If you’re someone who shops online a lot, there might be a time when you may have said to yourself ‘I wish I had an assistant who would find me the best products, in best prices possible’. Your prayers have come true because Wikibuy is just the service for you.

Curious to know more about it? Keep reading to find out!

What is Wikibuy?

Wikibuy is your online shopping assistant which works as a browser extension and an app for your mobile phone. It simply helps you to get better, cheaper deals when you’re browsing through various brands and shopping online. It searches through the corners of the data and finds out the best deals available. But that’s not all Wikibuy does. It also provides you with a complete set of comparisons between many different retailers so that you can find the best deals possible at one of the biggest e-commerce platform there is. You guessed it right, we’re talking about Amazon!

Since there are a lot of sellers already available on Amazon, it becomes incredibly hectic for a common user to search through and find out the best product at the best prices. Since there are a lot of options available, and a lot of chance to miss out on a great deal just due to the lack of your browsing skills, WikiBuy has made the online shopping experience much easier.

But there are a lot of online tools available to compare prices and products, so what makes WikiBuy one of its kind? This post is based on the features, pricing, customer service and pros and cons of WikiBuy. But first, let’s start with How WikiBuy works!

How does Wikibuy Work?

How does Wikibuy Work

Millennials and Generation Z has one thing in common— they like minimal human interaction and prefer shopping within the comfort of their homes. Since everyone likes to search thoroughly before they make an informed buying decision, it becomes extremely challenging to find the perfect product at the least possible price. There are so many retailers available on Amazon, and each retailer has its own price set with their own product specifications. Many of them even have bad quality, which is only shown by bad reviews and ratings. If you need something urgently, it becomes impossible for you to search properly and make a good decision.

However, the Wikibuy browser extension helps you to automatically compare prices and product value using the unique code that is embedded in each product. All you need to do it enter the name of the product. Wikibuy then searches through its database and find the products with the lowest price available. Not only that, but Wikibuy also provides you with coupon codes and other promotional deals that might even lower your price. The best part is that you don’t need to do anything else, except to install the extension on your browser. It keeps running on it’s on in the background, and only collects data once you search for the products using Wikibuy.


Wikibuy has a lot of pre-established pros and features that would help your online shopping experience and make it a lot less hectic.

  1. Product Search

One of the most obvious features of the Wikibuy is its universal product search tool. This tool helps you find out the product by giving you the ease to sit at your own home. You can use their website to search for any product that you want— at any place in the world!

Let me give you an example. So you’re looking for a guitar case in Los Angeles. Just by sitting at your home, you make a quick search on their website for a guitar case.  Wikibuy will show you a directory of products that are the same thing, but at a better price, available at a better marketplace.

But that’s not all, it also helps you locate the best retailers selling the same item at a relatively cheaper cost. All you need to do is scan the barcode using the WikiBuy app, and let the app do its magic.

  1. Featured Offers

In case you’re purchasing the searched product through Wikibuy’s official website, Wikibuy provides you with a promotional discount. This service is only available for a few selected brands that have direct collaboration with Wikibuy.

  1. Cashback

Wikibuy provides Cashback services for as high as 4%. This includes 1% cashback offers from very selected brands. However, local brands offer at least 4% cashback every once in a while

  1. Coupon Codes

With WikiBuy, you don’t need to search for Coupon codes online. If a user uses some sort of coupon code, Wikibuy immediately saves it and makes it accessible to other users who are also looking for a discount code. Talk about ease and convenience!

  1. Price Drop Alerts

In case you have your eye on a particular product, such as a keyboard or a particular pair of shoes that your heart wanted you to purchase immediately, but the price made you exit the page immediately and forget about it altogether, then here is a solution for you. You can just set up a Wikibuy alert to convey you if the price of that particular item drops

  1. Credits

One of the best things about shopping through Wikibuy is that they’ll keep adding your credits as you shop online. These credits can then be used to purchase products, and even gift cards! We all love freebies now, don’t we?


The only con that I have noticed is that Wikibuy is only available to use on Google Chrome Browser. I liked using Mozilla Firefox more, but since Wikibuy doesn’t work there I have to switch to Google Chrome if I want to purchase something.

Final Verdict: is Wikibuy legit or a scam?

After using the Wikibuy extension and app for a few weeks, the $210 that I saved is proof that Wikibuy is a genuinely legit tool to help you save money. Not only is it 100% free to sign up for, but in fact, it actually saves a lot of time and money.

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