along to be very striking. If you do not fancy the red color this headset is also available in a blue and black color scheme.

Sades SA902 is a Pc gaming headset. So it is not compatible with consoles or mobile use since it uses a USB connection rather than a 3.5mm jack. This cord also has an inline audio hub. This hub is placed at an easily reachable position and can be used to adjust volume and mute the microphone. It would have been more convenient to have a dedicated mic mute button on the headset but there is not much to complain here since it is a cheap budget headset. On that topic, the microphone is non-detachable and is mounted on a stiff arm.


This headset despite being a low-end headset manages to be fairly comfortable. The earcup size is not the largest out there so people with large ear size might find it a bit uncomfortable. But for most people, it will be fine and the pleather earpads has soft and plush. They have a good amount of padding and maintain their structure for a long period facilitating longer gaming sessions.

The headband uses a split structure so there are 4 pleather pads in a split formation. The padding here is sufficient and they get the job done. The clamping force is minimal in this headset due to its large size. It can be easily worn with glasses with any major discomfort. There are no pressure points as well and the headset remains well balanced on the ear.

Sound and Mic Quality

This headset does not have any revolutionary sound but rather has a very basic sound signature that gets the job done. This headset has a good punchy bass which takes the forefront in the audio. The rest of the frequency range is laid back and not as much detailed. This does not make for a good music listening experience since the audio is tiny and muffled.

But for gaming, it is completely fine. This headset provides a good immersive experience with clear audio. This headset was good in rainbow six siege a game that relies heavily on its audio engine. It produced fuller sound in that title with good separation though some tiny details were muffled or not present. Similarly in story games where the emphasis is on the environment and the surrounding this headset was good.

The mic quality was surprising. For other low priced headsets, microphone quality tends to be crappy but not here. The microphone picks up clear audio with good voice details. The sound is not tiny or muffled and comes out nicely. The background noise cancellation could be better but for a headset like which is offering you so much more for the price, this can be justifiable.


This Sades SA902 punches above its weight. It is comfortable, has a decent sound and microphone. The only major concern with this headset is the subpar build quality. But if you can overlook that and for a budget-conscious buyer this headset can be a good choice.

11. Corsair HS50 Pro

Best Headset for Shooting Games Under $50

Corsair HS50 Pro - Best Headset for Shooting Games Under $50

Corsair is no stranger when it comes to making good gaming peripherals. They have some amazing products under their belt. This new HS line from corsair is designed to be a budget series with minimal compromises. Featured here is the Corsair HS50 Pro which represents the best value for the money the brand has to offer.

Good build quality
Comfortable for long use
Good sound quality
Non-detachable and non-braided cable
An average sounding mic

Build Quality

Corsair HS50 Pro is a premium looking budget headset that is made from a combination of high-quality rugged metal and durable plastic. This does not only make the headset look sturdy, but gives it a premium feel in hand. Unlike most of the other headsets in this price range the good quality building materials and metal reinforcement in the hinges an the headband makes this headset very durable.

They have not added a lot of unnecessary branding to the headset; this headset has the Corsair logo placed on the very nice looking side metal grill and the company name spelled on the top headset.

Design and Connectivity

Corsair went with a simple and a stealthy design with their HS50 Pro, these headset have an all-around carbon black color giving the headset a modest and basic look and does not give it any unwanted flashy appearance.

The left ear cup comes with a mute button and volume wheel so you have complete volume control built in the headset. The other interesting thing about this headset is that the mic can be completely removed, so when you are using your headset just for audio and the mic is not getting in your way.

This headset comes with a non-detachable cable with a standard 3.5mm jack and is compatible across all platforms including gaming consoles and mobile phones with almost no latency. A 3.5mm split extension is also included in the box so you can connect them to your computer.


The Corsair HS50 Pro is fitted with large plush ear cups that should prove ample even for the largest of ears. The headset also features memory foam padding and although not overly generous there is enough padding that would prevent any sort of fatigue. Padding on the headband meanwhile looks to be plentiful but a lot of this depth is taken up by the hard inner workings of the headband leaving only about 5 millimeters of space but even still this headset remains comfortable.

Sound and Mic quality

HS50 Pro sound surprisingly good for the price they are selling at. This is somewhat thanks to the custom build 50mm neodymium drivers corsair added in them. As these headsets are designed by keeping gaming in mind therefore that is the field where they shine the most.

Corsair HS50 offers an immersive gaming experience. They sound great in the games which involve gunshots and explosions, although the surround sound is not as powerful as the more expensive of headsets, you will still be able to pick up the direction of the faint movements created by your enemy. This could prove crucial especially in a multiplayer environment giving you an edge over your competitors.

This headset can get pretty loud and perform very well when there is a lot of bass. The mic on these picks up clear audio but the volume is very low and when it is boosted it creates some distorted to the voice. The background noise cancellation is also decent for the price.


With the HS50 Pro, Corsair has continued on its path of good quality peripherals with amazing performance for a fair price. This headset is an easy recommendation for anyone who understands and adores the Corsair sound DNA and what they do with their peripherals.

12. Jeecoo Xiberia V22

Best Headset Under $50 for Casual Gaming

Jeecoo Xiberia V22 - Best Casual Gaming Headset Under $50

Xiberia V22 is the latest iteration of the popular Xiberia V20 headset. This new release serves the purpose of eliminating flaws present in the previous headset. The specs of this headset on paper are amazing and if the company has delivered on their promise then this headset should be a good offering. But to find out more we have to look into this headset in more detail.

Good build quality for an inexpensive headset
Good microphone quality
The Led logo adds some flare
Non-removable cable
USB connection makes compatibility with consoles an issue
The sound lacks detail

Build Quality

The company has not made any major changes in this segment. Xiberia V22 still retains the solid build quality of the previous model on which it is based on. The mainframe of the headset is made mainly from plastic but there is steel reinforcement to stiffen up the chassis. The earcups are also made from plastic and have a good smooth matte finish on the surface.

This finish feels high quality and does not give off a cheap feeling associated with budget headsets. The headband adjust is also smooth and clicky and steps are well defined. Also, it is marked in numerical order which makes it easy to get the correct position every time.

Design and Connectivity

Xibera V22 supports a very rounded and oval design. The earcups are massive and have an oval shape to them. Around the earpad, there is a red trim that spices up the bland black appearance of the headset. The logo on the earcup also lights in multiple predefined colors. This lighting can be turned off if you do not fancy it. The microphone on the left earcup is fixed but it can be flipped upwards if you need to get it out of the way.

This headset supports a USB connection and can work on any device having a similar connection. But the primary appeal of the headset is for Pc gaming. The fixed cable also has an inline audio hub. This has a microphone mute button and a light button. The light button can be used to turn on/off the lighting of the headset. There is also a volume wheel that is easy to reach and has a smooth operation.


This headset has soft pleather padding on the earcup and the headband. This padding uses memory form which makes it very plush. The earcups also have some swivel to match the contour of the head and have the most optimal seal. This makes Xiberia V22 very comfortable for use with glasses. The clamping force is also not excessive in this headset which further adds to the comfort of the

Sound and Mic Quality

This is the area where most changes are made in this headset if compared with the previous one. The one signature here is more balanced and clear. There is an emphasis on the low-end frequency but overall the sound is very clean. The bass comes off with a good punch but it does not overpower the other frequencies. The high end has some muddiness. But we are talking about a budget headset here. Some headsets costing more than this have this problem so its fine here and can be forgiven.

In games, this headset sounds good. The thick leather earpads create a good seal around the head which isolates the surrounding sound and directs the focus completely on the game in hand. This along with the emphasis in the low end creates a good immersive experience. This headset is not for competitive gaming in which every little sound matters and probably you will be better off with other headsets featured on the list but for casual gaming this headset is amazing.

The microphone quality is also more than expected. The mic has a clear voice pickup with minimal distortion. The background noise cancellation is also decent and can reduce some noise but don’t expect any miracles.


Xiberia V22 is a good upgrade from the previous model. It retains most of the positive aspects of the previous headset and adds a couple of extra features. If you are looking for a comfortable headset with a little bit of flare and good sound quality then this is a good choice and should in your consideration.

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Ending Thoughts

In this list, we have featured the best headsets under 50 dollars that are available. From the endless amount of headsets, we are narrowed down our list to provide you with the best options available. We believe everyone expects something different from their headset and when they look for a new pair they have different sets of features in mind.

This is why we recommend you to first narrow down the list of features you need from your gaming headset and then look for something which ticks the most boxes. No two headsets are the same and they have different characteristics and offer different features so it is important to know which features you will enjoy the most.

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