The Complete Twitch Graphics Size Guide for 2021

Twitch Size Guide-Banner, Emote, Panel

Twitch has become one of the world’s biggest video streaming platforms and community for gamers. With 100+ million viewers every month who spend an average of 106 minutes watching their favorite stream, Twitch has played a big role in bringing the video games culture to the mainstream media. Bringing in millions of dollars a year, Twitch has created overnight superstars and marketing opportunities for companies.

Twitch is no longer just a gamers community. It is now used as a platform to live stream events across the globe ranging from sports to music. To make your presence known on the world’s largest video streaming platform, you need to have the perfect Twitch offline banner size, Twitch emote size, Twitch panel size, Twitch sub badge size, Twitch banner size, Twitch profile picture size, Twitch overlay size, and much more for your Twitch channel.

Below is a complete guide that will take you through the ideal Twitch image dimensions and other practices that will boost the popularity of your Twitch channel.

The Ideal Sizes for Twitch Graphic

TypeDimensionsFile Size
Twitch Banner Size1200 by 480 pixelsUp to 10MB
Twitch Emote Size112 by 112 pixels, 56 by 56 pixels, or 28 by 28 pixelsUp to 25KB
Twitch Panel Size320 by 300 pixelsUp to 2.9MB
Twitch Offline Banner Size1920 by 1080 pixelsUp to 10MB
Twitch Sub Badge Size18 by 18 pixels, 36 by 36 pixels, and 72 by 72 pixelsUp to 25KB
Twitch Profile Picture Size256 by 256 pixelsUp to 10MB
Twitch Overlay Size1920 by 1080 pixels
VOD Thumbnail Size1280 by 720 pixelsUp to 10MB
Webcam1920 by 1080 pixels

Twitch Banner Size (Header/Cover Image)

Twitch Banner Size

Now that the viewers have visited your profile, it is time to win them over with unique and creative cover images. The cover image will appear on the top of your profile. It can be opened when viewers click on your profile picture. The cover image is an important factor in keeping viewers to your stream. Subsequently, it will increase the number of your followers.

A few things to keep in mind when it comes to Twitch Banner are the following;

  • Twitch banner size in pixels
  • The maximum size of the file
  • The acceptable file format

Keeping in view the recent updates made by Twitch, the recommended size as of 2021 is 1200 by 480 pixels. Furthermore, the maximum size limit of the file is 10MB and the acceptable formats of files are JPEG, PNG, and GIF.

The size of cover images can appear different on different screens. This will lead to the bottom of the image getting lost. To prevent this from happening, center the main info such as your logo and social media handles in the upper half of the image. Make sure that the banner appears on all devices including a laptop or a mobile phone.

Twitch Emote Size

Twitch Emote Size

Have you ever wondered what those crazy emojis in Twitch chat rooms are?. Emotes, like emojis, are small pictorial glyphs that viewers use to describe every win and every pitfall. Hundreds of emotes are sent over the Twitch chat rooms every second and are incredibly important in defining identity, building community, and advertising.

If you want to benefit from the power of emotes, create customized emotes for your channels that will make your channel stand out from the rest. If you want to make your own emotes, you will have to be mindful of Twitch criteria for emotes. The emotes will have to be approved by Twitch before you can use them on your channel.

A few things to keep in mind when it comes to Twitch emotes are the following;

  • Twitch emote size in pixels
  • The maximum size of the file
  • The accepted file formats

Each emote should be submitted in three Twitch emote sizes: 112 by 112 pixels, 56 by 56 pixels, or 28 by 28 pixels. When it comes to the maximum file size, it should be no more than 25KB and the file format must be PNG.

Try to keep the design of your remote simple but unique. If you squeeze too much detail into one emote, most of it will be lost as the size of the emote scales down to 28 by 28 in chats. So create your emote within the required Twitch emote dimensions and simple but iconic. Keep all text or phrases big because this is the first thing that will be lost when the emote size scaled-down.

Twitch Panel Size

Twitch Panel Size

Streamers use Twitch panels to create interactive and eye-catching channel profiles. Appearing in boxes or graphics below your live stream on your profile, these twitch panels will organize your information while simultaneously demonstrating your stream brand image. If you want to put images on your profile, these Twitch panels are the only way to do so.

A few things to keep in mind when it comes to Twitch panels are the following;

  • Twitch panel size in Pixels
  • The maximum size of the file
  • The accepted file formats

Use a width size of 320 pixels for the Twitch panels. If the maximum width of the panel is greater than 320, Twitch will automatically resize it. For the height, if you want to make shorter panels featuring small section titles, go for 75 pixels. If you want to add further details about your stream such as more text or images, go for a height of maximum 300. Keep the maximum size of the file under 2.9MB and stick to JPEG OR PNG as your file formats.

Try to make your Twitch panel unique to your brand identity. This will make your channel stand out from others. Use the panel images to feature links and keep it eye-catching by using bright colors and unique headers. This will drive more traffic to your channel. If your Twitch panels look blurry, try making them larger and uploading them so Twitch can resize them with better results.

Twitch Offline Banner Size

Twitch Offline Banner Size

When you are having so much fun with Marathon-streams and late-night chat, who needs sleep right?. But everybody needs some time off from the camera to rest and refuel. The question that comes to mind is what happens to your Twitch channel when you are offline? This is when offline banners come into play. The offline banner will be shown on your video player when viewers visit your page while you are offline. The offline banner should include some engaging visuals and fundamental info of your channel for the viewers.

A few things to keep in mind when it comes to the offline banner are the following;

  • Twitch offline banner size in pixels
  • The maximum size of the file
  • The acceptable file formats

When it comes to the Twitch offline banner size, the standard is a ratio of 16:9, with a recommended screen resolution of 1920 by 1080. Stick to a maximum file size of 10MB. Furthermore, make sure that the file format is either GIF, JPEG, or PNG.

Whether you want to stick to the minimum, basic visuals, or go for a more elaborate design, the choice lies entirely with you. What we recommend is keeping the info in the middle because Twitch puts a shadow on the top and bottom of the offline banner. Just remember to emphasize your main brand logo as many viewers do not bother to scroll down on your page and read all the streaming info. To boost the audience of your Twitch channel, list your social media handles on the offline banner as well.

Twitch Sub Badge Size

Twitch Sub Badge Size

When a viewer subscribes to your channel, they will be given a Subscriber-only chat badge that will show that they are loyal to your channel and have supported your broadcasting career. These Twitch sub-badges will be displayed next to their names on your channel. Opt for a badge design that is unique to your channel image. This will pay off in the long run.

A few things to keep in mind when it comes to Twitch sub badges are the following;

  • Twitch sub badge size in pixels
  • The maximum size of the file
  • The acceptable file format

In contrast to Twitch emotes, Twitch sub badges do not need to be approved by Twitch before you can upload them. Each badge should be uploaded in three sizes: 18 by 18 pixels, 36 by 36 pixels, and 72 by 72 pixels. All badges should have a PNG format and should be no more than 25KB in size.

Twitch Profile Picture Size (Avatar)

Twitch Profile Picture Size

Coming to the basics, your Twitch Profile Picture or your Avatar, is the main image linked with your Twitch profile. It will show on the sidebar showing whether you are online, at the top of your stream, web searches, in the list of channel followers, and also as the feature image on the links of your profile shared on social media.  This will likely be the first impression on the viewers, so make it very good.

A few things to keep in mind when it comes to Twitch Profile pictures are the following;

  • Twitch profile picture size in pixels
  • The maximum size of the file
  • The acceptable file format

The recommended profile picture dimensions are 256 by 256 pixels. Anything larger will be rejected by Twitch. Anything smaller than 200 by 200 pixels will give you a poor quality image. Keep the maximum size of the file up to 10 MB and stick to PNG, JPEG, or GIF as the acceptable file formats.

Stick to using your main brand logo as your cover image. Try to fit the maximum of the chosen subject into the image. The image will be scaled down further on different devices. The result should be a prominent and unique cover image that will easily be recognized by the viewers.

Twitch Overlay and Webcam

If you have decided to utilize a webcam overlay on-stream, It will be a great way to connect with your viewers on a more personal basis. Regardless, you need to put some thought and effort into your webcam design to give your Twitch profile a more professional vibe.

When it comes to popular webcam options, there are two: the 16:9 ratio which is slightly more common, and the 4:3 ratio that is also preferred by some streamers.

A few things to keep in mind when it comes to Twitch overlay design are the following;

  • Twitch overlay size in pixels
  • The acceptable file format

When you are starting, stick to the recommended size of 1920 by 1080 pixels. Go for a PNG format for a static webcam and a GIF format for animated frames.

The choices in webcam design are unlimited. You can experiment with different designs until you find the right fit for your profile. From simple frames to elaborate and complex overlays, Webcam design has a wide range. Go for the design that best represents your brand image.

Twitch VOD Thumbnail

Twitch VOD Thumbnails are a great way to highlight the best bits of your stream and to get viewers instant attention. You will need to have an interactive and attractive thumbnail to drive the traffic to your Twitch channel. Stick to the basic thumbnail dimensions and You are good to go.

A few things to keep in mind when it comes to Twitch VOD Thumbnail are the following:

  • Twitch VOD Thumbnail size in pixels
  • The acceptable file format

Stick to the recommended 16:9 ratio of 1280 by 720 pixels resolution. Go for JPEGs or PNGs as the formats for your files.

Get creative and unique with your VOD thumbnails. Place yourself in the viewer’s shoes and think to yourself; Which Videos will you most likely to click on? Go for a clear, zoomed-in point of focus. Add a text or an image to the overlays to stand out from the other channels.

Ending Thoughts

A few other best Twitch Channel practices to keep in mind are: Don’t use too much text while creating your profile. Focus more on the visuals and include text only to provide some key information. Try your best to stay consistent with the colors, fonts, and graphics on your Twitch profile.

Now that you have all the information regarding the dimensions and design of fundamental Twitch graphics, get out there and make an epic Twitch profile for your channel.

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