Any experienced gamer will tell you that a MacBook isn’t the best device to run gaming software on; however, not all of us can afford top-of-the-range gaming laptops like the Razer Blade 14 or the Acer Nitro 5, but sometimes needs must.

Suppose you’re using a MacBook to run gaming software. In that case, you won’t expect an extensive games library or insane processing speeds as offered with the above laptops. Still, you should be able to play without massive interruptions. 

After all, nothing is more annoying than sliding your headphones on after a hard day’s work, ready to unwind with a relaxing game of The Sims 4, only to find the game virtually (pun intended!) unplayable.

However, with some optimization, you can ensure a decent gaming experience on your MacBook without having to bite the bullet (and break the bank!) and buy an expensive gaming PC. From purchasing a gaming keyboard to using a secure VPN connection, we outline several ways to better your gaming experience below.

Fix Your Mac’s CPU Usage

Some games are notoriously worse than others regarding their loading screens. However, if you’ve returned to your desk after making a drink and the loading screen is still staring back at you (or worse, the spinning beachball of death has appeared!), it might be time to jump into troubleshooting mode. 

Essentially, your Mac’s central processing unit (CPU) is responsible for helping you perform all your system tasks. However, depending on what tasks your Mac has queued, some activities take much more power to complete than others leading to issues with your device, such as overheating, decreased system performance, and lagging, crashing, or freezing applications. 

Dedicated to helping you solve different problems with your Mac as quickly as possible, their how-to guides cover various subjects, including how to check CPU usage on Mac, ways to screen record on Mac, and much more. Consider visiting their website and seeing how their helpful guides could help improve your gaming experience on your MacBook today. 

So, if your game is taking a little longer than usual to fire up, it might be time to check your Mac’s CPU usage. 

Keep Your Mac Cool

Keeping your gaming laptop or PC is vital for ensuring your gaming experience is as smooth as possible. Depending on the type of game you are running, it can be easy for your device to become hot or start sounding like a hairdryer, which can cause your system to slow down and ultimately affect your gaming experience. 

If your MacBook is prone to overheating, consider using cooling it down using some of the following tips to ensure that you get the best gaming experience possible:

  • Purchase an external monitor. 
  • Purchase a cooling pad. 
  • Change your gaming environment. 
  • Take off any cases or keyboard covers. 
  • Check your CPU usage and exit any applications using access power. 
  • Perform any software updates. 
  • Check your fans. 

Use a VPN 

Depending on your budget, a PC gaming setup can cost hundreds of pounds or hours if you’re dedicated enough to build one from scratch. Due to this, it’s only sensical that you want to protect your investment, especially if you play games on a shared network. 

Although sharing a network might be an excellent way to save money, it makes you more susceptible to cyberattacks and other online threats. However, armed with antivirus protection and a secure virtual private network (VPN), you should be able to keep your kit safe and protected. 

Using a VPN, your PC can link to another computer using the web, allowing you to use the internet through the linked PC’s web connection. It can help protect your PC against cybercriminals and optimize your gaming experience by minimizing internet connection throttle and many other benefits. 

Purchase a Gaming Keyboard

Any experienced PC gamer will tell you that a good gaming setup is only complete with a mechanical keyboard. Especially if you’re into competitive online gaming, a good keyboard gives you that extra advantage, improving your overall gaming experience. 

One of the main ways that a mechanical keyboard can improve your gaming experience is by allowing you to assign additional hotkeys using its extra set of keys, which are usually positioned above the board’s ‘F’ keys. Unlike rubber dome or membrane keyboards, mechanical ones have a significantly longer lifespan, and you can access features with just a few taps, saving you time and effort. 

Due to more and more PC gamers recognizing the benefits of mechanical keyboards, the gaming market has increased, meaning you can find just about any gaming keyboard imaginable. Whether you’d like a specific brand or a particular model – you can find that and much more!

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