Speakers! Something that is required by most people yet only a handful of people have the will to spend a large sum of money on their speakers. Many people want a good balance between the price and performance ratio and in our opinion, this is offered in the middle where also there is fierce competition among different manufacturers.

Therefore in this article, we have mentioned the best computer speakers under $100 because we feel like the most value-packed speakers are found at this price point. During our work on compiling these best PC speakers under $100, we found that there are a lot of people who are looking to buy their first speaker set but most do not know the actual benefit or let’s just say for simplicity sake the difference between the external or the internal speakers.

In a Hurry? The List of 16 Best Computer Speakers Under $100

External PC Speakers vs Internal Speakers

The concept of internal or external speakers is not correctly understood by the people and therefore leads to some confusion. An internal speaker is something existing within the premises of a computer system. It can either be a motherboard speaker or a monitor speaker. On the other hand, an external speaker is something that exists separately from the rest of the enclosed components of the computer.

The main benefit of the external speaker is that it is not prone to any interference due to the other components. This in turn provides a much clear and natural without any distortion. Also, the external speakers are not confined to limited space so they have multiple drivers. This allows for significantly better sound to be produced. Another, benefit of the external speakers is they can use the external power to increase the output and henceforth allow for greater volumes.

Internal speakers have their own benefits the simple one being that mostly these come free with the purchase of the speaker or the motherboard. Also, another benefit is that they require no wiring or space. They have internal connections and therefore also require no maintenance. Still, it is reasonable to get external speakers because of the massive increase in sound quality and volume.

Now with the basic understanding of external speakers let us look at some characteristics of them so we can have an even better understanding. The next buyers guide section will allow you to choose speakers based on your needs and overall help you to make a better decision.

The Best PC Speakers Under $100 Buyer’s Guide

There are certain aspects related to speakers or let’s just simply say there are different characteristics and traits to a given speaker. These traits are beneficial or useful in a certain way for different scenarios people so therefore we would like you to understand these first before you make a purchase.

How to Choose the Best PC Speakers Under $100?

Speaker Configuration

This refers to the type of audio being produced. Speakers usually come in mono, stereo, dual-channel, or in other words 2.0/2.1 speakers, and 5.1 surround sound speakers. There is also a 7.1 surround configuration but that is only reserved for high-end speakers so it is not relevant for us. All these configurations have different uses and if you want to learn about them you click here which will lead you to the article where we have explained in more detail.

To sum up the gist of it the more channels the audio has access to the better surround sound it can produce. This surround sound is beneficial and provides enhanced immersion in movies because you have a complete sound field around you. How many channels you require depends on your use case so choose the speakers that will complement your needs.


The drivers are an essential part of any speaker because they are the ones responsible for any sort of sound reproduction. Different speakers come with all sorts of drivers some might have a bigger driver complemented by a tweeter while others might have only a single driver. Some may even come with multiple that are each responsible for different frequencies. What you need to look out for here is to get speakers with the cleanest driver. Don’t go for the biggest possible drivers just get something that can produce a rich and full sound.

Size and Form Factor

The size and form factor of the speaker should be a consideration before purchasing it. Today’s market is not the same as it was a while ago where every speaker had the same basic design. Now you will find all sorts of different designs and sizes among speakers. Choose the one that is adequate for your computer setup. Nothing is worse than having speakers that are not suited for your desk setup.


These days the main connectivity options include 3.5mm, RCA, or Bluetooth. Other connections like SPDIF can also be found but it is not mainstream now. Most speakers will common with either one or the connectivity option which is really beneficial but in some cases, the speaker might have only a single input connection. So before purchasing a speaker double-check its connectivity options and make sure it is compatible with your setup to eliminate any inconvenience that might occur later on.


Manufacturers implement all sorts of different features to give their offering an edge over the competitors. Some features might be purely utilitarian while others may enhance the experience in a certain scenario. What we mean to say is to get the speakers with features that you want and need. People have different requirements and we see numerous times that some features might be totally redundant for someone while you yourself happen to use and enjoy them. So make your purchase decision based on your likes and dislikes.

There were some of the characteristics that we wanted to get out of the way and now let’s just dive straight into the list.

16 Best Computer Speakers Under $100

Best Overall

1. Logitech Z337

  • Clean minimalist design
  • Small footprint
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Good bass response
  • The plastic construction is great but the use of metal will be better
  • Mids sound recessed and muddy

Logitech is a well-established manufacturer and they are renowned for their excellent computer peripherals. The company also makes amazing speakers and has a wide range of different speakers available covering various needs of the consumer. The speaker we are talking about right now is the Z337 model which is a 2.1 speaker also equipped with a solid Bluetooth connection.


Editor’s Rating

Design and Build Quality

This speaker was made to get noticed. In a time where most manufacturers are implementing design elements to make their speakers look more utilitarian, Logitech has done none of that. The Z337 has an industrial design and looks like convectional shelf speakers. A fabric material covers the driver beneath which is clearly visible through the large cutout in both the satellite speakers and the subwoofer.

These speakers come in a matte-black color with a piano black trim around the driver. Below the driver, there is a Bluetooth logo followed by the companies branding. This design of the Z337 conveys a very minimalistic and simple approach by the company. While the design may be simple Logitech has made sure to provide this speaker with a solid and robust chassis.

The casing of this speaker is constructed from plastic but due to the plastic being of higher quality, it does not feel cheap and flimsy. The whole casing is precisely machined and well put together, therefore, providing a solid feel. Throughout the chassis, you will not find a hollow-sounding patch that shows the attention and care that went into the build of this product. Therefore, despite being made from plastic this product exhibits a similar premium feel which you will find in more expensive products.

Features, Connectivity, and Performance

One thing which may seem missing when you look at the satellite speakers is the inclusion of audio controls. To maintain the clean and minimalist design Logitech has decided to include these audio controls on a separate controller which is attached to the back of the subwoofer. This little unit acts as the audio hub and has all the typical controls like the power button, the Pairing button, and the headphone jack. The top of the unit is shaped like a dial and this is used to adjust the volume.

As for the other connections there are located on the back of the subwoofer. Here you will find a 3.5mm line-in, input ports for the satellite speakers, an RCA input for hooking this up to a DAC/Amp, and lastly a knob for adjusting the bass response. When it comes to actually pair the speakers the whole process is easy and intuitive. The setup instructions provided with the speakers are clear and easy to understand and follow. The inclusion of the latest Bluetooth protocols makes the whole process a lot more convenient and the Bluetooth on the whole provides a great experience. The signal strength here is solid and there are no disconnections.

When everything is plugged in and the equipment is up and running this Logitech Z337 provides a 40W of power split between the satellite speakers and the subwoofer for 8W each and 24W respectively. The peak rated power is 80W. These are definitely some impressive figures considering the size of the subwoofer and the satellite speakers. Nevertheless, the power here will be plenty for the entertainment needs of most people.

Sound Quality

When it comes to the sound quality Logitech Z337 is a hit or a miss depending on the situation and the type of audio played. To get the complete picture let us look at it in detail. The sound signature of this speaker is very bass-heavy. The bass-heavy sound signature overshadows the mids which sound recessed and drowned because the bass overpowers the mid-range.

Technical stuff aside what this does for the music is that the tracks which rely heavily on vocals will sound timid and nasally. But if you are listening to metal then the deep and punchy bass will actually be beneficial. So at the end of the day, it all boils down to your preference whether you enjoy bass-heavy stuff or not. As for the other media besides music, these will sound fine.


Logitech Z337 are great speakers for a beginner looking to upgrade to a better pair of speakers but wants something easy to use. In that respect, these speakers deliver because of the small footprint, easy setup with Bluetooth connectivity. The sound quality is also decent as long as you prefer bass-heavy stuff. These speakers will not win awards for any individual category but on the whole, they make for a great experience making them an easy recommendation from us.

2. Acoustic Audio AA5172

  • Great value for money
  • 5.1 surround sound
  • Remote control
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Decent sound quality
  • Subpar build quality
  • Quality control concerns
  • Cracking issue at high volume

If you are in the speaker game for a while now you would know that 5.1 PC speakers under $100 are hard to come by and especially the ones that sound decent. This Acoustic Audio AA5172 aims to change that, therefore, earning a spot on our best computer speakers under 100 dollars list.


Editor’s Rating

For the newer people out there wondering why you would even get a 5.1 speaker if at this price good speakers are rare is because the 5.1 speakers carry a sub along with five small satellite speakers. These satellite speakers can be placed along different positions in the room to provide a surround sound experience. Surround sound provides a more immersive and engaging experience compared to 2.1 speakers in which audio is blown out from only a dual channel.

Design and Build Quality

There is not much to discuss in this section because the design of the speakers is simple and clean. They have a retro vibe going on with the big inserts for the drivers the silver cap placed to protect the drivers. Apart from that, these are just your typical box speakers.

The build quality is an area of concern in this speaker because they not only have a plastic construction that in itself is cheap but also because there are some concerns regarding quality control. First, let us address the construction. With these speakers priced very low for 5.1 speakers, the money is spread very thin, and unfortunately, build quality is the one that had to take the toll. These speakers feel unfinished with their construction and the fitting is also not that good.

Now coming to other concerns regarding quality control. There have been many reports from users mainly regarding the crackling which these speakers can have from the factory. So keep that in mind if you want to purchase this speaker.

Features, Connectivity, and Performance

If you were let down by the build quality of this product the features might be enough to recapture you because this speaker is loaded with them. Firstly, a subtle touch yet quantifying as a great feature is a remote control provided with this speaker. The remote control is chock-full of functionality and there are plenty of options embedded into the remote control therefore allowing you to control all the aspects of the speaker without you having to use the physical controls.

Talking of the physical controls these are present on the subwoofer. There is also a dim backlight that illuminates the control panel so that you can easily access them at night. These speakers even have Bluetooth connectivity crammed into them and for the most part, it also works fine. Hiccups are very rare and the signal stability is good. There is even an SD card and USB slot allowing you to stream music directly from them. Some of the features present here are even not found on speakers that are twice or more the price.

The good news keeps on rolling even with the connectivity of this speaker. The satellite speakers like you would expect have passively powered by the subwoofer through the RCA connection. As for source inputs, these can either accept a 3.5mm input or an RCA. The only issue we found is not with the connectivity but the cables provided with this speaker. They are of subpar quality and it is much more advisable to get better aftermarket cables.

The performance is also not an issue with this speaker just avoid going overboard with the volume because then it can crackle sometimes. Max volume is not even needed because these get plenty loud at medium volume.

Sound Quality

The sound quality is the reason most people will gravitate towards these speakers and rightfully so because these provide a full 5.1 surround sound experience which other speakers lack at a comparable price point. The 5.1 sound provided here is very good. There is also a good amount of bass due to the subwoofer and the audio separation with 5 channels is amazing. It is a joy to listen to and provides a more immersive experience than dual-channel sound.

These speakers also do a better job of filling out the entire room with consistent audio. This is especially prominent when watching movies. These speakers are also great for playing games. With these speakers, the environment of the games feels much more alive because not only you can get better directly but also the detail that was otherwise lacking. So basically these speakers can be your all-in-one theatre and desktop setup speaker but what these are not though is HiRes audio. So don’t buy them expecting HiFi audio experience because these are just not made for it.


Acoustic Audio AA5172 provides a full 5.1 experience on a budget. Granted you get what you pay for in some aspects but still, we cannot undermine the sound quality of this speaker. This can easily compete with other more expensive entry-level 5.1 speakers but with a caveat. This is only possible if you get a speaker with good quality control that does not have the crackling issue. Another common issue of this speaker is the subpar build quality but that can be somewhat forgiven because mostly throughout its lifetime this speaker will sit on a desk. Keeping in mind all we feel that this speaker represents the best value for a 5.1 computer speaker under the $100 price point.

3. Cyber Acoustics CA-3810

  • The satellite speakers have a small footprint
  • Separate audio control pod
  • 40W RMS output with 80W peak power
  • Deep and rich bass response
  • The fit and finish of the product can be better
  • Prone to audio distortion
  • The wires connecting the satellite speakers are short

Next up on the list are the best 2.1 computer speakers under $100 dollars from Cyber Acoustics. These Cyber Acoustics CA-3810 have accumulated many positive reviews since their release and are liked by many people due to the modest price tag they carry.


Editor’s Rating

Design and Build Quality

The first thing you are struck by when you experience this speaker is how small the footprint is for the satellite speakers. The satellite speakers here are minuscule making them ideal for any desktop setup with limited space. To shave the size they have a vertical arrangement and sit on a support stand to keep them upright. The subwoofer that comes along with the package has the typical boxy design you would expect from a subwoofer.

The subwoofer and the satellite speakers have different color trims with the subwoofer coming in a matte black color and the satellite speakers supporting piano black. The fit and finish on both are alright but there is room for improvement in this segment. While the finish may taken a toll but the build quality is good. The construction of these speakers feels solid and robust and they are likely to last a while before getting physically damaged. If only they had managed a better finishing on this product it would have felt more premium for now it belongs in the middling category.

Features, Connectivity, and Performance

To shrink the footprint of the satellite features some adjustments had to be made and our first feature is the result of these adjustments. Normally in most 2.1 speakers, the right satellite speaker serves as the audio control hub but due to the small footprint, this product comes with a remote audio pod. This pod acts as the audio control unit and has all the adjustments you would want like volume adjustment and bass adjustment.

This unit also has a LED light along with the volume knob which acts as the on/off indicator. Talking about the volume knob one gripe with the volume and the bass knob is that the sensitivity of the knob is off-putting. There are also two 3.5mm jacks, one is an aux input used for connecting the speakers to a mobile device and the other is a headphone jack. When the headphone jack is utilized it automatically kills the speaker audio making headphones the sole output source.

All of the other essential ports are found on the back of the subwoofer and like most speakers, this also suffers from short-length cables especially the main power cable making it unsuitable for a split setup. On the power topic, this speaker has a 40W RMS value with a total peak power of 80W. These are impressive figures for not only the size of this thing but also for the current asking price. There are only a handful of devices with similar power figures at this price range and most of them do not come close to the quality of this speaker.

Sound Quality

In terms of sound quality, this speaker has a very sharp and distinct sound signature. This has a very dynamic and colored sound and is not balanced in its frequency response. The bass is elevated and it hits hard drowning out the mids in the process. The mids, therefore, sound recessed. The sound takes another sharp peak in the treble range making the treble sound crisp and resonant.

The low-end rumble and the crisp treble bring the audio to life and provide an immersive experience. As for who this speaker is for it is most likely that people who enjoy bass-heavy music and like the thump of the low-end will feel right at home with this speaker. Also, metal fans will find this speaker to be satisfying. The people who will not find this speaker enjoyable are the ones that like a balanced sound signature or prefer their mids to be the focal point of the music.


Cyber Acoustics CA-3810 is a gem of a product given its price. It has the best in class RMS output and the sound quality is also good granted you prefer a bass-heavy sound signature. All this performance is packed into such a small footprint which makes it all the more appealing. This speaker is not all rainbow though and has a fair share of its problems but none of them seem to be a deal-breaker in the broad contrast of things. Therefore, we recommend this speaker to any bass-head out there looking for a room-filling speaker at a good price.

4. Bose Companion 2 Series III

  • Small footprint
  • Good performance
  • Great sound quality
  • Short cable
  • Very basic when it comes to features and connectivity

When it comes to the audio game chances are you are heard of bose. These guys make some of the best audio peripherals including speakers and are well known for their high industry standards. The speakers featured from the company here are the Bose Companion 2 Series III and these are among the top-selling Bose products.


Editor’s Rating

Design and Build Quality

Bose Companion 2 has a basic and barebones design. You will not find any tacky frill here these are as simple as speakers get. The first iteration of this speaker was released back in 2013 and since then the design has stayed the same. This really shows because now these speakers exhibit an old vibe that is easy to pick up. As for the finishing 2/3 of the front facia of the speaker is covered in a mesh fabric material. The remaining exposed part has a matte black finish.

Despite having no changes in the general design for quite a while now this speaker still has a relatively solid build. Yes, it is made from plastic but it does not feel like it falls apart on the slightest hit. The overall build of this speaker exhibits a great deal of confidence and there is no denying that this speaker will age just fine in the times to come. 

Features, Connectivity, and Performance

Bose Companion 2 does not include a subwoofer they only come with two satellite speakers. Due to it being only two speaker configurations it has to have a dominant one. Here the right speaker is the primary unit and contains all the ports and the audio controls. On the front of the right speaker, you will find a volume knob and a 3.5mm jack. We have to appreciate bose for getting the feel of the volume knob right and the knob is smooth and easy to operate. More manufacturers need to shun the vague feeling knobs for the smooth ones.

As previously mentioned this speaker is free from any frills so do not expect it to have a range of features and connectivity. It only contains all the basics needed for it to function. For connectivity, this speaker includes just an Aux input and a computer input besides the basic power connector and the speaker connector. Since we are on the topic of wires and connectors the wires included with this speaker have a short length so if you want to place the speakers far apart from each other it might not be possible. Also, the included power brick is large, not ideal for a living room entertainment setup.

The performance is another strong suit of this speaker. Bose has used high-quality components that provide a great performance response. This speaker has plenty of power and grunt to satisfy most people whether it is used as a living room entertainment machine or a desktop audio solution.

Sound Quality

Sound quality is the main reason due to which people still buy these speakers over the competitors even when other competitors offer more features at a more attractive price. These bose speakers have TrueSpace stereo signal processing which guarantees a clear and undistorted sound. Fortunately, this is not just a marketing gimmick and these speakers do really have a clear and filling sound.

The overall sound signature is also neutral albeit a bit low heavy. This presence of low frequency is a nice addition because it allows for a much more punchy and fuller sound. This when translated into music or other media entertainment provides a great immersive experience. The bass response makes the music sound punchy with still good vocal clarity and the added bass also helps in movies to provide a more engaging experience.


Bose Companion 2 Series III despite being the lowest end offering from Bose still inherits the companies great sound quality and performance. With this speaker, you not only get a well-established brand name but also a great sounding and performing one. The only flaw we encountered with this speaker is the lack of features but still, in our books we prefer a great raw experience over gimmicky features any day. Therefore, this speaker makes it on our best PC speakers under 100 dollars list and we recommend this to anyone who wants a blissful sound experience.

5. Creative Labs Gigaworks T20 Series II

  • Good build quality
  • Solid performance
  • Well balanced sound
  • Separate knobs for treble and bass adjustment
  • The wires are on the shorter side
  • External power brick

Creative is one of the popular manufacturers of audio products and is renowned for its quality. They have a vast catalog of amazing products and the one featured on our list of the best computer speakers under $100 is the Gigaworks T20 model. Creative Labs Gigawords T20 is a 2.0 speaker that claims to provide a better stereo experience than most 2.1 speakers so let’s see if it can live up to its claim.


Editor’s Rating

Design and Build Quality

In terms of design, this speaker is as convectional as it gets. From the top to the bottom it looks like well how a traditional speaker would. Creative has not done anything drastic with the design of this thing and truth be told they did not need to because this speaker looks good as it is.

The curvy and boxy casing still holds up well in today’s time and the use of the piano black trim adds some contrast to the color scheme. The yellow glass fiber cone driver is especially eye-catching at first glance and adds a nice spice to the otherwise dull and boring design.

The build quality is in the same ballpark as other speakers in this price range that is to say it is not anything special. Regardless, this speaker is built pretty well and feels tough. The fit and finish of the product is very good, and there are no loose ends. Everything is well made and the switches and knobs also feel solid.

Features, Connectivity, and Performance

Simplicity is the name of the game when it comes to the features of this speaker. Everything this speaker contains is there for the convenience of the user. What better highlights this than the addition of separate knobs for the bass and the treble. In most speakers, all you get is a single volume knob and or a bass boost toggle but Creative has gone above and beyond in this regard.

The separate knobs allow for greater granular control over the audio that is being played. They are also a great addition for the end consumer because people have different audio preferences and being able to adjust the bass and treble on the fly will make the experience that much better.

Creative Labs T20 also does not disappoint in terms of connectivity. The setup and installation is hassle-free and the port situation is also good. All of the ports and connectivity options are found on the right speaker and starting with the front there is a dual 3.5mm jack. One is for headphones and the other is an aux line in. On the rear, you will find another 3.5mm jack along with the power port and the left speaker output port. This speaker is surprisingly versatile given its basic connectivity with the inclusion of an RCA adapter in the box which allows for this speaker to be connected with a Tv or any other external source.

The only flaw in the connectivity department is the wire situation of this speaker. For starters, the power cable is not long enough and can be a hindrance in some setups. To add to this there is also a big external power brick which this speaker uses making this not ideal for a minimalist computer setup.

Now coming to the performance of these speakers and here you will find a discrepancy between the specs on paper and the real-world performance. If you just go by the specs these do not look as powerful as other competitors, capable of just 28W of total RMS output from each 12W speaker but this is not reflective of real-world performance. In actuality, these get very loud and can easily fill the room at even medium volume.

Sound Quality

Remember when we said in the intro to these speakers claim to provide a fantastic stereo experience. Well, this claim holds and the sound signature of Creative T20 is balanced and neutral. All the frequencies are clean and well portrayed making for a very calm and relaxing experience. These are not your typical bass-heavy speakers with a thumpy loud sound. Still, the bass is present here and is noticeable but does not bleed into the mids. The mids are clean and the highs are ever so slightly pushed forward.

This all translated into a warm and inviting audio experience. Music sounds great irrespective of the genre and has a good amount of detail. The soundstage also does not feel crowded and narrow enabling greater separation between the various tones. Apart from music, this speaker is also great for games and movies and provides a very immersive experience.


Creative Labs Gigaworks T20 Series II nails down the stereo aspect of the sound by producing fantastic unmatched audio. It stands tall among its competitors when it comes to sound quality. The inclusion of separate knobs of bass and treble adjustment is also a nice touch making small on-the-fly adjustments a breeze. The speaker is also room-filling and gets plenty loud. The only gripes with this speaker are a couple of nitpicks that being the short wires included with this speaker and the external power brick which should really be obsolete by now. Regardless, a great speaker and one worth getting if you want a neutral and balanced sound.

Gaming Pick

6. Genius SW-G2.1 2000

  • Unique design
  • External Control Unit
  • Bass adjust knob
  • Mic port for headsets with attached mic
  • Good sound quality
  • Subpar build quality
  • Hardwired cables
  • Can distort at loud volumes

Genius is a gaming-focused brand and its SW-2.1 2000 speakers were released quite a while ago. Today, these speakers still hold up well despite their age and are still an incredible value.


Editor’s Rating

Design and Build Quality

When these were released the trend of the gaming industry at that time was to make flashy peripherals that stand out. Well, these follow suit, and the blue accents are scattered throughout the satellite speaker and the control pod which in itself is a neat little additional but more on that later. Continuing with the design and these do provide an old-school gamer vibe that still looks good today.

The metal reinforcement grill on the subwoofer has a large scorpion printed on it. This scorpion logo is also found on the satellite speakers and the control pod because it is the companies monogram but it is done in a much subtle manner on the latter. Now coming to the aforementioned blue accents and you will find them on the covering of the drivers and along the middle of the control pad.

The design and aesthetic aside the build quality is not that good. It is below average but then again most gaming speakers do not ride the build quality wave well. If compared with similar speakers in the category the Redragon GS520 also mentioned in this list just edge them out narrowly. Regardless, if you plan on keeping them on a desk set up these will be fine in the long run.

Features, Connectivity, and Performance

The most prominent feature of these speakers has to be the control pod provided with the package. A control pod is basically an external unit that has all the connectivity options as well as the sound adjust knobs. Upfront you will find a volume adjust knob. This knob has a led ring surrounding it. The main color of the ring is blue but it also illuminates other colors when you change the source via the source button. Just below the volume knob there is the bass adjust knob but this is slightly small. The difference in size helps to differentiate the knobs in no light situations.

The knobs are followed by the standby and the source button. Below these buttons, there are a few essential ports that are the headphone jack and mic input, and the line input. It is not often that you get to see a mic input on a speaker and it is great that these speakers include one because gamers mostly use their mic and this just adds a whole lot of convenience for the user.

The connectivity of this speaker is also solid and we have no complaints there. It has all the basic required ports along with a couple of extra ones that are beneficial as well. All of the ports are found on the back of the control audio and starting from the top to the bottom they include an aux input and a mic output. RCA left and right ports and then the speaker output ports that connect for both the satellite speakers and the subwoofer. There is also a physical power switch.

This speaker has been good so far and if you were expecting it to fail in the performance segment well worry not because it actually has respectable performance. The rated power is 45W of RMS output and the power is also surprisingly cleaner than we initially thought. While it would be wrong to say that this is undistorted because it does distort when you crank up the volume for the fullest or bass boost knob but that is also too loud for comfortable listening. So as long you keep the volume at a medium level then it is relatively clean for a gaming speaker.

Sound Quality

When it comes to the sound quality of gaming speakers it is very easy to explain because most are just a bass-heavy mess which makes it all the better to say that this actually has a decent sound signature. While the bass is still prominent here with good punch and it even bleeds into the mids but it never overpowers and drowns them. The bass is a focal point of the audio but the mids and the highs are very present as well.

This makes it amazing for gaming because it not only provides that loud and rich environmental sound but also subtle ones. The improved clarity paints a much better picture of the environment and this is especially apparent in FPS games where this provides deep loud explosion sounds as well the subtle reload and footsteps sound. This speaker also makes a great companion when consuming media or watching movies because it really immerses you in the content.


Genius SW-2.1 2000 is among the very few gaming speakers that are not a total bass-heavy mess. This passes the sound quality test with flying colors because for the price and the market it is target at it has a very good sound signature that is usable for other things besides gaming which right off the bat is a big plus. Also, the design is nice and unique and the connectivity is fantastic. There are also a couple of drawbacks with this speaker then on the whole it presents a value that now is becoming harder and harder to find. Therefore, this speaker takes the spot of best gaming speakers under $100 on our list.

7. Redragon GS520 Anvil

  • Striking design
  • Configurable RGB lighting
  • Easy controls for audio and lighting
  • Can get very loud
  • Subpar build quality
  • Average sound quality
  • Attached cables

Redragon is a company synonymous with well-priced gaming peripherals that contain features of the more high-end peripherals. With this Redragon GS520 Anvil speaker, they have exactly tried to mimic that strategy which made them famous initially. The only question left to answer is whether it has paid off or not so let’s just find out.


Editor’s Rating

Design and Build Quality

The design of this speaker definitely borrows from their gaming-oriented peripherals. The sharp angles and the implementation of the RGB strip down the middle of the casing give this speaker a gamery vibe. The big Redragon logo on the left speaker also is a nice addition. Despite sticking with a clear gaming theme thankfully they did not go overboard with the RGB lighting or the different accents. These speakers do belong in a gaming setup but can also be pulled off in an entertainment setup if need be granted you set the lighting to a dull color.

While the Redragon speaker gained high marks in design it loses some in the build quality. The construction of this speaker is not good. The material used feels lower quality when compared with other rival speakers and also the fit and finish are not up to the mark. The whole chassis feels flimsy and fragile so we would advise some caution when using this speaker because it may not be able to withstand a sharp drop or two.

Features, Connectivity, and Performance

There are a lot of features packed into this speaker. Redragon has tried to one-up its rivals by packing as many features as possible into this GS520 speaker. It all starts with the touch controls for the RGB light strip. Tapping on the top of the speaker cycles through the different colors and effects and let’s just say there are a lot to choose from. The RGB strip itself has 6 individual zones this is nice because the individual zones allow for much greater customization. The volume adjust buttons found on the left speaker also have a red led backlight for better visibility in a dark environment.

Redragon GS520 are USB powered speakers and do not require any additional power source. This helps in decreasing the otherwise cluttered cable situation present here because the cables are nonremovable in this speaker. Rather than using a port, they use an internal connection which is also concerning for durability reasons. As for the other connections the speaker has an attached 3.5mm cable which plugs into the source to channel the sound into the speaker.

These are USB-powered speakers so you expect the performance to take a toll but we are happy to report that these do not suffer from crippling performance. This speaker gets plenty loud and at higher volumes, it will be too loud for most people. So filling a room with sound is not an issue when using this speaker. 

Sound Quality

Before diving into the sound quality it should be understood that these are gaming-oriented speakers that too on the budget end of the spectrum so do not expect mind-blowing sound quality from them. Regardless, the sound quality is also not something to complain about. What we want to say is that the sound quality of this speaker is adequate enough to be considered useable.

Diving more in detail we see a similar generic sound signature that most gaming speakers offer. That is a deep but separated bass, with recessed mids and a bright treble. This sound signature just works for most games so most speaker manufacturers keep implementing it.  What we found here was that the overall clarity was much better when compared to other speakers in the same league and also there was much more perceived detail in the audio.


Redragon G520 has a striking design and chances are you are interested in this product because of the design and aesthetic of this speaker. While the design is appealing this speaker also has decent performance and sound quality. It has some issues like the subpar build quality but still, we feel that it is a better buy than other speakers in the same category therefore Redragon G520 earns our recommendation.

Compact Pick

8. Edifier Exclaim e10

  • Good build quality
  • Small and funky design
  • Detachable wires
  • Amazing sound quality with clear mids
  • The audio controls can be hard to reach in certain scenarios
  • Bright treble can put some people off

We all can agree that high-quality compact speakers are one of the most versatile and function pairs around. Therefore the compact speaker category is arguably the most competitive with plenty of good offerings. Our choice here is the Edifier Exclaim e10 which has amassed quite a reputation for being an excellent all-round package.


Editor’s Rating

Design and Build Quality

Since this category is all about the size and footprint of the speaker then why not start with it first. The minimal footprint of this speaker is directly related to its design so let’s take a close look at it. Right of the bat, you sense how unusual quirkiness in the design and it is like non-other. Upfront you see a vertical metallic grill resembling the shape of a soundbar that juts of from a round-shaped bass. This gives the speaker a very compact footprint almost the same as that of a small ball that is not a little bigger.

Considering the rather unusual and funky design you expect the product to lack a solid build but fortunately, enough edifier has used some high-quality materials and the fit and finish are great especially along the high tension areas making the overall construction solid and durable.

The only drawback of the design is that due to the lack of any real estate on the front the volume buttons are shifted towards the back of the speaker grill. While this may seem like a non-issue but in certain setups reaching them can be a bit of a chore so keep that in mind if your setup encompasses a lot of space.

Features, Connectivity, and Performance

Edifier e10 is pretty barren when it comes to deck features but we have to appreciate the excellent use of space by the edifier. Starting with the base and this houses the low-end driver and a passive radiator while the soundbar grill houses mid and high-frequency drivers and a passive radiator. These separated drivers are great because they provide better audio separation more on that in the audio segment.

Otherwise, another great aspect of this speaker is how it sits on the desk. With the bottom base firing bass and the vertical soundbar, this speaker manages to direct the audio to the user with also a good thump. As far as the connectivity is concerned, this is a brick-powered speaker and in the package, an adapter is included along with an aux cable and the cable that connects the two speakers. All the ports for these cables are found on the back of the right speaker. Most of you would have realized by now that these come with detachable cables which is a great plus in our books.

As for the performance, this is a brick-powered speaker but it is still a small and compact one that which arises some questions. Happy to report that no issues here with the performance. Edifier e10 can manage unbearably loud volume without much distortion. The sound is very clean and free from any sort of distortion if you keep an adequate volume.

Sound Quality

Normally high expectations are not tied with compact sub $100 speakers but these will make you think otherwise. We were pleasantly surprised by these speakers and let me tell you these can easily compete with some more expensive pair of speakers. Despite being a 2.0 speaker these pulled off a good satisfactory bass response. The low-end was very apparent but do not expect these to be bass-heavy.

The mids sounded clean and natural which is rather an anomaly in sub $100 speakers. Having such clarity in the mid-range is a very enjoyable and great feat on Edifier’s part. The highs are bright and can sometimes come off as overly bright but still, they are pleasant and not fatiguing. These speakers are fantastic for games in which precision audio is required like in FPS games. In competitive settings, these speakers can provide you with just that extra bit of information that is required to clutch. Needless to say, these are also amazing for music, movie, and other media consumption.


Edifier Exclaim e10 is a gem of a compact speaker. These do pretty much everything right. They have sound quality, a compact yet appealing design, amazing sound quality albeit a bit bright treble which is not for every one bit does not mean it does not sound great. The only reason we see to not buy these speakers is if you prefer a bass-heavy experience or are treble sensitive otherwise we can easily recommend Edifier Exclaim e10 for anyone looking for compact computer speakers.

9. Mackie CR3-X

  • Good classic design
  • Great connectivity with versatile options
  • Well balanced sound signature
  • Good clarity
  • Build Quality is subpar
  • Not for people who like rich thumpy bass

Best studio speakers for the desk you asked? Well then here is our answer to that in the form of Mackie CR3-X. Mackie CR3-X is the new update to the CR3 speaker that came before. Mackie CR3 is a popular speaker and adored by many so this newer updated version has some shoes to fill and fortunately enough it does that in style.


Editor’s Rating

Design and Build Quality

The studio monitor design is timeless with big square boxed chassis and large drivers dictating the appeal. It is a classic design and many manufacturers do not have enough say in how their speaker looks but we are pleasantly surprised about the Mackie CR3-X. The X implements subtle design elements that are tasteful and make it less boring than other generic studio speakers without being overly showy like CR3.

Mackie CR3-X has a green trim around the border of the front facia with a brushed metal finish. The corners are also smoothly rounded on all sides making it very satisfying to look at. Unlike the CR3 it no longer has green trim around the tweeter, woofer, and volume which is a step in the right direction because it gives the speaker a more classy feel. One thing we are not so certain about is the build quality.

Although, the use of materials is fine but the overall construction and the finish do not feel high quality. It is by no means bad and the price can be accepted but a little more effort in the segment would have made a drastic difference in changing the overall perception of the user regarding build quality. Still, these are not your flimsy speakers and can take some beating.

Features, Connectivity, and Performance

Features are not a strong suit of studio speakers as they focus more on utility and user convenience but still, some usual features are to be expected, in-studio speakers. Unfortunately, this speaker is devoid of some essentials like bass and treble tuning knob. Mackie CR3-X manages to redeem itself though with the near-perfect volume knob that also doubles as a power button. When the knob is in its starting position it works as a power switch. When rotated past the audible click it works like a typical volume knob.

Leaving features behind let us continue with the good stuff. The connectivity is very good. Upfront you get a 3.5mm headphone jack and on the back of the speaker, you have TRS left and right ports, and RCA ports. There is also an Aux input to boot which allows the headphone to connect to any external source like a mobile phone and is beneficial if you just want to connect the speaker to a temporary source. Since we are on that topic this speaker is powered by an external power brick and what makes it even worse is that the power cable is not detachable.

When it comes to the power, there is not any change to the actual statics and this speaker still is capable of 50W of output. One thing that has to be said is that the power is a tad bit cleaner now at extreme volumes. The perceived difference is minimal when compared to the CR3 and maybe our mind is playing some tricks so take it with a pinch of salt.

Sound Quality

Mackie CR3-X offers amazing sound balanced sound quality which is to be expected since these are studio monitors and in any monitor speaker the sound clarity is important. The only negative with this is that the bass comes off a little subdued and lacking. While there is some bass present but it is mostly in the upper bass region and the low bass which gives the thumpy effect is several underrepresented.

So it safe to say that most people will not find it sufficient. Otherwise, the mids have great clarity and sound natural just like they should. The highs are also well produced and are clean. We can easily see someone who likes a more balanced sound rocking these speakers. These speakers especially have an edge when it comes to analytical listening. Do not get me wrong these are not audiophile HiFi level but still much better than other speakers in the same price range.


Mackie CR3-X is overall a great refresh of a classic and it also improves on some aspects which good to see. The balanced sound quality is one of the main highlighting points of this speaker coupled that with the clear undistorted sound it is fantastic for anyone on a budget that wants an analytical listening experience. These speakers also have a couple of drawbacks as well but they are not deal breakers and frankly in this category for this price a better speaker than Mackie CR3-X is hard to come by.

10. Edifier R1280T

  • Good build quality
  • Included remote is easy to use
  • Dual RCA ports
  • Bass and treble adjust knobs
  • Good bass and highs
  • Balanced and clear sound signature
  • The digital volume knob is very fiddly and inconvenient
  • Fixed Power cable

Next up on the list is the best bookshelf speakers that have a remote control. For this, we have chosen Edifier R1280T which has been in the market for quite and has garnished a respectable reputable along the way.


Editor’s Rating

Design and Build Quality

Edifier R1280T is that kind of product that right off the bat makes an impression. It has a striking design that is tempting and pulls you in. This speaker is unlike any other black or white speaker because it uses a wood casing which is normally seen on much expensive higher-end products. This gives Edifier R1280T a much more premium and upscaled feel contrary to what the price may suggest.

We also see the use of metal sheets on the front facia which not only gives the product a good feel but also strengthens the wooden casing. The goodness does not end here, upfront you see a large woofer and a tweeter. This will surely be a delightful sight for the old-school speaker fans out there who still prefer the traditional design with exposed drivers. If you don’t like that sort of aesthetic a front panel cover is also included that is easy to attach and remove as well.

Edifier 1280T uses premium materials and we here want to use the word “premium” very lightly. This speaker is definitely a step above is every regard when compared to speakers but the experience is nowhere to high-end speakers still regardless this beats out other speakers in the price range in terms of build quality and feel.

Features, Connectivity, and Performance

We here normally do not tend to start with the negatives but it all changes for this product because one of the most important features you find is a miss unfortunately here. What we are talking about is the volume knob. This speaker has a digital volume knob rather than an analog. Unlike an analog knob, a digital knob has no feedback and the operation is also not direct. Sometimes, when you move it quickly it skips other times the volume instantly becomes too loud. Therefore, using this is not convenient at all.

One saving is the remote control provided with this speaker. The remote is small and only has three buttons those being volume adjust and a power button. This remote blasts a good chunk of IR light so using it is very convenient. You do not have to point the remote exactly towards the speaker for it to work. Fortunately, the bass and the treble adjust knobs located exactly above the volume knob are analog and have a great feel. They also have marked indices for precise adjustment.

Good things keep on rolling with the connectivity. This speaker is an active and passive speaker combo and the right speaker acts as the active one so all the ports are located there. What you get are the typical switches for connecting both speakers together and dual left and right RCA inputs. Both of these inputs are active at the same time so if you want to connect to two sources at a time, well you can. Below the RCA inputs, there is a fixed power cord followed by a hardware on and off switch.

These speakers surely do have some bling but it does not mean that the performance is neglected in any way. The figure for the power output impressive coming in at 42W RMS. The volume for these speakers is loud enough to drown out the entire room with music and they also have no major issues with distortion. The overall power is very clean which is quite impressive considering the price.

Sound Quality

To say these sound good would be an understatement and injustice of some sort because for tiny desktop studio speakers these deliver excellent sound. The overall sound signature is fulfilling without leaning too much in a certain direction. All the frequencies are well represented and at no time does a single frequency seem lacking.

The bass is punchy without having the low-end thump. While this will be plenty for most people but with the bass adjust knob it can be boosted even further if you so desire. The mids are clean and the upper mids and highs lean towards the brighter side but it can also be adjusted with the treble knob if you so desire. Without any adjustments, we found the sound to be engaging with enough energy to sway it from being boring and generic.


Edifier R1280T will not be for everyone because it has a very old-school charm to it. From the wood grain casing to the bold and big woofer and the tweeter, it definitely is targeted for a more enthusiast kind of person but it is not to say that people just entering into the audio space cannot rock these. The sound signature is also balanced that some people might not prefer but then again you have the bass and treble knob. Overall, when it comes to our recommendation go with this speaker if can see the design working for you and want a balanced sound signature with adjustability.

11. Creative Pebble Plus

  • Good build quality
  • The satellite speakers are minuscule
  • Angled Drivers
  • Good bass response
  • Bright treble
  • Too many wires to manage
  • Lack of a headphone input port

Creative is one of the better-known manufacturers of audio equipment and they make some fantastic speakers as well. Their pebble series is among the top-selling products on amazon and the one featured on this list in the Pebble Plus.


Editor’s Rating

Design and Build Quality

The design of this product holds true to its name as the oval satellite speakers resemble the shape of a pebble. This design is unique and distinct to the pebble series making them instantly recognizable. Having this design also decreases the footprint of the speaker compared to a traditional boxy design. The driver is also exposed and has a brass colored metal covering that adds some contrast to the monotone black color.

The build quality is also quite high and the satellite speakers have solid construction. The subwoofer also has a good fit and finish. The legs that keep the subwoofer upright are sturdy and tough. The satellite speakers and the subwoofer have a smooth soft-touch finish that feels amazing to touch and also provides a premium experience.

Features, Connectivity, and Performance

The pebble plus is all about user convenience and it really shows in the features. As we mentioned in the design segment this speaker has a small footprint which though great for space management is not ideal because the sound is directed at the desk rather than the user. To solve this creative has placed the driver at a 45 elevation making them angled towards the user. This also tilts the volume knob upwards making it easier to grip and operate.

Another neat feature is the inclusion of a high gain mode. This high gain mode is accessed via a toggle switch but it has to be used with a 5V 2A USB adapter. This is a slight limitation associated with the high gain mode but then again a minor inconvenience is fine as long as the mode is included and accessible. On the topic of power and adapters, this speaker is very efficient and is powered via the USB but the audio is handled via a 3.5mm connection so be wary of that if you are looking for an exclusively USB run speaker.

The four cables spring out from the back of the right satellite speaker and these connect all the different components together. These four cables include the satellite speaker to satellite cable, the speaker and the subwoofer cable, and a USB and 3.5mm pole cable that connect to the computer. Although, these speakers are powered via the USB cable but do not mistake them for being a slouch in the performance department.

Creative pebble plus can get extremely loud to the point where you have to decrease the volume for a comfortable listening experience. One major positive with this speaker is the lack of distortion at higher volumes. This enables the user to crank when need be to fill the entire room or two without any major distortion which is great.

Sound Quality

Creative has done a fantastic job in tuning the sound of this speaker and that becomes immediately apparent when you fire up your first song on these. They have a good strong bass without it being too overpowering and taking the center-stage in the music. The mids are a little muddy in certain scenarios but mostly they sound clear. The treble is bright and engaging but not overly fatiguing. Still, for the treble sensitive people out there a little caution is advised.

By the sound signature, we can easily make out that these speakers were not targeted at any audience and we found them to be good for most tasks be it gaming, media consumption, music, or movies. While the sound is good overall but these do have a certain problem during bass intense portion of the audio like during an initial bass drop in the track. During these moments is the volume is cranked up these can sound a bit distorted and metally otherwise. This issue is also present in very selective songs so overall these experiences are not present on daily basis.


Creative pebble plus represents one of the best value as far as 2.1 speakers go. It has good sound with sufficient performance and adequate build quality. This all makes for an amazing experience from a USB-powered plug-and-play speaker. The only flaws we could find were the limited input connectivity and messy wires. None of these is a major deal-breaker and if you can live with these drawbacks then we wholeheartedly recommend this if you are looking for budget 2.1 speakers.

12. Edifier R12U

  • Great value for money
  • Small size and footprint
  • Good sound quality considering the price
  • Subpar build quality
  • Fixed cables

It is not often that you get to see a reputable brand offering a bargain-priced product and especially if the product itself is quite good. Well, this is what makes Edifier R12U a special product and one worth mentioning on our best PC speakers under $100 list.


Editor’s Rating

Design and Build Quality

These speakers boast a clean and simple design. There is not much going on throughout the body except the branding where their name is spelled out on the left speaker. The size one the speaker is minuscule making them not only great for setups with limited space but also very portable. One thing we appreciate about the design of Edifier R12U is its angle. This speaker has a slight inclination that pitches up the front facia of the speaker and directs the sound slightly upwards.

This is beneficial because these speakers are mainly meant to be placed on a desk and this slight incline helps to spread the sound more evenly and directly at the user. For this to happen there is a small stand attached to the base of the speaker that also doubles as the rubber pad. It is also quite sturdy so no problems there. The build quality of the speaker itself is adequate. It is neither the most solidly build speaker we have come across nor it exhibits a premium feel still it is built well enough that it can last a while.

Features, Connectivity, and Performance

This speaker is as barebones as it gets. It has no extra frills and comprises of just the basics. On the right speaker, you will find a volume knob that works well and is smooth to operate. Besides the knob, there is a 3.5mm headphone jack which has a privacy feature. What the privacy feature does is it mutes the sound coming from the speaker directing it solely to the headphone.

On the connectivity front, things are also quite basic. This speaker is a USB powered one and for the audio, it utilizes a 3.5mm jack. Both these cables are fixed that can pose a problem down the line if there is a need for repair. Besides this, there is a 3.5mm aux input as well for connecting the speaker to any portable device such as a mobile phone.

When it came to the performance of this speaker we were pleasantly surprised. Considering the size you would expect the sound to be tiny but it is quite the opposite. This speaker can get decently loud and the volume here should be sufficient for most people because we had to put it on medium level for comfortable listening anything over was too fatiguing.

Sound Quality

We were also pleasantly surprised by the sound quality. Frankly, we did not expect this to sound this good considering the price of this thing. The bass was the most surprising part. This speaker has a good punch in the bass department. While it is not excessive that it will vibrate your desk but still it was enjoyable and also very clean. The mid-range is also clean and natural and the highs are crisp and clear.

These will be especially good for consuming media and playing games. The rich and fuller sound which this speaker contains is great for immersion. Music will also sound good with this speaker due to the balanced nature of the sound.


Edifier R12U is a great set of speakers because they deliver on most fronts. They have good sound quality, average build quality, decent performance, and are also easy to use. They also have some flaws but considering the price they retail at they can be overlooked because none of them are really deal-breakers. Therefore they earn our recommendation as the best cheap PC speakers.

Bluetooth Pick

13. Anker Soundcore Motion+

  • 3.5mm jack is present
  • Excellent performance under the hood
  • Excellent clarity in the audio
  • Good mid-range with well-resolved vocals
  • Detailed and bright high frequency
  • Subpar build quality
  • Boring and plain design
  • Low bass response

Anker is a reputable company and they thrive off their value-oriented formula. Their products offer the best possible specs and features for the price and this speaker is no exception. Anker soundcore motion+ has managed to nail down all the bits and pieces that make it better than its competition.


Editor’s Rating

Design and Build Quality

Motion+ speaker has a tamed and minimalist design. Anker has not provided it with any bling or flashiness. The design also introduces some traditional elements into the mix like the metal style mesh grill covering the drivers and the tweeters. On the topic of drivers, this speaker has a slanted design. This slanted design helps to direct the sound directly at the user rather than the table. The mesh covering the speakers is different from the industry norm because most Bluetooth speakers today come in a fabric mesh covering the entire body.

Through the grill the two tweeters, two drivers, and one bass radiator are visible. From the price, it is quite a lot of speakers they have managed to pack in. The Anker branding on the bass radiator is done tastefully and looks good. Overall the front fascia on the speaker of the speaker looks simple and clean. The rest of the speaker has a rubbery plastic finish. This finish although very smooth and inviting to the touch catches a lot of grease and dust.

The area where this speaker loses points in the build quality. Motion+ lags behind the competition in this regard do not get us wrong the overall construction is quite fine and this product can take some beating but the fit and finish is not there. It lacks the attention to detail the other high-end products have and also has a subpar feel in the hand. 

Features, Connectivity, and Performance

Motion+ speaker has a handful of neat features that are all aimed to enhance the experience of the user. For starters, despite the metal grill, this speaker comes with an IPX7 water resistance rating. This makes the speaker not only splash proof and also submersible. The speaker also floats on water which is a great touch. On the topic of great touches, the audio control buttons are found on the top of the speaker and have a great tactile feel to them.

Besides, the audio control buttons the Bluetooth pairing switch and a bass boost toggle are also included. There is also led light beside both of these buttons to indicate the ongoing mode and we also see a small cutout for a mic. When used the bass boost button increases the low-end without affecting the overall frequency. Another feature that is common and also found in its rivals is the ability to pair 2 of the same speakers together in a stereo configuration. This is done by long-pressing the Bluetooth button and works flawlessly without any issue.

The most fantastic of this speaker has to be its ability to pair to more than one device simultaneously. This allows for quick on the fly changing of the source device without having to remove the previous one first like in most speakers. This is also accessed via the Bluetooth button. The Bluetooth connection in itself is very stable and strong. There are no drops and the signal can easily be fetched via a couple of walls which is great so no complaints here.

Soundcore has also included a 3.5mm jack in this speaker meanwhile other manufacturers are striping their speakers off this connection which is frankly a shame because it still has a ton of use for some people. Another important aspect in the performance of this speaker and let us just say it does not disappoint. Motion+ has 30W of rated power output. This is a lot of power for a portable Bluetooth speaker and it really shows in the volume of this thing because this can get really loud. It can almost achieve the loudness of some small wired computer speakers making it a room filler.

Sound Quality

The sound quality is one of the highlighting aspects of Soundcore Motion+. This speaker has a fuller audio experience and all the frequencies are present, unlike most other Bluetooth speakers that only put emphasizes on the bass. The bass here is also present but it lacks the deep thump which you can compensate for by toggling the bass boost. The bass boost when applied lifts up the low-end to a satisfactory level but never makes it overpowering.

The mid-range is clear and natural with an emphasis on the vocals that are slightly pushed forward for a more direct experience when listening to music. The highs are amazing with good brightness and detail. The overall clarity throughout the frequency range is unmatched for the price. Music sound fantastic with this speaker and all the details in the track has been brought to life. The audio separation is also decent not the best but for the price, it’s totally fine.

Another aspect that can either make or break the experience is the audio delay and we are happy to report that this speaker has APTX so the audio here is minimal further enhancing the experience. Funny enough most speakers even more expensive ones that have the HiRES printed on the box do not justify it but this speaker is the closest to the one you will get for the price.


Soundcore Motion+ is an amazing well-rounded product by Anker that delivers on most aspects. This speaker also represents the least amount of compromises in this price range. Motion+ has nailed down the fundamentals that being the sound quality and the connectivity while lacks only in the build quality.

14. JBL Flip 4

  • Good build quality
  • Available in a wide range of colors
  • IPX7 waterproof rating
  • Stable Bluetooth connection
  • Good battery life
  • Aux port
  • Good sound quality
  • Micro USB for charging

Small, portable, and rugged if you have these qualities in mind for your computer or desktop Bluetooth speakers then our choice would be the good old JBL Flip 4. While the flip 4 has now an updated variant but still the flip 4 is better than flip 5 because it has some notable omissions that are important for a computer setup.


Editor’s Rating

Design and Build Quality

The JBL Flip 4 has a small footprint and can be chunked in any small setup which is the first that users will appreciate. The design is also appealing with the speaker being completely wrapped in a mesh fabric that also makes it durable. This mesh appearance gives the speaker a rugged look and the rugged aspect of the speaker continues as we move along the body.

Your rugged companion is also available in a plethora of colors ranging from bright reds to dull grays and everything in between. The usual white and black color option is also provided for people who prefer that. Needless to say, no one will go by unpleased and there is something for someone. 

Whichever color you choose contains a flap near the bottom of the speaker that covers the charging and the 3.5mm aux port. The flap is present because it helps to keep the dust out as well as prevents any damage to the charging and aux port. This really shows as this product has an IPX7 rating as well which means that this speaker will remain operational even when submerged in water.  

The overall build quality of the product further strengthens this claim. JBL has done a fine job with the chassis despite flip 4 being an entry-level product offered by the company. The construction is excellent and the chassis feels solid and robust. The smooth satin finish of the plastic also provides a much upmarket feel in this flip 4 speaker.

Features, Connectivity, and Performance

Kicking off this segment with the audio controls and functionality is reasonable because this packed has some changes from the previous generation. The volume up and down buttons along with the Bluetooth button and the play/pause is found on the mesh fabric. The pay/pause button is multifunctional and in the app, it can either be configured to trigger Siri or Google assistant or to answer incoming calls. We won’t really recommend the latter though due to the bad sound quality of the microphone.  

The other buttons namely the power and the JBL connect plus are located on the plastic housing of the chassis. The JBL connect plus is a feature that allows the user to connect multiple JBL speakers together. The official figure quoted by the manufacturer is over 100 speakers which truth be told is mighty excessive but hey more power to JBL.

JBL Flip 4 also gets a solid thumbs up in terms of connectivity. The Bluetooth signal has a good range and is free from any distortion. There are also no drops when connected via Bluetooth and also the audio lag is minimal. Unlike other new releases this speaker also a wired connection besides the Bluetooth one which makes it more versatile and perfect for on-the-go speakers for desk setups.

Using this speaker wirelessly is a treat because not only does it have a stable and strong connection but also a good battery life. The rated battery from JBL is 12 hours and we found this claim to hold merit but only when using the speaker at medium volume. At high volume, the battery life is significantly less but still, it’s better than most speakers and easily qualifies for the A tier as far as battery life in a speaker goes. One thing we do not like though is the micro USB for charging but we cannot complain much because this is an older model.

The performance is also decent as long as you go in with a clear approach that this a portable speaker. As a portable speaker, it stands in the upper to high league in terms of loudness and at the very top in terms of clarity. For anyone wondering this has two tweeters that produce 8W of output each. The bass radiators produce more oomph and we will touch on that more in the next sound quality segment.

Sound Quality

Let us start the sound quality by highlighting the fantastic clarity which this speaker offers. Flip 4 has high-quality drivers and the chassis also provides good mechanical support therefore eliminating most distortion at medium to lower high volume. Even at the maximum volume, there is still very little distortion. While the distortion is the bare minimum but without good frequency tuning no speaker can sound good and we are happy to report that here the bass, mids, and highs are also well delivered. 

Starting with the mids and the highs. The mids are clear and have a great presence. There are not your typical Bluetooth speakers with shallow mids. The highs are also crisp and bright making for a very energetic sound. The bass is also ample but the presence of the bass radiators further adds the oomph and the thump in the low-end. This sound signature overall is very enjoyable to listen to and never gets too boring. In gaming, this is great when you are focusing on every single little audio detail to get an edge, especially in competitive games.


JBL Flip 4 presents itself as an excellent allrounder as far as Bluetooth speakers for computer go. It has a strong and uninterrupted Bluetooth connection along with an aux port. The sound quality is good with bass radiators adds extra oomph in the low-end. The build quality is also excellent and on top of all that, this speaker also comes in multiple colors. All these attributes combine makes this speaker a fantastic overall package and we can recommend this to anyone looking for a jack of all trades Bluetooth speaker.

15. Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM 2

  • Excellent build quality
  • Small footprint makes the speaker very portable
  • IP67 Water and dustproof rating
  • Good bass response
  • Clear mids
  • Great battery life
  • Distorted high end at loud volume
  • Micro USB cable for charging
  • No 3.5mm port

Ultimate Ears has been making some amazing products since its inception and the one to be featured on this list is the Wonderboom 2 Bluetooth speaker. This speaker has certain aspects that set it apart from the competition and that coupled with the general good durability of ultimate ears speakers earn it the title of best portable Bluetooth speaker under $100.


Editor’s Rating

Design And Build Quality

Wonderboom 2 has the same design language as other speakers in the same category but it is much more compact when compared to the rest of the pack. The footprint of the speaker is greatly shaved down leading to a very small package. The actual design itself is clean and minimal with no blingy lighting or anything of that sort. It features a smooth matte plastic that is enveloped in a mesh fabric. This fabric runs all along the circumference of the speaker only leaving out only a sliver of portion both top and bottom.

Owning to Wonderboom history with the build this speaker has fantastic construction. The mesh fabric and plastic both is solid and dense. There is no hollow feeling part of this speaker that further enhances the overall perception of quality. The flap covering the micro USB charging port also has a good weight to it and does not flop around. All the buttons also feel tactile and responsive. Overall, this speaker offers amazing build quality and for the price is not very tough to beat.

Features, Connectivity, and Features

This Wonderboom 2 speaker is aimed more for the utilitarian guy in mind. That is not to say this speaker is barren of any features though because all the essential basics that have become the industry standard are present here. Let us start with the most obvious ones first that being the audio control buttons and the connectivity controls. The one that catches the eye the most is the placement of the volume up and down buttons. On the front of the speaker big + and – signs are visible. There are used to adjust the volume. The size of these buttons makes it convenient when using the speaker on the go.

On the top of the speaker within reach, there are also a couple of buttons that are used on daily basis. There is a Bluetooth pairing and the power button and the one in the middle serves as the play/pause and the skip track button so unfortunately no previous track functionality here. On the bottom of the speaker, there is an outdoor button that has a tree printed on it. The outdoor button is basically a custom EQ so more on that later in the sound segment. These small details separate excellent speakers from good ones.

As talked earlier the micro USB port used for charging is covered by a flap because this speaker has the full IP67 water and dust resistance rating. This rating is normally seen on mobile phones but having this on a speaker is rare and a fat thumbs up to Ultimate Ears. This speaker is therefore waterproof up to 1 meter of water for 30 minutes. We do not recommend using the speaker in such scenarios but still having the assurance that nothing will fail if you do so is great. Another great feature baked into this speaker is the ability to connect multiple Wonderboom 2 together and that also in a stereo configuration.

The battery life is another area where this speaker gets full marks. It has a claimed battery life of 13 hours and we found the claim to be quite reasonable. Of course on higher volume, the battery lasts last that long but we have to factor in that on medium volume the battery life can even surpass the rated claim. This puts the speaker on the top of the list in the battery life category. The only downside is that it charges via micro USB and today there is no excuse for not adopting the Type C USB standard.

Sound Quality

In terms of sound quality, Wonderboom 2 does not provide anything new. It has the same generic sound signature as other portable speakers but that is not to say it sounds bad. On the contrary, for what it does it does pretty well but we would have liked a more dynamic sound. The bass is plenty here so bass heads will enjoy listening to this speaker but it is overwhelming by any means. The mid-range is surprisingly clear and when using the outdoor mode the vocals are pushed forward giving the mid-range more depth without unbalancing the sound.

The highs compared to the bass and the mids are a little shallow and to make matters worse the highs distort at loud volume. They also lack any separation or resolution so the instruments may sound cluttered and a little muffled. As for what it means for the overall experience you can definitely feel the cluttered high-end when listening to treble extensive songs like the metal genre. The great low-end of the speaker makes up for it in bass-heavy songs therefore making this speaker great for genres that involve vocals and low-end but not so good for the highs.


Ultimate Ears has nailed it again with this new iteration of their Wonderboom speaker. Wonderboom 2 sets the gold standard for build quality and overall feel and construction. The sound is also decent. While it lacks the high end but the bass the mid-range make up for it. And lastly, it leads its competitors in terms of battery life charts and can easily last you a whole day of continuous listening at a decent volume. This speaker has very few flaws and none of them is a deal-breaker. Based on these characteristics this speaker earns our recommendation for the best portable Bluetooth speaker.

Budget Pick

16. Anker Soundcore Flare Mini

  • Good build quality
  • Tasteful RGB lighting
  • Good performance
  • 12-hour battery life
  • 360 sound
  • Decent sound quality
  • Micro USB for charging
  • The volume adjust buttons do not light up
  • No aux input

The best budget Bluetooth speaker title also goes to an Anker speaker. The guys at Anker are doing a fine job at making top-worthy products. The Flare mini is a smaller slightly less powerful iteration of the well-renowned Flare speaker and it aims to provide a similar experience to that of its bigger brother.


Editor’s Rating

Design and Build quality

One thing that all the flare speakers have under complete lockdown is the design language. The stunning use of the bottom light ring looks beautiful and the reconfigurability of the lighting with different effects and colors further adds to the experience. The rest of the body of the speaker is covered with a mesh fabric with only the top and bottom plastic being exposed.

All these elements tie together wonderfully and there is something about this design that gives it a much more unscaled and premium look. The build and construction of the speaker are also great and the speaker feels solid and sturdy. The bottom of the speaker does a good job of keeping it gripped to the surface. Overall, there is not much or if any to complain about here.

Features, Connectivity, and Performance

The main feature of this speaker and the one which also is the main force in driving its purchase is the led light ring at the bottom. This lighting is configurable and offers 5 different lighting modes like pulsing, rhythmic motion, etc. Also, there are 8 individual colors to choose from. This approach to customization is great and can greatly benefit from the current atmosphere in which the speaker is being used.

Another great feature is the ability of this speaker to produce a 360 sound. What is more impressive is that the sound is even and consistent at all angles which is rare in budget speakers or even some expensive ones. Flare Mini also allows for dual connectivity so you rock two minis together in a stereo configuration. If this was not enough the speaker also has an IPX7 rating for water resistance making this speaker but only splash-proof but also submersible.

The audio control buttons as well as the Bluetooth and light control buttons are found on the top of the speaker but the one gripe we have here is that some of them do not light up therefore making it difficult to operate them in the dark. In terms of connectivity, the Bluetooth connection here is great. It has a range of approximately about 40-50 feet before any dropout can be experienced.

Being a small speaker one can expect this to not perform well but in reality, it is quite the opposite. This tiny speaker packs a great punch delivering 10W of output power with each 5W driver. The battery life is also surprising for a tiny speaker. It consistently lasts about a day easily with the manufacturer also claiming 12 hours of battery life which we found to be quite accurate.

Sound Quality

To put it simply the sound quality of this speaker is the best in the budget category but it still has that one problem most budget speakers possess. Evaluating further the bass is very good especially for a small speaker. It is warm and rich and comes off with a good punch. The mid-range is fine nothing spectacular and the highs are also decent.

The one thing that is not good though is the clarity, audio separation, and resolution. Maybe we are expecting too much from a sub $50 speaker but still, if it had that little bit more it would have been excellent for now it is good. That is not to say it isn’t one the best sounding budget speaker because well it is and very few can match its overall sound quality.


Anker Soundcore Flare mini offers most of the features of its bigger brother and also has an amazing performance for a mini speaker. Being a small speaker it still has 10W of output that is also industry-leading and soundcore has also managed to pack in a large battery in this little unit giving it a batter time of almost 12 hours. To top everything off this speaker has well-implemented lighting that has now been synonymous with the Flare range. It is not all good though and certain elements do hold this speaker back but overall it is a great offering and one worthy of its high praise.

Closing Thoughts

This was our list of the best computer speakers under $100 you can find currently on the market and we tried to include all of the different categories of speakers so that the user can base their decision on their needs and preference. Traditional speakers are a dying breed somewhat due to the more flashier options available in the market but still, there is no true replacement for good quality speakers.

In this list, we included the best PC speakers under $100 that will not only be good for a couple of years but something that will last you a while. Before we end this article we want to highlight the importance of buying something that you as a consumer need and want. It does not matter if that thing is in the first spot or the last.

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