Determining if you have selected the right budget for a gaming PC can be quite challenging. There is such a huge variation in the price of gaming PCs that sometimes it can leave even some experienced PC gamers confused at times.

That being said, given you look at the right segment of the market, it can be quite possible to determine whether your $800 budget can net you a good gaming PC or not.

If you are new to PC gaming, don’t worry. In this article, I am going to do that market evaluation for you. Therefore, this article will answer the question of whether $800 is a worthwhile investment on a gaming PC.

$800 is a considerable amount and you don’t want your money to go down the drain now do you? So, without further ado let’s dive straight into the topic at hand.

Is $800 a Good Budget for a Gaming PC?

To put it simply, $800 is indeed a great budget for mid-range gaming PCs. This budget will provide you enough flexibility to choose between the different variety of gaming PCs. Although you will need to compromise on some fronts, generally speaking, a decent gaming PC can be had at the $800 price hence making it a good budget.

This however is rather a simplified version of what the $800 really brings to the table and there is a lot more going on to discuss.

Before I get to that however I want to clarify what characteristic really defines a “good” budget. You see, the term “good” is relative and depends on the context.

What may be good in one scenario may not be good in the other. To make things simple, the use of a good budget here relates to whether that budget can get you a value to money PC for that price.

Given that we are dealing with the $800 budget, PCs that fall into this category are not the most capable or the most beautiful looking. Therefore, if we start comparing these machines to the ones in the higher tier budget categories then things can go south quite quickly.

Hence to determine whether the $800 price tag is worthwhile we focus our attention on the value for money proposition of the gaming PCs at this price tag.

With that being said, in this price bracket, you can get some excellent value-to-money gaming machines that can play most modern games at 1080p resolution or medium-high settings.

This kind of experience was not possible a couple of years back but now with the betterment in mid-range technology, we are now at a point where 1080p gaming on decent graphics is possible.

Recommendation for a $800 Gaming PC

When shopping around for a PC at the $800 price point you have to be cautious to get the PC that offers the best specifications under $800.

It is important to get the specification part right because there is a thin line that separates good gaming PCs from the bad ones at the $800 price point.

Therefore it is of the utmost importance to know the right specs for the $800 price bracket before you dive into building your own gaming PC.

For this query, I have an in-depth article on the best specifications for a gaming PC under $800 which you can check out.

If you are more concerned with buying prebuilt gaming PCs, then you can check out my article on the best prebuilt gaming PCs under $800. Since I have got the chance to review many prebuilt gaming PCs this calendar year, therefore the list contains only the most capable machines at the $800 price point.

Check out our GPU-focused prebuilt PC guides below.

Check out our aesthetics-focused gaming PC guides below.

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It can be easily concluded that the $800 budget presents a good opportunity to get a value to the money gaming machine that can easily play all the latest games at 1080p resolution on medium graphic settings.

Therefore, no denying that spending $800 is worthwhile making it a good budget for a gaming PC.

Now before I sign off, let me know down in the comment section whether you agree with bounding yourself to a specific budget when buying a gaming PC? Also, while you are there, mention the price of the PC that you are currently rocking with.

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