If you’ve ever run a Discord server, YouTube channel, or other social platforms, you are aware of the fact that there is usually one thing that is constant: spam messages. Whether it be by hackers or competitors looking to undermine your server or just someone who sends too many unnecessary messages on the chat section, it can be difficult to deal with such spam messages on a daily basis. Many successful platforms need some sort of automation, such as best discord bots to control the members and the flow of information.

One of the best ways to do so is through bots. Discord bots allow you to moderate and control any chat section or other information of a communication tool that you have put on your server and it can make a moderator’s job much easier. You can use discord bots to enhance your server and give users a better experience while keeping your workload to a minimum as well.

So, What are the Best Bots for Discord?

We will be discussing these 11 best bots for discord that you should certainly try out.

1. Octave

Octave is one of the best discord bots for entertainment-related platforms. It is mostly used by gamers to add additional features to their gaming platforms. You can use it to moderate a channel and get data on the users that are accessing your platform. You can also use Octave to send private invite links to the channel or platform. However, it is mostly used for music and memes and you can connect it with your favorite apps such as Spotify, YouTube, and other music apps. In terms of entertainment quality, this is one of the best discord bots available.

2. Dank Meme

Nowadays, most chats are filled with memes. It is not uncommon to see less actual discussion and more memes in the chat. Dank memes is a discord bot that allows users to create unique memes that are perfect for chats. You can filter out spam memes or other messages, and you can create a meme in seconds. It also has many features that allow you to identify whether a user has created a meme that is against the rules of the platform, so you can ban or block that user.

3. GAwesome discord bot

This discord bot is more of an all-rounder. It allows you to create memes, do chat moderation, and allow different searches, play games, and much more. It is an open-source platform and requires some technical background for configuration, but you can modify it to suit your platform. If you want a discord bot that provides a balance between entertainment, moderation, and practicality, then the GAwesome bot is perfectly suited to your server.

4. Typical Bot

As the name suggests, typical bot is the complete discord bot for moderation. It has better moderation features that ca be modified according to the requirements of your site. When it comes to discord servers, Typical Bot can help you filter comments and content, play music and other games, and even place a complete or partial ban on users. This is quite useful for people who like to have more control over their servers and you can make a setting that gives complete control to the moderator or admin.

5. Discord Translator

If you are running a server that has participants from different countries, you should consider adding the Discord Translator to your server. It is one of the most practical discord bots as it allows users to translate their chats and messages into more than 10 different languages. Unlike many other translation bots, this discord bot translates the text as you type, which makes it more efficient and practical.

6. Nugget Bot

This is another great discord bot that makes moderation much easier. If you consider the fact that many moderation bots are very specific, this one is different as it allows you to modify the moderation procedure. You can automate many more things with the Nugget Bot, and it even allows you to use auto commands to make moderation easier. You can schedule messages, and send them to specific users within the discord. This bot also allows you to add games and music to your server. You can also connect it to twitch and other streaming platforms for a better moderation experience.

7. Guilded Bot

Most discord bots ae used in team games such as PUBG, where team leaders need to recruit and moderate their teams. It has many discussion tools that can be used to enhance communication between team members and contains some automation features as well. It can also be synced with many gaming platforms such as PUBG, League of Legends, Minecraft, and other popular games.

8. Trivia

Discord bots do not have to be only for moderation. You can add this Trivia Bot to your platform as a way of getting players interested in the site when they are tired of other activities. It is a fun element to add to the site and one of the best ones in terms of entertainment. The questions test your general knowledge and are quite entertaining.

9. Rhythm

One thing .to know about music discord bots is that they will create a certain amount of lag to your server (unless you have advanced optic internet). However, the Rhythm discord app does not come with this setback and you can play music from a variety of platforms, including YouTube, Twitch, etc.

10. Sesh

This is one of the best discord bots that you can integrate into your platform as it helps with planning and event management. You can set reminders, get scheduling messages, and even customize certain alerts using this discord bot. It is one of the best scheduling tools available out there.

11. Carl Bot

This is one of the most powerful discord bots available and one of the most customizable ones as well. Carl Bot allows you to do everything from moderation tasks to entertainment features and even automated moderation. It contains more than 250 features that you can use to enhance your platform and it is one of the best in terms of moderation as well.

While some of these discord bots are specific to a certain feature, such as entertainment, others are more complete, so it’s up to you to choose the best one for your server.

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