Choosing the right Twitch name is no easy feat. After all, your success in the live stream journey is dictated by your channel name.

Don’t panic yet as I have just the article you need to get a headstart on the name for your Twitch channel.

In this article, I am going to cover the best Twitch name generators. You can base your Twitch name on ones generated from these tools and modify it a bit to make your own.

Not one or two, but I am going to list 11 name generators that are proven in the industry to provide good results.

With this many options at your disposal, you can kiss your Twitch username worry goodbye.

Excited, aren’t you? But hold before you create thousands of Twitch channel names using the generators only to find out that none ticks your fancy, therefore some tips I am about to give might come in handy to extract the best Twitch channel name from these generators.

Tips to Determine the Best Name for Your Channel

Although a username is supposed to be a personal affair but to help you in your quest for finding the perfect name for your channel I am going to list general tips used in the streaming Industry to get the perfect Twitch name.

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Tip 1: Short and Rememberable Name

Perhaps the most important aspect to get right. It is irrefutable that the name of your channel leaves the most striking impact on the viewer that enters your stream.

Therefore, it is crucial that the name on your channel sinks right into the heart of your viewer.

For this purpose, the name of your Twitch channel needs to be short so that it is easily picked up by the viewer and memorable in order to convert your viewer to a follower.

Tip 2: Try to Restrict the Use of Numbers or Characters

For the sake of professionalism avoid using numbers and characters. Overly complicated numbers and characters will not only hurt your brand image as a streamer and influencer but will also be confusing for your viewers.

Tip 3: Keep It Simple

Common guys it is the millennial age and simplicity is the name of the game these days. Therefore, base your username on simple explainable terms and definitely don’t overdo it to look cool on the internet.

Tip 4: Use a Name That Resonates With You and Your Viewers

It is simple psychology. Your name should be connected to what you are and what you do with your channel. In this way, your followers will find you relatable and better connect with you. Exploit this relationship and earn followers that are more loyal to you in the long term.

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Best Twitch Name Generators

Now that you know the general tips for choosing a twitch name that is unique and stands out. Let’s next discuss the 11 name generators featured on our list.

1. SpinXO

The most comprehensive Twitch name generator. SpinXO has all the different customization options you would hope so.

You can add your words, your favorite number, hobbies, things you like to get personalized results for Twitch names. Once the first batch of the names is generated you can pick one out of the bunch and further modify it to cater to your needs.

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2. Jimpix

The go-to generator if you want a Twitch name generated from a combination of two different words.

Using the Jimpix random name generator is quite simple. You just pick two categories from the available ones, add a letter of your choice, and hit the generate button. Subsequently, the generator will spew a bunch of names for your Twitch channel which it deems fitting.

3. Fantasy Name Generators

Fantasy Name generators like the name suggest is a website where you can input the name of your dreams. It can range anywhere from the character of your favorite game to your anime waifu and everything in between.

Once you put an entry in the generator it spins out multiple Twitch channel names that match the description of the name entered in it.

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4. Cool Screen Name

Willing to use a cool name to attract viewers from a mile away? Then give the Cool Screen name generator a shot.

Well, I don’t have to say much in this case since the name says it all. With the Cool Screen Name generator just choose the maximum and minimum word limit and select the gender.

The generator will now do the rest and spin out cool retro names fitting if your intent is to stand out from the crowd with your Twitch name.

5. GeneratorMix

Reliable and trustworthy, once you enter data into all the fields of GeneratorMix is spews out Twitch names that are worthy of being used as the face of your channel.

In GeneratorMix, you add a specific name or a combination of two words that you want in the generated name. This is the magic trick this generator has going for it and yeah it also allows you to generate as many names as you like.

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6. Name Generator

Don’t get fooled by the generic name this generator has every bit you would want in a tool of this caliber.

Operating Name Generator is rather easy, you just enter the prefix and the suffix of the name you have in mind and Name Generator will fill the rest. It will generate names that match that complement the original prefix and suffix.

7. Nickfinder

Messy and cluttered but what a fantastic library of generated usernames this tool boasts. You can choose from pre-existing generated names or enter your specific details to have your personalized Twitch usernames generator for you.

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8. Ngenerator

With Ngenerator you just pick a category from the thousands available. Once you have picked the category Ngenerator will generate usernames that correspond to that specific category.

9. Rum and Monkey

A tedious but thorough Twitch name generator. Upon landing on the name generator website of Rum and Monkey you will be asked a series of questions.

The personalized data of these questions will be used to create your Twitch username. You can repeat the process again if you wish for a different username. Although tedious and a little unnecessary Rum and Monkey can be quite resourceful at times.

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10. Online Name Generator

A simple username generator that allows you to fill multiple fields to generate the desired username for your Twitch channel. Although nothing new, this generator possesses a good success rate among its users.

11. Vlogging Hero

Although not specifically designed for generating Twitch usernames, Vlogging Hero is still a great tool for generating true-to-life humorous usernames.

In the Vlogging Hero interface, you do individual searches to find your next username for the Twitch channel. The process is slow but can be utterly rewarding.

Mistakes to Avoid When Selecting Username for Your Twitch Channel

I am sure you are already trying all the above relevant generators for coming up with a Twitch username that you can use.

But before you select one and enter it into the Twitch directory read the following red flags which you so should look for and avoid in a Twitch username.

Not Choosing a Long-Term Name

Many people make the mistake of choosing the username for the current given trend or the moment.

This is something you have to avoid at all costs because on the fad disappears your Twitch name won’t be relevant anymore.

Transitioning to another username will require you to change your Twitch channel overlook and hence lose a bunch of followers in the process.

Choosing a Name Tied to a Specific Game

This can sometimes be a blessing in disguise but that only holds true if you are going to stream only a single game.

Let’s be honest guys if you are in Twitch streaming for the long run then chances are you are going to stream more than one game.

Hence you should not choose a username that is specifically tied to the game you are playing at the moment. Think long-term and choose a name that is suitable for all types of games in the genre you like.

Not Checking the Availability of the Name on Other Platforms

This again ties into not thinking long-term. Once you gain a considerable following your brand name will start to emerge and take shape.

More and more people will get to recognize you by your Twitch alias. Hence at this stage to properly brand yourself you will need to have the alias or username on connected social platforms like Twitter.

Therefore, before you select a username check its availability not only on Twitch but also on other related platforms especially Twitter.


As you can see from the information provided above Twitch name generators can produce amazing usernames as long as you know what you are looking for.

Make sure to follow suit on the tips and avoid the mistakes that rookie streamers make. Think long term and you will be good.

If I missed any credible Twitch name generator then let me know in the comment section below. While you are at that also tell which Twitch name generator you found to be the most helpful for your desired purpose.

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