Films and music are tied together creatively. And while it might seem fun and easy initially, there are a great many challenges you will have to tackle when trying to make an awesome music video.

The success of your music video will generally come from the way it stands out from the other music videos already ruling the market. Of course, there are different tried-and-tested formats that you can work upon, but it always works to make your very own creative decision when it comes to making a cool, cinematic, and stylish music video.

Your music video does not need to look like a million-dollar production. Still, the competition existing in the market these days has made it necessary to create an unprecedented quality expectation on the viewers.

So, have a look at these ten tips below that will surely help you make an awesome music video.

1. Make Sure You Really Want a Good Music Video

There are different varieties of more effective content than a music video. Video content on the different social media platforms will surely outperform a music video. Of course, music videos are one good way of getting new fans and promoting music, but you must have it firmly in mind that you really need the video.

There are other alternatives available and if you think that the alternatives will work better for you or for your business, move to using them instead of going for music videos.

2. Use Professional Quality Editing Tool

Even if you have finished creating the most awesome music video, it is necessary to edit the same properly to catch the attention of the viewers. At this stage, you must consider using a professional-grade video maker.

Your music video will appear like an inexperienced production branding you as a low-quality musician without proper editing. It will show that you are not serious enough about the work you do.

Therefore, you must choose the right editing tool and know how to use the same most effectively.

3. Start with the Right Track

Make sure your music video starts with a good song. So, you must be honest about criticizing your tracks and go for something really good for the video. Get the advice of other producers or musicians you trust so you will get honest feedback about the track you have chosen for your video.

Is it the best version? Does it perfectly represent you or your band and the message you are looking to convey? Will it showcase your brand in the best way possible? Get an answer to all these questions before choosing the track for your video.

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4. Work With What You Have

You will need costumes, people, location, gear, and props for making a music video. Try cutting costs by using everything that you have got and can easily be incorporated into your video.

The money you save at this stage can be used for doing something more creative and impactful for your music video. It’s always a good idea to plan the shoot of your music video around the things you have got.

5. Make the Video Serious

Remember, the difference between a cutting-edge music video and average production is your effort into it. You must remain very serious about this whole thing if you really want to make a good music video.

Staying motivated will surely get you help from others, and you will eventually reach your goals. All throughout the music video production procedure, you must show that you are serious about accomplishing the final objective.

6. Decide on the Type of Music Video You Want

Do you want a narrative or visual, or performance-based music video? Are you looking to narrate the strength of a song visually, or do you have plans to use bold visual components in your video to grab people’s attention?

Or are you looking to shoot a performance video playing or singing your track live on camera? Be it anything you are looking to achieve, deciding on the type of music video you want to create will help you gather all other related accessories and elements in no time.

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7. Know Your Target Audience

Understanding your target audience will help you in creating good quality and relevant content. Knowing your audience well will help you understand the type of content and make sense to them.

Content and colors in your music video should feel natural for the followers. Remember, you are making the video to engage them and not to bore them. Therefore, consider what it would be like watching the music video for the very first time. Will the audience like to watch it over and over again?

8. Aim High

The majority of the individuals started with nothing, and this is one reality that the musicians need to understand. This goes special for the music industry, where the majority of the performers tasted success with nothing but just one concrete idea.

And that’s exactly what you need to do. Simply get a camera and a microphone and one good camera, and you are surely good to go. This is an era of YouTube, where, as a musician, you are highly empowered to gain success with your music video. Keep aiming high, and you will reach the peak, surely.

9. Use Unique Content

Own what you are performing. Choose the right location and good lighting, of course. Practice what you will be performing a few times and then shoot versions of the same to pick one that is the best. This way, you will be able to deliver top-quality and exclusive content.

10. Location Matters

The location of your music video matters the most. If you want people to watch it interestingly, make sure you get a good location for the same.


Making a music video will not be a very difficult endeavor for you if you have the right tips in mind. Simply follow the tips and get going with your music video. If you want to grab instant success, twist the tips a bit and use your own creativity. This will surely bring you success.

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