If you are someone who is facing issues connecting your internet with your computer, no need to worry. We are here to save the day by helping you get your computer and internet connection back on track. But first, let us tell you the meaning of the DNS server not responding error.

Meaning of DNS server not responding error

The meaning of this error is simply that your internet connection is unable to connect with your computer due to many reasons, such as issues with domain names, issues with heavy traffic on your internet connection, or blocking any kind of external attack due to antivirus programs enabled on your computer. When an antivirus program is installed in your computer and you browse a webpage that has viruses and malware attached to their links, you can face the danger of downloading them directly into your computer. Luckily antivirus programs are installed to stop that from happening, but sometimes they go as far as to block the internet connection from accessing any web page in the hopes of stopping the malware from attacking again.

Now that you know what the DNS server not responding error means, let’s show you how to fix it.

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Causes of the DNS server not responding error

The most popular problems that are the cause of the DNS server not responder error are:

  • Bad service on the part of internet service provider
  • Problems in connecting with TCP/IP services
  • Antivirus software just being super-alert to block malware
  • Problems with router of your internet connection

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Diagnose the error by Troubleshooting

Step 1: Click on the start or windows option on your windows 10 computer and scroll through to find ‘Settings’ tab.

Step 2: Click on the ‘Network and internet’ option and then click on the ‘Network Troubleshooter’ option to start the windows diagnostics process

Step 3: A window will appear that will show you the steps to diagnose the problem. Simply follow through and at the end of the process, the window diagnostics wizard will show you all possible root causes of your DNS server not responding error. After that, you can work on the problems found and find all possible solutions to those problems.

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How to fix DNS servers not responding errors

  1. Contact your internet service provider

Contact your internet service provider directly to fix any sort of issues that might be there in the settings. There is a big chance that the problem actually lies on their end. Therefore, the first step to fix the DNS server not responding error is by contacting the internet service provider

  1. Fix the IP address

Sometimes, there is a problem with your IP address not recognizing your computer. Fix it by reinstalling the windows in your computer, or by connecting another device to your IP address.

  1. Uninstalling the antivirus software for some time

If the problem lies with your antivirus software, uninstall it for some time and then link your internet connection to your computer. if you have a fear of harmful malware, install another antivirus software which is less aggressive than the one previously installed.

  1. Changing the router or modem

If the problem still persists, change your modem as it is highly likely that the problem actually lies with the modem of the internet service provider.

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