Finding a budget gaming PC that is half decent at least can be quite challenging. Today’s market is overly reliant on high-end gaming PCs hence the budget segment is mostly filled with prebuilt gaming PCs that are not worth your time and money.

Therefore, I am quite excited to review the Allied gaming PC because on paper this seems quite a compelling option for a $500 prebuilt gaming PC.

What I want to find out most is whether this PC can hold up in the daily use of a gamer. Ready to find out how the Allied gaming PC stacks up against other budget PCs then let’s begin with your thorough review, shall we?

Allied Gaming PC

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Allied Javelin Gaming PC Review

  • RGB lighting that can be customized in 16 different colors
  • Good looking case
  • 8GB RAM
  • SSD storage
  • 2x case fans provide good cooling
  • The 4 core AMD processor is very dated
  • 240GB storage space is not sufficient enough

Bottom line:

The Allied Gaming PC manages to create a masterful blend of providing users with the most value in all departments of a gaming PC. This PC comes in a fancy gaming case and is equipped with a 4 core AMD processor and 8GB RAM making it a perfect entry-level gaming PC for gamers who want both aesthetics and performance to go hand in hand in their new machine.

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Editor’s Rating

Case Design and Aesthetics

The outer appearance of the Allied gaming PC is nothing short of amazing. This PC comes with a very attractive case that features RGB lighting.

The front of the case is made entirely of mesh material which not only acts as an agent for airflow but also allows the RGB lighting to shine through and I must say the RGB lighting on this PC is executed rather wonderfully.

It is not overly flashy or neither too dull hence making the ideal noticeable impact on the aesthetics of the PC. The RGB lighting can be customized by the use of 16 different colors. 

Overall, the design execution of this PC is on point, and it features a well-crafted case with tastefully done RGB lighting. What more can you ask for at the $500 price range?

Connectivity and Salient Features

With the Allied gaming PC, you are getting solid connectivity all-around. This PC has all the connectivity access you need on daily basis with easy-to-reach and locate ports.

The ports present on this PC include 4x USB 3.0 slots, 2x USB 2.0 slots, 1 Gbe ethernet jack, separate 3.5mm jacks for audio and mic input.

Besides the physical connections, the Allied gaming PC also includes Wi-Fi connectivity with stable signal reception.

Coming to the features next and one aspect I particularly like about this PC and amateur gamers will as well is the free lifetime tech support provided with this PC.

This is quite thoughtful on the part of the company since most buyers of this PC will be new entrants into the world of PC gaming. The 1-year warranty is also quite reassuring knowing that if anything happens to the PC the company has got your back.


Not going to lie the Allied gaming PC doesn’t house the best top-of-the-line specifications that you can get for the price but nonetheless they are still good enough.

Beating at the heart of the PC is an AMD 3000G processor. This is a 4 core 8 thread APU meaning that besides giving its service as a processor it also acts as a graphics card.

Now I am not going to sit here and tell you that this processor is flawless or excellent. If we are being honest this processor is mediocre at best when compared to the rest of the PCs on the list.

Coming onto the other specifications, this PC features 8GB DDR4 RAM with decent clock speeds. There is an extra RAM slot that you can use to upgrade RAM if you found the current configuration lacking.

As for the storage, this PC comes with a 240GB SSD which is great since SSDs are so much superior to traditional hard drives in speeds. That said though, 240GB storage space can get overrun pretty quickly so you might need to add another SSD later on to increase storage space.

Gaming Experience

As far as gaming experience is concerned with the Allied gaming PC you will be able to play most games but at the lowest setting present.

This PC doesn’t have the horsepower to run to cope with graphically intensive games like Red Dead Redemption, Assassins Creed, and other similar titles hence you won’t be able to run those games, unfortunately.

However, this PC will do fine in esports games. In my testing with the PC, I was able to achieve an average of 75 FPS in CSGO, 100 FPS in Valorant, and 50 FPS in Rainbow Six Siege.

Battle Royal games can also be played on this PC quite smoothly. During my playthrough, the PC consistently averaged 50 FPS in Fortnite and 30 FPS in Apex legends. All these FPS figures are obtained at 1080p resolution at the lowest graphic setting with

Playing Forza Horizon on this PC also results in an average FPS of 30 but unlike other games, Forza has to be played on 720p resolution and at the lowest graphic preset to achieve these results.

Overall, I see many gamers complaining about PCs at the $500 price point being the victim of sacrifices on some aspects to achieve mastery in others. Well not in this case this PC equally blends everything together in a well-presented package.


If I am, to sum up, the value aspect of the PC, then in one word it would be satisfactory. I say this because this PC has something going for it in each department.

This PC is a jack of all trades in the sense that no aspect of this PC is underwhelming hence as a value to money offering, I cannot fault it.

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Allied Gaming PC Review – Javelin



Editor’s Rating

The Allied gaming PC is one of the better prebuilt gaming PC that you can get at the $500 budget price range.

Let’s face it at this price point you won’t get a gaming PC that provides you with the utmost perfection in all aspects, but this PC comes quite close.

It has quite decent for the price which is only held back by the inclusion of an older generation AMD APU processor which although not the latest has 4 cores.

The RAM includes here is 8GB which is good enough for daily use and the PC also comes with an SSD which is good as it makes things faster, but the SSD has a capacity of 240GB making the storage space quite limiting.

Why You Should Buy This PC

  • For the aesthetics and the RGB lighting which can be customized with 16 different colors
  • The PC runs very efficiently and smoothly making the user experience quite good
  • The inclusion of SSD makes every operation faster and snappier

Why You Should Not Buy This Chair

  • There are prebuilt gaming PCs in the price range that provide better performance and feature better specifications
  • The upgradeability path is not good on this PC

Overall, if you are new to PC gaming and are looking for an entry-level gaming PC and can run less demanding games quite decently and also looks good then you cannot go wrong with the Allied gaming PC.

Allied Gaming PC

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