Wouldn’t it be great if you could know how a prebuilt gaming PC will shape up for gaming before buying it? Well, determining the FPS that a gaming PC can provide is a rather tricky aspect, but it isn’t impossible.

With the proper knowledge of a gaming PC, you can indeed determine how much FPS it will give. I know you want to know that but can’t do that yourself. Enter this article, in it I am going to tell you the FPS that can be achieved on a $500 PC.

We will together not only look at the dry figures but by factoring in the best prebuilt gaming PCs that are available in the $500 price range also comprehend what it is like to actually own a $500 in terms of gaming. So, without wasting any time, let’s begin.

How Much FPS Can You Expect on a $500 PC?  

There is a common misconception that a gaming PC at the $500 price range cannot give you good FPS. That is not the case and at the end of the article, this misconception will be debunked.

With that out of the way, I wish I could have told you a single FPS figure that a $500 PC can provide because that is not the case. The framerate you will get will heavily vary depending on the game to game.

The gaming PC that you will buy for $500 will also have a say in this matter because not all prebuilt gaming PCs are the same.

In our testing, we will be using the Shinobee gaming PC which is considered among the best pre-built gaming PCs under $500 that are available in the market today.

Frame Rate Achieved During Testing

I put the Shinobee prebuilt gaming PC through its paces for the test because it has the best specifications for the price. Featuring a Ryzen 3 4300GE processor along with 16GB RAM and a Radeon RX 550 graphics card makes this PC the benchmark for other PCs to beat in the $500 price range. 

After thorough testing with all sorts of various games that included both single-player and multiplayer games, we were able to achieve the following results:

GameAverage FPSGraphics Settings & Resolution
Red Dead Redemption 240 FPSMedium settings at 720p
Witcher 355 FPSMedium settings at 900p
GTA V80 FPSMedium settings at 900p
CS: GO125 FPSLowest settings at 1080p
Valorant160 FPSLowest settings at 1080p
Rainbow Six Siege90 FPSLowest settings at 1080p
Battlefield V50 FPSLowest settings at 1080p

In single-player, the PC was able to deliver an average frame rate of 40 in Red Dead Redemption, 55 in Witcher 3, and 80 in GTA 5. Red Dead Redemption was played at 720p resolution while GTA and Witcher 3 graced the screen at 900p resolution. In all games, medium graphic settings were maintained.

Switching to multiplayer games and I am quite pleased to inform you that the average framerate here was quite impressive. The PC gave 125 FPS in CS: GO, 160 FPS in Valorant, 90 FPS in Rainbow Six Siege, and 50 in BF5.

These are very respectable frame rate figures and all of them were obtained at the lowest graphic setting at 1080p resolution.

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To give a definitive answer I can say that a gaming PC at the $500 price range can give you 60FPS in most games at 900p or lower resolution. That is if you maintain the lowest graphic setting that each game has to offer.

This is a highly condensed answer to a very vast topic that has many variables but rest assured the aforementioned frame rate is what you will get when playing games on a $500 PC.

Before I end this article, do let me know in the comments section what frame rate you are getting and which you have.

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