The 13 Best Gaming Chairs Under $200 in 2021

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Best Gaming Chairs Under 200

The gaming chair trend has surged in popularity and many people now are interested in getting a gaming chair for their computer setup. Likewise, due to increased interest, the gaming chair market has also progressed a lot and now there are many offerings from different manufacturers with each chair offering unique at a competitive price point.

The influx of gaming chairs in a short period of time has caused the market to become saturated and finding a good chair has become increasingly difficult. Worry not though because in this article we are going to mention the best gaming chairs under 200 dollars available in the market to assist you and ease your research burden. But before we dive into the list there are some aspects of gaming chairs that should be first understood.

In a Hurry? These are the 13 Best Gaming Chairs Under $200 for 2021

Best Gaming Chairs Under 200 Buyers Guide

What are The Benefits of Gaming Chairs?

The most obvious and important benefit of a good gaming chair is the comfort it provides over an ordinary gaming chair. Gaming chairs are inspired by racing-style chairs which you will commonly find in high-end sports cars. These cars are specifically made to keep the driver comfortable over long sessions while providing him a good snug fit. Gaming chairs are designed similarly and hence provide the same experience granted you get a gaming chair that fits you perfectly.

The other benefit is the looks and aesthetics of a gaming chair are superior to an ordinary office chair. A gaming chair has bold colors and patterns which make it stand out among the other chairs. Some gaming chairs also have lighting but that is reserved for the most high-end of chairs. Lately, the trend with game has been associated with bold colors and unique designs so a gaming chair is a good fit in today’s computer setup.

The next benefit of the gaming chair is not talked about and considered but it is also a huge factor behind the purchase of these chairs. This is the price of the chair and the endless amount of options available to choose from. The price of gaming chairs is normally less than high-end options chairs with the former having more features and adjustment options. This makes the gaming chair a compelling option. Also with the influx of good gaming chairs in the market, there are plenty of options to choose from.

How to Choose the Best Gaming Chair?

The Buyer’s Guide

This section consists of some basic elements and characteristics of a gaming chair which should be understood before a certain chair is bought. Having a basic understanding of this topic and being able to distinguish between gaming chairs goes a long way in making a better overall decision.

Build Quality

This is self-explanatory. A gaming chair should have a solid build quality because if you are gaming daily you need something that can survive the test of time and not break down in the first few months of usage. Although a thing this simple is still neglected by people when they decide to buy a new gaming chair.

Subsequently, gaming chairs are used roughly when compared with office chairs, and taking a nap on the gaming chair is a common thing for many people. Also, many people use only one chair for both work and gaming so chairs have to bear the weight for a good amount of hours. Getting a chair with good build quality should be among your top priority so that it stays intact and can bear the weight you throw at it.

Body Size and Weight

Another mistake we see people make commonly is getting the wrong chair for your body type and weight and then being thoroughly disappointed with their purchase. Gaming chairs have different sizes and dimensions so getting a chair suited best for your body is of the utmost importance. For an average guy getting any chair can work because the size of a generic gaming chair is catered towards an average person.

If you are not in the average zone then look for something bigger which can fit you properly. Being a big guy myself most gaming chairs tend to be too tight and narrow so having to resort to a big and tall gaming chair is the only feasible option. Keeping this in mind we have featured some big and tall gaming chairs on this list so check them out. Getting the wrong size gaming chair can also impact its longevity if it has to bear more weight than the rated capacity.

Material and Padding

Another important aspect but mostly not accounted for by most people. The material of the chair is very important and certain materials work better for different situations or different people. The most common upholstery material we find is Pu leather or mesh.

Pu leather is a good fit if you are a bigger person and want soft and thick padding which can hold your weight for a long period without causing any fatigue. This is because the Pu leather chairs have thicker padding when compared to mesh chairs but the downside of Pu is that during hot weather the heat accumulated by the material can be very irritating causing sweatiness.

The mesh material, on the other hand, does not have as thick and plush padding as leather but it stays relatively cool during hot weather. This is due to the mesh’s ability to allow air to pass hence creating a ventilation channel.

Features and Adjustability

Gaming chairs come with different features each offering something different from the other. While people gravitate towards the most of features but we believe you should look at the ones which cater to your need the best. If some gaming chair is offering fewer features but those features suit your need the best then go for that chair rather than getting something with redundant features.

Adjustability is a gaming chair is another important aspect because people do not have the same body type and size so having control over fine adjustability can make the chair that much more comfortable and enjoyable. Normally gaming chairs come with adjustable height, armrests, lumbar, headrest, and recline.

Design and Aesthetics

Gaming chairs are mostly available in racing style designs with only having the traditional office chair design. While the racing style design provides better support and keeps you locked in place but it is not appropriate for people with large body size because of the narrow seat and backrest and aggressive bolstering. Bigger people should consider the traditional office chair design because it will be more comfortable.

As for the aesthetics, gaming chairs have a wide array of colors and patterns. Some even come with lighting but at the price point we are talking about today those are hard to find. In terms of aesthetics just get something that is better suited for setup and looks appealing.

One important note to add here is that people choose the gaming chair depending on the aesthetic of the chair. While aesthetics are important but the aspects mentioned above are more important and should be prioritized over aesthetics. And with this, it wraps up this section and poses an all-important question regarding the benefits of gaming chair which we will discuss in the next section.

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The 13 Best Gaming Chairs Under $200

Top Picks & Recommendations

1. GTRacing GT099

Overall The Best Gaming Chair Under $200

GTRacing GT099 - Overall The Best Gaming Chair Under $200

GTRacing is a well reputable brand when it comes to gaming chairs and they are renowned for making amazing chairs at a fair price. This chair is no exception and offers a host of amazing features for a competitive price.

Solid and Stable chair
Can recline up to 170°
Adjustable neck rest and lumbar support
Adjustable armrest
Soft and plush padding
Squeaky base
Padding on the armrest is shallow
The Assembly process can be a bit overwhelming

Overview and Design

The GTRacing chair is available in six colors so pick the one most suited for the theme or color of your setup is a non-issue. When you get your hands on the chair the initial experience can be a little disappointing especially you are a novice because of its complex assembly. Past that you get to see why this chair is so popular and adored by the community.

This chair is suited for people under 250lbs due to its narrow width. The main seat area is not wide enough to accommodate people over 6.1 feet and 250lbs roughly. If you are a big guy which would be rather uncomfortable for you regardless of what the company claims. Now coming to the features and this is the area where this gaming truly shines.

Build Quality and Features

The build quality of the chair is decent and better than most gaming chairs in the same price segment. The main important components are made from metal with plastic being used in some less important parts. The chair has is stable and has a good balance even when tilted to its maximum angle. The only gripe with the build quality is the squeaking noise which generates from the chair when making adjustments or when exiting the chair.

The main feature of this chair has a 170° inclination. This sharp recline angle makes this chair suited for all types of tasks from competitive gaming with an upright position to a more chill approach with the laid out flat position. The chair also has an adjustable 3D armrests. This complements the recline nicely since the armrests can be pointed outwards and move inwards depending on the user. While the armrests have good adjustment we find them to be on the thinner side as far as padding is concerned.

Materials, Extra Pillows, and Comfort

The height adjustment mechanism is smooth and generous. The chair can get pretty high as well as low to accommodate people of heights as previously mentioned. The external pillows provided with the chair are a good addition and complete the already comfortable gaming chair. The neck rest pillow has an adjustment so getting the right fit is not an issue, unlike most chairs where you have to remove the neck rest. Also, the lumbar support cushion is adjustable and stays put in its position.

The PU leather outer encompasses soft foam cushioning beneath. The padding not as thick as other chairs but it is very soft and plush. For the people with average, there is plenty of padding to provide a very comfortable experience but people with dense and heavy build may find the padding to be one of the thinner sides. But generally speaking, the padding is good enough and can suffice for most people.


All in all GT Racing gaming chair provides a plethora of features that you will find in more expensive chairs. The material quality of the chair and overall comfort is also exceptional granted you do not have an overly bulky body or tall height of over 6.2 feet. Where this chair starts to give away its premium feel is with the build quality. The general construction is decent and the chair is solid but it exhibits a squeaking sound that can be annoying. This chair is a great choice as long as you can fit in it and are willing to ignore the squeaking sound. Overall, this the best gaming chair under $200 on the market.

2. KILLABEE Massage Gaming Chair 9015

The Runner up

KILLABEE Massage Gaming Chair 9015 - The Best Gaming Chair Under 200 Alternative Option

Killabee has a vast lineup of chairs, all available in different sizes, and offering different feature sets. For this article, we find the killable high back Massage Gaming Chair to be the most fitting since it offers killer features for the price.

Good build quality
Comfortable even for large people
Can be reclined up to 170°
Adjustable height and lumbar pillow
Thick padding for seat
Retractable footrest
Armrest are sparsely padded
Fixed non-adjustable armrest
Massage feature is a gimmick

Overview and Design

This chair is available in a two-tone color scheme. There are 3 color options to choose from that being red-black, blue-black and, grey-black. The two-tone colors are well blended and have good contrast though it would be nice to see the company offering more variety of colors so the consumer can choose the most optimum color and is not limited to 3 options.

The design of the chair is the usual Racing style design with a couple of well thought out changes that enhance the comfort of the chair. Unlike other gaming chairs, the seat and the backrest are not aggressively bolstered. This design is better suited for people with a strong build and tall height.

The chair also has a cutout below the headset for air ventilation which is useful during summer months. It just provides that little bit of extra ventilation. This along with extra ventilation on the side and the seat of the chair also helps to prevent the excessive buildup of heat during hot days and heated gaming sessions.

Build Quality and Features

The build quality of the chair is good. All the main parts are made of metal and are well reinforced. The assembly is also solid and no part is loose or chunky. The chair also exhibits no squeaking sound even when it is fully reclined. In this position, the chair remains sturdy and there is no hint of the chair being imbalanced.

For the features, good things can be said about the chair. The most highlighting feature of this chair has to be the massage functionality of the lumbar pillow. The massage is accessed by plugging the wire of the pillow into a USB port. The massage has a couple of different modes but the result is rather disappointing. This pillow mimics massage by using vibration. When the hype around the massage dyes down these vibrations can get irritating. While we acknowledge the company for trying something but this is not the way to go.

The other features of the chair include the ability to recline up to 170°. With the push of the lever given below the seat, this chair can be reclined and locked into any position. There is also a flip-out footrest tucked under the seat which can be deployed easily. The recline along with the footrest makes this chair amazing for chilling or media consumption.

The chair also has height adjustability so getting the chair in the most optimum position in regards to your height is a non-issue. This chair also supports 360 rotation like office chairs. This feature is useful but if you find it annoying you can easily lock the chair in one position.

Material, External Pillows, and Comfort

This chair is generously padded. It has multiple layers of soft memory foam with a PU leather outer. The leather is soft and plush and makes for a wonderful experience. The seat has 4.5 inches of padding which is on the higher side when compared to gaming chairs in this category. This thick padding is comfortable for a longer period and people with large size body will also find this adequate. This combined with the lack of aggressive bolstering makes this chair ideal for people with a broad body.

The armrest is also padded but the amount of padding used is sparse. It is not as plush as the seat. Though it would be nice for the armrest to have thicker padding but at least this chair has a somewhat padded armrest. Other chairs in the category skip out on any padding on the armrest. While the armrest has padding it is not adjustable whatsoever what you see is what you get with this thing.

This chair comes with only a single lumbar pillow which is adjustable and also has a massage function. Speaking in terms of just comfort this pillow is well shaped and size and provides adequate support. The adjustability also makes it suited for anybody types so you won’t find this uncomfortable regardless of your shape or size. Also due to the snug elastic straps this lumbar pillow stays put in its adjusted position.


Overall, this Killabee massage gaming chair provides exceptional comfort regardless of what activity you use it for. You can game, consume media, or take a casual nap while enjoying the utmost comfort. The only major gripe with this chair is the armrest situation in this chair which is neither adjustable nor adequately padded. If your use relies less on the armrest and you appreciate the value of the comfort of the chair then this is a great choice and one worthy of consideration.

3. Homall S-Racer Speed Series Gaming Chair

Best Feature Packed Gaming Chair

Homall S-Racer Speed Series Gaming Chair - Best Feature Packed Chair Under 200

This chair is amazon’s best seller and people are raving about it in online forums since its release. For many people, the Homall Gaming chair strikes a good balance between comfort, features, and the price of the product.

Soft PU leather padding
Can recline up to 180°
Adjustable height
Adjustable lumbar and neck rest
Build Quality is subpar compared to the competition
Fixed non-adjustable armrest

Design and Overview

The design and styling of the homall gaming chair is recently updated in the newer and needless to say, it adds some much-needed flair to the otherwise boring design. Besides, styling the newer version retains all the same features and aspects of the classic homall chair. This chair comes in 5 color variants. The main dominant colors are black and white with some different color accents.

The theme stays consistent with all of the different variants available. The use of a two-tone color scheme with accent color makes this chair attractive and appealing. There is also a diamond pattern embossed in the backrest. All this makes the chair unique and stand out from its competition.

This chair has a racing-style design and has aggressive bolstering to keep the person snug in place like you will find in racing cars. The bolsters restrict the surface area which makes this chair good for only medium-sized people. The official support proclaimed by the company is for people under 5’10 height and under 250lbs.

Build Quality and Features

The build quality of the chair is decent. The mainframe of the chair is made from metal with the rest of the parts being composed of plastic. With plastic used, one might doubt the overall rigidity of the chair but fortunately, this chair holds up pretty well. The plastic parts used here are well made and put together. There is minimal squeaking noise present and also the base is stable and balanced even when reclined to the maximum position.

Since this chair is a budget-oriented offering it does not contain a slew of features. This chair takes a barebones approach and only incorporates the features deemed necessary and useful. The chair can be reclined from 90 to 180°. It can be locked in any position you desire depending on the use.

The chair also has height adjustment built-in. The lever for the mechanism is situated on the underside of the seat and the adjustment offered in this chair is generous. The only important missing feature in this chair is the fixed armrest. Armrests have so adjustment whatsoever and the only feasible option is to adjust the height of the chair to move the armrest in optimum position but that leads to the chair becoming less suited for your height.

Materials, Extra Pillows, and Comfort

The padding on this chair is adequate. It has just enough memory foam where it just straddles the line of being a little bit thin and shallow. The top layer is soft Pu leather lining. The seat of this chair is very comfortable granted you fit in the chair properly and are an average-sized person.

Another thing that enhances the comfort of this chair is the inclusion of two pillows for neck and lumbar support. These are adjustable and have adequate size. Unlike some chairs where pillows may add to the discomfort in this chair, they are perfectly placed and provide great support for long extended sessions.

The armrest like previously discussed is not padded. This is the only area where the comfort of this chair falls apart. For the people who have an average height, it would not be such a massive problem but for all the short and tall folks it can cause an issue. Overall the comfort of the chair is good and as long you are in the medium spectrum of size and height you will find this chair extremely comfortable.


For what you are getting for your money this is an amazing chair that provides a good amount of comfort and features. It has all the basic features like reclining back, height adjustment, lumbar and neck support which are needed for good comfort. Though it lacks some features it also does not sting your wallet like more expensive gaming chairs. This chair for a basic gaming chair is well worth the money and an easy recommendation granted if it fits you properly.

4. Blue Whale BW8239 Gaming Chair

Best Massage Gaming Chair

Blue Whale BW8239 Gaming Chair - Best Massage Gaming Chair Under $200

Up next on the list is a gaming chair from Blue Whale which despite offering some amazing features has flown under the radar of many people. This chair is not marketed as a gaming chair but rather as an executive office chair but it blends both aspects in a fine cohesive package.

Good Build Quality
Wide and Broad design makes it suitable for big people
Electric massage lumbar pillow
Soft and plush padding
Height adjustable
Armrest only have height adjustment
Can recline up to 155°

Design and Overview

Despite being marketed as an office chair this is not a boring slab of metal and leather. The chair is available in 3 two-tone color scheme. These colors are not loud as you would expect from an office chair but they provide an extra flair which is appealing. The main color of the chair is black with the accent colors coming in blue or grey. The accent colors have elegant usage and are not excessive.

There is no logo embossed on the upholstery which gives the chair a very clean and simple aesthetic. There are also no patterns or anything sort of printed stuff. This makes the chair versatile for use in both office situations and as well as for gaming because it is neither too loud nor too dull and boring.

The layout and configuration of this chair is unlike most of the generic racing style gaming chairs. This has a wide, broad, and tall design so big people will have no problem fitting in this. The company claims this chair is suitable for people up to 350lbs and we find this claim to be pretty accurate. The fact that the bolstering is not aggressive on this chair just further enhances the support for big people with a wide body. 

Build Quality and Features

The build quality of the Blue Whale chair is fantastic. Honestly, you will be blindfolded to believe of this chair as a much expensive chair than it currently goes for. The mainframe is made from solid metal and the constructive and fitting is good. All the other parts of the chair also exhibit a quality feel and are sturdy. The base is well balanced and holds the weight of the chair and the user well.

This chair is also packed with features. The most highlighting feature is the electric massage lumbar pillow.  A massage function on a chair is mostly a gimmick but we are happy to report that this chair does pretty well its massage. It can ease some backache during long exhilarating sitting sessions but do not expect it to be a professional level massage after all this is a sub $200 chair.

Besides the massage feature, this chair has all of the typical features you would expect and find in most gaming chairs in this category. Starting, it has a recline of up to 155° while this is less than some of its competitors it is reinforced by the ability of the chair to rock in its position. There is a knob under the seat from where the tension can be adjusted. People who work for extended hours while seated on a chair will instantly appreciate this feature.

The rest of the typical features include height adjustment for the seat and also height adjustment for the armrests. There is also a flip-out footrest which is neatly tucked away under the seat and can easily be extended when needed.

Materials, Extra Pillows, and Comfort

The upholstery of the chair is finished in Pu leather materials. Under the leather covering there is sponge-like memory foam. The padding on this chair is thick and splash. There is a cushion to satisfy even the most demanding of body types. The armrests are also well-padded not as generously as the seat but they get the job done without any discomfort.

There are two extra pillows provided with this chair one being for the neck rest and the other for the lumbar support. Like previously mentioned the lumbar pillow has a built-in electric massage function. This massage though is not anywhere near professional massage but helps the body to soothe out after a gritty long sitting session.

From a comfort standpoint, this chair is very good. Both the pillows are adjustable and can be adjusted to suit your body type. The padding is also soft and plush and has thick cushioning to support the body. Overall, a very comfortable and relaxing chair.


Blue Whale BW8239 is a fantastic versatile chair that can be used for both gaming and work. It blends in all the features nicely to deliver the most optimum level of comfort. The massage functionality is a bonus on top of an already excellent. The only major gripe with this chair will be the 1D adjustable armrest. More adjustability here would have been nice but for the price, we cannot complain much. Overall, this chair is amazing and earns an easy recommendation.

5. Devoko Racing Style Gaming Chair

Best Value For Money

Devoko Racing Style Gaming Chair - Best Value For Money

Next up on the list is a chair from Devoko. This company has been putting out some amazing chairs for a fair price. This racing gaming chair is an affordable gaming chair from the company packing a host of features that distinguish it from its competitors.

Good value for money
Ample padding
Can recline up to 160°
Adjustable height for the back and armrest
Build Quality is a little subpar
The padding on the armrest is insufficient

Design and OverView

The design of the chair exhibits a premium feel which is not found in other budget chairs. The chair is available in 3 colors. All the colors come in a two-tone color scheme. You have the option of white, red, and blue with black acting as the base color of the chair. The wheels of the chair are finished in the same trim color as the upholstery.

The chair has a quilted finish throughout its upholstery. The quilting starts from the headrest and extends through the middle part of the backrest and finally finishes in the seat cushion. This provides the chair with a sophisticated and premium finish and helps to elevate its design above the other offering in the same price segment. The branding is embossed on both the head portion of the chair as well as the lumbar pillow.

This chair is a racing style gaming chair which reflects in its design. The chair has a sloppy and pointy design with aggressive bolsters on the side of the seat and the backrest. This makes the chair suited for people with small to moderate body types and folks with big and a wide-body may find this chair a little on the uncomfortable side. From the manufacturer, this chair is rated to support a load capacity of up to 330lbs.

Build Quality and Features

Being a budget chair build quality is not a strong suit of this chair. Though it fares well than most budget-oriented gaming chairs but then again that is not the best of designations either. The chair will do fine for normal use but longevity on this one is a little bit concerning. Also, there are squeaking noises generated by the chair which further gives the impression of this being a low-quality product.

When coming to the features this thing has plenty of them to satisfy most people. The chair can recline up to 160° and also is capable of maintaining its balance even at full tilt. This facilitates the user and allows him greater versatility over his posture. This chair also has a tensioning knob under the seat which can be used to adjust the sway in the chair.

Then there are the usual adjustments that you will find in most gaming chairs. This chair has height adjustment for not only the backrest but also the armrest. This makes finding a position better suited for your body an easy task. Besides this, the chair also has a 360 swivel mechanism.

Materials, Extra Pillows, and Comfort

This chair is very comfortable for a budget gaming chair. It uses PU leather upholstery with a thick memory foam layer beneath as padding. This makes the cushioning very soft and plush. The seat also has optimal thickness for maximum comfort without being overly bulky. The only minor problem with this chair is the aggressive bolstering which people with large and a wide-body may find uncomfortable.

To increase the comfort and make this chair better suited for the contours of your body this chair has two extra pillows. That being the neck rest pillow and the lumbar pillow. Both of these pillows are adjustable. The shape and size of the pillows are also good and will be ideal or most people. The pillows use a strap mechanism and can be easily removed if you don’t fancy using them. Overall, this chair provides good comfort considering its price tag.


This Devoko racing style ergonomic gaming chair is a great budget option and will be well suited for people who do not want to shell a ludicrous amount of money on a gaming chair but want something with good features and quality. This chair is a fine bridge between the low-quality cheap chairs and the higher quality expensive ones.

6. STARSPACE Big & Tall Reclining Gaming Chair

Best Big and Tall Gaming Chair

STARSPACE Big & Tall Reclining Gaming Chair - Best Big and Tall Gaming Chair Under $200

This chair like the name suggests is an entry for the big folks out there. STARSPACE Big and Tall gaming chair is specifically made for “big” and “tall” people and to achieve this the chair has plenty of unique aspects which other chairs lack.

Good build quality
Thick and plush padding
Very wide and large chair suitable for bigger people
Extendable footrest which can be neatly tucked away
Lumbar pillow supports massage
Armrest only 1D adjustable
Can recline only up to 135°

Design and Overview

Just by looking at the chair, one can realize its intended purpose. This chair is large and has plenty of surface area to facilitate large people. Despite being large and bulky it does not look and feel overwhelming when placed in a room. This is partly due to the elegant design and the use of different color schemes for the chair.

This chair is available in five colors. Like most gaming chairs this also comes in a two-color scheme design. The available colors are red, blue, white, and grey with black being the main color in all of these variants. Then there is the all-black version which gives the chair a stealthy look but might be boring for some people.

This chair has horizontal lines running through its upholstery which gives the chair a modern look. For the design characteristic, this chair does not share a similar design with any chair. It has massive seat with a large back. The head portion of the chair is also less pointy when compared to other gaming chairs. The bolstering is also gentle. This all combined makes this chair suitable for large people. The supported weight mentioned by the company is 350lbs.

Features and Build Quality

The build quality of this chair is great. To facilitate greater weight it has a metal base and frame. The chair is well put together and everything seems to be nicely machined. There is minimal to no squeaking noise in the chair and also the chair is extremely balanced and sturdy when it comes to handling weight.

There are plenty of features embedded in this chair. The lumbar support has massage functionality. Though this functionality is not up to professional standards but can come clutch when you want to extend that sitting session further without having to take a break. If you do need to lay back and relax the chair can recline up to 135°. We acknowledge that this is poor when compared with other chairs in the same category but we have to keep in mind this chair needs to bear a weight of up to 350lbs.

Another useful feature is the flip-out footrest incorporated in this chair. The footrest is tucked away on the underside of the seat and can be retracted when needed easily. Then there are the other typical features that you will find in most gaming chairs like height adjustment and armrest adjustment. One thing to point there is that the armrest of this chair is the oval shape armrest which is common in office chairs but not in gaming chairs.

Materials, Extra Pillows, and Comfort

The material for the upholstery used on this chair is your typical PU leather which is complemented by the memory form padding. In this chair, the amount of padding used is very lucrative and you will find the cushioning of the seat to be very thick, plush, and soft which is a good thing for bigger people. The bolstering is also minimal and the seat is almost flat making this a very comfortable chair indeed.

There are two pillows provided with the chair. One is for the neck or the headrest in this case while the other being the lumbar support pillow. The lumbar pillow also doubles as an electric massage pad which enhances comfort. The pillows are also adjusted according to the body type of the person. All of this combined makes the comfort of this chair especially for larger people unparalleled when compared to any other chair.


If you a bigger guy or girl and are looking for a solid gaming chair under $200 then look no further than this STARSPACE Big and Tall Gaming chair. It has good build quality which will last the test of time and also packs quite a lot of impressive features for the price. The chair also does not have any major issues associated with it so this chair is a recommendation for all the big guys out there.

7. AutoFull Computer Gaming Chair

Premium Gaming Chair Under $200

AutoFull Computer Gaming Chair - Premium Gaming Chair Under $200

The next featured chair on the list is the AutoFull computer gaming chair. This chair is on the expensive side of things and just barely manages to fit in the $200 budget but unlike other gaming chairs, this screams quality from the get-go.

Good build quality
3D adjustable armrest
Dence and thick padding
Pillows feel great
For the price can recline only up to 155°
No footrest at this price is a letdown

Design and Overview

AutoFull gaming chair hosts a very clean yet nice-looking design if the companies branding is not accounted for. Still, with the over branding, the chair looks premium and elegant. This chair is available in a variation of 3 colors and them being red, blue, and grey. It also has a two-tone color scheme found on most gaming chairs with black being the dominant color in all variants.

The branding AutoFull is printed in 3 places that being the headrest, the lumbar pillow, and the seat. The logo of the company is also printed on the backrest. We find the branding on this chair to be excessive and unneeded. It would have been better if the company had just one Autofull branding and its logo to top it off.

For the general design, this chair is designed as a racing style gaming chair. It shares the same design language as most chairs featured in this list. The only difference is this one has a wide seat and backrest to accommodate bigger people. The rated weight capacity by the company is 400lbs but it actuality due to the bolstering it would not be viable for people above 300lbs. The design of this chair is refined and these subtle changes account for much-increased comfort compared to a generic racing style gaming chair.

Build Quality and Features

The build quality is this chair is simply phenomenal. This is another area where this chair justifies its price tag. The mainframe of the chair is made from metal with a heavy-duty nylon base used to support the combined weight of the person and the chair. There is no flimsy part on this chair and everything seems to be solid and sturdy. Also, the chair has very good stability and balance and does not have any squeaking noise.

Rather than implementing the most amount of features this chair takes a different approach. It takes the necessary features and refines them to provide a sense of quality and comfort uncomparable to other gaming chairs in the same league. The chair can recline up to 155° though this is not much but at the maximum recline the chair is very stable and there is no creaking noise.

This chair also has 3D adjustable armrests. This means that the armrests besides having the ability to move in up and down direction can also tilt sideways. This feature is commonly reserved for high-end chairs and seeing this trickle down into this chair is a fantastic thing. Then the chair has all the usual stuff like height adjustability, 360 swivel function, and a tensioning knob. These can be accessed via the respective levers placed on the underside of the chair.

Materials, Extra Pillows, and Comfort

The upholstery of this chair is made from PU leather. What separates this chair from other leather gaming chairs is the foam padding used. In this chair, the foam is denser and thicker despite having the same softness. This makes the cushioning of this chair extremely comfortable for long sitting sessions.

The chair also comes with a lumbar pillow and a neck/headrest pillow. Both the pillow are adjustable by a good amount and stay put in place. The comfort is also good for the pillows and these do not feel like an afterthought like most other gaming chairs especially the lumbar pillow which has an amazing shape that supports the lumbar well.

The overall comfort of this chair is amazing. It is one of the most comfortable gaming chair in its price segment. The use of high-quality memory foam and well-designed pillows shows the thought that went into designing this chair to make it a very comfortable offering.


AutoFull gaming chair does not come with a lot of features that other chairs at less price offer but where this chair is unlike any other gaming chair is the attention to detail given by the manufacturers to each and everything. Rather than having a bloated set of features, it has more refined basic features that provide the necessary comfort. So if you looking for a gaming chair that oozes quality and refinement then this AutoFull gaming chair should be right up for your alley.

8. Ficmax SFX Series Gaming Chair

Best Gaming Chair with Footrest

Ficmax Gaming Chair SFX Series - Best Gaming Chair with Footrest Under $200

The next chair comes from a well reputable budget manufacturer Ficmax. These guys make good affordable chairs that have decent build quality and a good choice of features.

Can recline up to 180°
Plenty of padding
Retractable footrest included
Develops a squeaking noise after some time
Armrests are only 1D adjustable

Design and Overview

The first thing you will notice about this gaming chair is the number of different colors it is available with. A total of 7 colors are available to choose from ranging from red, blue, grey, white, purple, and yellow. All these 6 colors have a two-tone finish with black being the main dominant color. Then there is the 7 pink color. Pink is rarely seen on mainstream gaming chairs so this is a good thing that the manufacturers decided to include it here.

This chair is designed upon the racing style chairs. The chair has sharp angles with a pointy headrest. The bolstering is also present to keep the person locked in place while gaming. The seat has plenty of room but due to the bolstering, this chair might not be adequate for bigger people. The rated weight handling capacity by the manufacturer is 250lbs and we find it to be accurate.

Build Quality and Features

The build quality of this chair is decent. The frame of the chair is made from iron and the base is made from nylon. This gives a chair a nice solid feel. The only issue with the build quality is the squeaking noise which develops after some time if the chair is used excessively. Besides the noise, everything on this chair seems pretty well put together.

This is another massage chair. The massage trend is becoming more alluring and many manufacturers are now putting massage functionality and this chair is no exception. The massage on this chair works fine as long as you use it as a secondary feature and not rely on it altogether. The chair can also recline up to 180° which is fantastic and is better than most of the chairs featured in this list.

This chair also comes with a flip-out footrest. The footrest is tucked away on the underside of the seat and can be extended if needed. Then there are the other typical features like height adjust, armrest adjustment, and tensioning knob. The knob adjusts the sensitivity of the rocking of the chair. All-in-all this chair is packed with features to provide the most optimal experience for the user.

Materials, Extra Pillows, and Comfort

Ficmax gaming chair has a PU leather upper with memory foam beneath. The thickness of the cushioning for the seat in 4inches. This is on par with other good gaming chairs. The padding is also soft and provides a great feel when seated. To enhance the comfort the chair comes with two extra pillows.

The neck rest and the lumbar pillow are a good addition and have an ergonomic shape suited for the contours of the body. These pillows are also adjustable to better suit your body. Overall, the comfort of this ficmax gaming chair is very good. The soft and thick padding used on this chair make it a treat to sit in.


Ficmax gaming chair is excellent if you are looking for a chair that not only packs the most amount for the features for a decent price but also has good build quality. This chair fulfills that demand and that is reinforced by the fact that people rave about this chair on forums. This can also be a good entry point for someone looking to get his first gaming chair.

9. Furmax Ergonomic Gaming Office Chair

Best Budget Gaming Chair

Furmax Ergonomic Gaming Office Chair - Best Budget Gaming Chair

Looking for a budget gaming chair that won’t break the bank? Well, we have got you covered. This next chair on our list despite being a bargain for the price checks all the basic boxes regarding comfort and features.

Solid and sturdy
Can recline up to 180°
The finish of the chair can be better
Unadjustable armrests
Lack of color options

Overview and Design

This chair simple and comes in only a clean black color option so minimal fans rejoice. To add a little price to the aesthetics of the chair the branding embossed on the upholstery has a little red accent but overall, this is a very stealthy chair and is not limited to just gaming. It is versatile enough to be used for work or professional use.

Being a beginner’s chair, this is easy and straightforward to assemble. The instructions provided are also clear. When assembled the chair comes out to be quite fine. The seat height width is good and the chair height is also reasonable. There is adequate bolstering to keep the body locked in place. Due to the wide seat, this chair is very accommodating for bigger people as well. The official rated weight capacity is 300lbs by the company and people with tall height will also find the height of the chair to be adequate.

Build Quality and Features

The build quality of this chair is fine but you will be reminded of the chair being cheap in many instances. The basic frame of the chair is solid and for the price, it is quite surprising to find such a high-quality frame. But as soon as you dig deeper for a close inspection you get reminded of the subpar build. The fit and finish of the chair is not good at all and some spots on the chair straight up feel cheap and clunky.

A better finish to the product should have been provided but honestly, if we look at the other budget chairs this has much more solid and rigid so we have to give it that. For the features, this has quite a few of them. The chair can recline up to 180°. This is even more recline than some chairs which cost twice. The chair can also be used to rock back and forth with a tensioning knob being included on the underside of the chair to adjust the sensitivity.

Other features of this chair include height adjustment and this chair can get pretty tall which makes it suitable for bigger people. The chair also has a 360° swivel motion which can also come in handy. The only feature which this chair lacks is adjustable armrests. The armrests on this chair are fixed and are not adjustable to the slightest.

Materials, Extra Pillows and, Comfort

The upholstery of this chair is made in synthetic leather material. This is enough foam underneath to prevent any fatigue during long sitting sessions. The padding on the armrest is also adequate. The overall cushioning of this chair is fine but we would have liked slightly thicker padding to ensure long-term durability and usage of the material.

There are also two extra pillows provided with the chair. The neck pillow is very good and is shaped ergonomically to optimally support the neck but it’s not the same story with the lumbar pillow. The lumbar pillow has an aggressive shape so it is only comfortable for certain people while others find it to be uncomfortable. This depends on the body of the person and people falling into the average body style will find this lumbar pillow adequate.

Overall, the comfort of this chair is very good granted your height is suitable for the chair. Due to the unadjustable armrests, people with short and extreme height may find the armrests to be in a rough and uncomfortable spot. Other than that, this chair is pretty good in terms of comfort.


For a budget gaming chair, this Furmax high back chair is a no-brainer. The chair completely justifies its cost. The features provided in this chair are truly remarkable for a budget chair and also the general build quality is pretty good. Besides, some minor drawbacks this is an excellent chair and one should consider it if they are looking for the best budget gaming chair.

10. Homall Sofa Recliner Gaming Chair

Best Console Gaming Chair

Homall Sofa Recliner Gaming chair - Best Console Gaming Chair Under $200

Looking for the best console gaming chair then we have got you covered. The next chair featured on the list is from Homall which you will recognize from earlier as another chair from the brand is also featured on this list. The former earned high praise for being a fantastic offering so let’s see if this sofa living room gaming chair holds up to expectations.

Clean and simple design
Versatile; can be used for most applications
Deep and dense padding
Recline up to 180°
Massage functionality on the lumbar
The seat is not the widest
Lack of adjustability
Moving the chair is inconvenient due to this having no wheels

Design and Overview

The first distinguishing element of this living room gaming chair is the chair itself. Unlike the typical gaming chairs which come in aggressive racing style designs, this chair adopts the sofa or couch footprint. Of course, it is not like a generic couch which you will find in pretty much every household. It has plenty of added features and some neat design cues which make this a much more appealing alternative to a generic couch.

The chair can be had in 3 colors and all of them are quiet and subtle. Since this is a versatile chair catered towards many different applications the chair has a very toned-down aesthetic and perfectly suited for a lounge setup. There is some badging of the upholstery but it is done in a good way. It logo of the company and the model of the chair is printed on the lumbar pillow and the headrest respectively. It is not overly sized and has good proportions. This adds some spice to the overall boring look of the chair.

There is also a pouch on the side of the chair. This space can be used to store water bottles, snacks, documents, or anything similar. For the seat dimension, this chair is quite tall but the width is compromised so people with large and wide-body may find this chair too snug and should look elsewhere but for an average guy the seating capacity is adequate. The rated weight capacity of the chair by the company is 265lbs.

Build Quality and Features

The build quality of this chair is what you will expect from a chair at this price point. It’s nothing extraordinary but still has that solid and robust feel. This chair is also well weighty and has plenty of heft. The fit and finish of the materials also feel nice and this one should last you a while easily if you use the chair with some sort of care.

This is a feature-packed Sofa recliner. The most eye-catching feature on paper has to be the massage functionality of the chair. Though massage in most gaming chairs is mostly a gimmick but here we find it to be quite effective granted you use it for it a relaxing purpose and come at it with moderate expectation. It is no way near any good standalone massage chair but having this feature in a chair at this price is already surprising we cannot complain much.

This chair also has a decent recline function. The chair can be reclined up to 180. This makes the chair suitable for use with any activity ranging from some serious gaming or work to chilling. There is also a retractable footrest that can be easily extended. These make the chair fantastic for media consumption after you have finished work or gaming. Short naps can also be had on the chair in a pinch.

Materials, Extra Pillows, And Comfort

This sofa gaming chair has leather padding which covers the thick and dense foam beneath. The foam is soft and supple which gives the cushioning a very plush feel. The overall comfort of the chair is very good and the lumbar and headrest pillow makes it even better granted the person is the right size and perfectly suited for the chair otherwise the situation can be different.

This chair is very comfortable as long the person seated on the chair fits in it perfectly. This chair has little to no adjustment so making minor tweaks to cater the chair for your body is out of the question. What you see is basically what you get with this chair. A safe assumption can be that average build people will fit in this chair fine but if you are not in the average range then you will find this chair to be uncomfortable. So before this chair see whether if your body type is suited for this chair.


There are not many Sofa style gaming chairs out there and the good available ones are very expensive. This fills the void by coming in at a reasonable price and offering good build quality and features so if you were looking for a good sofa gaming chair that does not break the bank then your wish has been granted in the form of this chair.

11. OFM ESS-3085 Racing Style Gaming Chair

Best Entry Level Gaming Chair

OFM ESS-3085 Racing Style Gaming Chair - Best Entry Level Gaming Chair

The next chair to be featured on our list is of the more popular gaming chairs sold on amazon and people rave about it online. Rightfully so because this chair is truly a remarkable value considering its price.

Leather mesh hybrid padding
Decent build quality
Plenty of colors to choose from
The simple and minimal aesthetic
Flip-up armrest
Lack of any major adjustability
No true recline
Barebone experience

Design and Overview

This chair has a racing-inspired design but unlike most chairs, it does not have aggressive bolstering. This sets it apart from other chairs and increases the capacity of the seat and tolerance of the seat. The dimension of the chair has also well thought and the chair does not have a sharp angle anywhere.

This chair is available in a wide array of colors ranging from dull colors to very sharp and bright colors. There is no logo or branding on the upholstery which a plus for most people because some manufacturers tend to add obnoxious branding which becomes the center point of the chair grabbing attention. This chair is subtle enough to be used for professional work and also not too boring to fit in a gaming setup.

Looks aside which chair does a fine job of providing an ample amount of space for most people to sit in. The backrest of the chair has some good height and the seat is also wide which makes this chair good for people with larger and bigger body sizes. The rated weight capacity of the chair by the company is 275lbs.

Build Quality and Features

The build quality of this chair is decent for a budget gaming chair. The frame of this chair is stiff and rigid. This rigidity comes from the metal which is used for the frame. The base of the chair is also solid and sturdy. The only area where this chair lacks is the fit and finish of the final product. There are some areas where you will find the finish of the chair to be a little bit cheap and clunky.

For a budget-oriented gaming chair, this has a basic set of features. The chair is height adjustable by a good 4-5”. This should be enough for most people out there. The armrest has also retractable and can be flipped backward when not needed. The chair also has a rocking function. With the knob placed on the underside of the seat, you can adjust the amount of tension and there is also a lever that triggers or stops the motion. Unfortunately, no true recline is found on this chair which can be a deal-breaker for some people.

Materials, Extra Pillows, and Comfort

This is where it gets interesting. Rather than using a single material for the upholstery which chair uses mesh with bonded leather hence the name. This mesh material is great for hot weather because it provides ventilation. Air can pass through mesh unlike leather so in this chair heat is not trapped as much as other Pu leather chairs. This mesh is also good if you have pets in the house because scratching leather is way easier than mesh.

Continuing with the comfort part this chair has no external pillows. The lumbar support and the headrest is integrated into the chair. This can either be a good or a bad thing depending on the body of the person. Since the lumbar support is not adjustability some will not find the position to be optimal and it will result in discomfort rather than comfort. This is all personal and subjective depending on the body of the person but to sum it up the overall comfort of the chair is very good.


OFM Essential is a basic entry-level gaming chair that has decent build quality. Most cheap chairs do not last long and flounder within the first few months but this thing can pull its weight. It is solid and robust and offers some basic functionality. This chair is suitable for someone buying his first gaming chair.

12. Tribesigns T19 Ergonomic Mesh Gaming Chair

Best Mesh Chair for Gaming

Tribesigns T19 Ergonomic Mesh Gaming Chair - Best Mesh Gaming Chair Under $200

Mesh gaming chairs are gaining popularity among the gaming community due to their ergonomic designs and economical price. Some gamers now prefer mesh chairs over the typical racing-style gaming chair. To cater to those gamers, we have featured this Tribesigns ergonomic gaming chair which provides great ergonomics and comfort for a reasonable price.

Good build quality
Ergonomic shape
Highly adjustable
Good for hot weather
For a gaming setup, this chair can be too boring
Recline only up to 150°

Design and Overview

Tribesigns ergonomic mesh chair has a simple and minimalist design that is found on office chairs. It is available is only black color and has no accent or branding on the upholstery. This gives a chair a generic and stealthy finish and makes it suitable for use in professional work environment. Assembling the chair is also an easy task and all the tools are provided with the packaging along with the instructions.

The chair also has an office chair footprint rather than a gaming racing style one. There is no bolstering and the seat is large and wide. The backrest is also wide and has a straight cut unlike most gaming chairs but then again this is an office chair. Nevertheless, the wide shape makes this chair suitable for bigger people. The claimed weight capacity by the company is 300lbs and we find this to be pretty accurate.

Build Quality and Features

This chair has good build quality. The frame of the chair is made from stainless steel which provides a solid and sturdy foundation for other components. The base is made from nylon composite and has good stability. The wheels also have smooth operation and roll effortlessly. The overall fit and finish of the chair is decent and the end product is very well put together.

This chair has plenty of features that enhance comfort and provide greater adjustability. The best thing about the chair has to the recline. This chair can recline up to 150° which is rare on office chairs especially the ones in the budget segment. There is also a tensioning knob which can be used to alter the sensitivity of the rocking mechanism of the chair.

The headset is also rotatable and adjustable and can be easily tucked away when not in use. The seat height is also adjustable up to 3.9” which ensures a good fit for even the very tall people out there. On top of this, the armrests are also be adjusted vertically. This all leads to greater adjustability and ultimately fine-tuning this chair for your body style to find the most optimal position is possible here.

Materials, Extra Pillows, and Comfort

This chair has a mesh back and for the seat, sponge-like foam is used. The mesh upholstery on the back is thick and well-weighted. The thickness of the seat is generous aswell and the overall cushioning feels thick and plush. The armrest here also has ample Pu leather padding which is mostly reserved for high-end chairs and not expected in a chair at this price point.

This chair uses an integrated lumbar support rather than a pillow. It is also adjustable to a great degree. The overall shape of the chair is also very supportive since it is shaped according to the contours of the body. The added adjustments on top of the already good shape make this chair extremely comfortable for long and grueling sitting sessions. The mesh also helps in hot weather to ventilate the air and does not trap the amount of heat that Pu leather does.


If you are looking for something different than the usual racing style gaming chairs then you should try this mesh ergonomic chair. Tribesigns mesh chair has a good build quality and also a plethora of adjustment options so finding the correct fit for your body type will not be an issue. If you normally have trouble with racing-style gaming chairs then try this one. Also, the mesh makes this chair fantastic for hot weather.

13. Respawn RSP-800 Racing Style Rocker

Best Rocker Gaming Chair

Respawn RSP-800 - Best Rocker Gaming Chair Under $200

The next chair to be featured on our list is from Respawn and it is from their RSP line of chairs. This chair is unlike any other chair on the list and its design and character are completely different from other chairs.

Good build quality
Can rock up to 118
Ample padding
Extendable footrest
Lack of height adjustment
Fixed lumbar support

Design and Overview

Respawn RSP-800 gaming chair is a racing-style rocker. A rocker chair is something that has some give in its base and the hydraulic arm allowing the user to rock back and forth in the chair without the chair being disrupting the motion. These chairs are mainly used for casual gaming when you kinda have to sit down and complete a mission of your favorite story game.

The rocking motion does not restrict the back of the user to one locked position. This puts less strain on the back when gaming for an extended time in a single sitting session. Enough with the explanation and coming to the design. This chair is available in a wide range of colors and is lounge friendly. There is minimal branding on the upholstery with only a respawn name being embossed on the headset.

The two-tone color scheme is also well pulled off and the chair does not look overly sharp or bright for a lounge. Besides this coming the actual chair the seat is wide and will be able to house to people with large body sizes. The back is also wide and tall with slight bolstering. The official rated weight capacity of the chair is 275lbs.

Build Quality and Features

The build quality of this chair is generally very good and refined. The base for a rocker style gaming chair is surprisingly very solid and balanced. There is also minimal to no squeaking noise coming from the chair though it will develop later down the line like with most gaming chairs. All the finishing of the chair is also pleasant and everything seems to be well put together.

The main feature of this chair has to be the proper rocking mechanism build into the chair. If you are habitual like me then you will appreciate what is done here. The chair can rock up to a recline of 118°. There is also a knob on the underside of the seat which can be used to change the sensitivity of the rocking mechanism. The chair in the reclined position also has an extendable footrest. There are also other features on the chair besides the rocking function which enhances its comfort.

This chair has flip-up armrests that be easily folded away out of sight when not needed. Also, these armrests have a C shape to them rather than the straight flat design. This C shape is ergonomically better and provides superior support for the arm. This chair can also rotate 360 completely.

Materials, Extra Pillows, and Comfort

The upholstery of the chair is made from Pu leather material. There is soft foam beneath the Pu leather layer which provides plushness to the padding. The cushioning on this chair is very dense and thick. This chair does not come with any external pillows which might be a concern for many people but we are happy to report it has contours in the padding which act as lumbar support and headrest pillow.

These are not adjustable so if do not fit perfectly in the chair then they can cause discomfort. But generally speaking, the comfort of this chair is good. An average size and build person will find this chair to be extremely comfortable. The armrests are also well-padded and have soft cushioning.


Respawn RSP-800 is hands down the best budget rocker chair out there. It has some flaws which you expect honestly in a budget chair but its positive points outweigh the flaws. If you are looking for a rocker gaming chair then we can recommend this to you.

Closing Thoughts

This was our list for the best gaming chairs under $200 and to sum up the article we can conclusively say that there is no right or wrong when it comes to gaming chairs. People have different needs and expectations from their gaming chair and it is fine to prefer something out of the ordinary.

Likewise, different chairs have different features and characteristics that make them suitable for certain use scenarios. Not all chairs are the same and most of them offer something unique. So, in the end, you have to find something you prefer and which suits your needs the best. In this list, we have jotted down all the best gaming chairs under $200 for different categories and people and we hope you will find this useful.

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