For obvious reasons, the AWP has become an iconic weapon in the world of CS: GO. It is one of the most popular picks in the game because of its lethal damage capabilities, amazing sound, and the vitality it brings to players. The AWP’s ability to one-shot kill is its most significant feature. There are also AWP skins available in a variety of designs and pricing. 

AWP CS: GO Skins Under $10 

AWP CS: GO skins come in different variants and varying prices. You can find price tags that can start as low as a dollar and go as high as hundreds of dollars. The greatest AWP skins under $10 will be reviewed in this post, including the legendary AWP Elite Build. These budget-friendly skins keep up with the more expensive ones due to their popularity and will give your weapon a stylish flair.

AWP | Elite Build — The Best of The Lot

AWP Elite Build
  • Minimal Wear: $8.25
  • Field-Tested: $8.65
  • Well-Worn: $7.80
  • Battle-Scarred: $7.27

If you are looking for a not-too-pricey AWP skin with a beautiful design, then AWP | Elite Build is the right choice. Hands down it is the best of the wide variety of AWP skins. It is glamorous in looks, gorgeous in design, and gives a rugged tone to your weapon. AWP | Elite Build has thousands of fans in the community worldwide; you can see them on Steam and other trading platforms. The StatTrak™ versions of these skins are a little more expensive and generally do not fit the “under $10” criteria. 

AWP | Fever Dream

AWP Fever Dream
  • Factory New: $8.64
  • Minimal Wear: $6.47
  • Field-Tested: $5.56
  • Well-Worn: $5.81
  • Battle-Scarred: $5.45

AWP | Fever Dream was introduced in the game back on 15 March 2017 after its appearance in the workshop almost a year ago as a part of the Spectrum Collection. The skin’s background is jet black, and the main pattern consists of various kids’ drawings using multiple colors such as pink, blue, red, and white. This can be a good choice for those who love the images of monsters on their weapon along with interesting inscriptions such as “Living Dead”, “Wolves are at my door”, and “#Headshot”.

AWP | Mortis

AWP Mortis
  • Factory New: $4.50
  • Minimal Wear: $2.22
  • Field-Tested: $1.35
  • Well-Worn: $1.81
  • Battle-Scarred: $1.38

AWP | Mortis was released on Valentine’s Day in 2014, although the design has nothing to do with love. However, undoubtedly it is a ‘lovely’ design taking inspiration from the card of Death Tarot. A Grim Reaper image is pasted on the buttstock, and the skin is designed using red, black, and brown colors. The receiver’s central part has a checkered pattern with an attractive image of a horse’s skeleton. The scope also has a checkered pattern. AWP | Mortis is quite easily available in CS: GO with a float value of 0.00 to 0.64. 

AWP | Atheris

AWP Atheris
  • Minimal Wear: $5.89
  • Field-Tested: $3.14
  • Well-Worn: $2.47
  • Battle-Scarred: 2.19

AWP | Atheris was introduced in the game on 14 March 2019 when the exciting “Seeing the light” update was taking place. Famous CS: GO skin designer Graff prepared it for the Prisma Collection. It is one of the cheapest AWP skins and is in pretty high demand among the CS: GO audience. The skin features a clear green bush viper with deadly-looking eyes. The background is pure black with some intricate detailing. 


  • Factory New: $5.29
  • Minimal Wear: $3.15
  • Field-Tested: $1.73
  • Well-Worn: $1.74
  • Battle-Scarred: $1.74

What is the cheapest AWP skin ever? The answer to this question is definitely AWP | PAW, as its price range remains between $5 to a maximum of $13. If you love cute cartoon images on your weapon’s skin, then this one might be a perfect choice, as it features cartoon drawings of cats and dogs all over. The back part, the barrel, and the scope are left unpainted. This skin has one of the simplest designs among the variety of AWP skins. 

Why Are AWP Skins Loved by the CS: GO Audience? 

AWP is indeed one of the best weapons in the game and is loved by a huge number of CS: GO audiences for its outstanding potential one-shot kill. The weapon is quite expensive, but its super-destructive feature makes it worth the price. Along with the weapon, the skins are also largely admired by the CS: GO audience, mainly because of their exclusive variety in design.

A large number of available options help AWP rifle users to execute their preferences as per their favorite design and budget. AWP skins also have hell and heaven differences in their price range. Some AWP skins can be worth up to $20,000, whereas some of them can cost as little as $5. So, we can say that there is something for everyone when it comes to AWP skins. AWP skin variations have something new every time, which suits the interests and demands of users of this fantastic weapon. As long as the game exists, it is expected that AWP skins will always be among people’s favorites.  

Final Thoughts

If you enjoy showing power through rapid one-shot kills, then the AWP is the weapon for you. As you can see from the list above, there is a wide range of options to pick from. AWP is a famous weapon with a huge variety of mind-boggling skins to offer. With its elegant look and low cost, AWP | Elite Build is still the top AWP skin with the most remarkable recognition worldwide.

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