Are you keen to up your video editing game? Do you want to grow your audience faster with nicely edited video content? We live in an age marked by immediacy where no one has the time to dig through piles of complex data. This is why videos have emerged as the ideal medium for information and entertainment consumption. Moreover, easy access to smartphones and blazing-fast broadband networks has substantially boosted the demand for web-based video content.

YouTube, the world’s largest video-sharing platform, is projected to have around 2.8 billion users by 2025. Such stats are a clear-cut indication that the popularity of video-based content is bound to reach unprecedented highs in the coming time. With competition getting stringent among content creators, beginners must focus on polishing their editing prowess to deliver quality content seamlessly. 

If you are a beginner creator wanting to learn how to trim video online for free, this blog has been exclusively written for you. Here is a quick rundown of 5 essential editing tips whose implementation will help you produce standout videos.

1. Leverage the Best Online Video Editor 

The utilization of a feature-rich video editor is key to creating well-edited content. Creators who are new to the world of editing might feel overwhelmed by the massive selection of video editing tools online. While the internet is saturated with many video editing solutions, only a handful of tools work as advertised. For a hassle-free editing experience, you should choose an online video editor wholly based in the Cloud and can be used without downloading files.

A glance at the user reviews online will tell you all about different video editors. Editing platforms that boast a user-friendly interface will make editing a lot simpler. Before finalizing your decision, look for key features like text-to-speech, collaboration facility, number of available templates, etc. Ensure that the editing tool you are planning to select falls within your budget. Carefully check the pricing of all the subscription plans in advance to avoid price-related surprises at the last minute.

If you are short on money, don’t worry, as there are tons of free-to-use video editors online that will come to your rescue.

2. Trim Your Videos to the Appropriate Length

Given the heavy influx of information available on the internet, people’s attention span around the world is witnessing a collective decline. Clips that are concise and get the point across quickly can go viral online. The ideal length for social media videos is mostly between 15 seconds to 3 minutes. 

After 3 minutes, boredom starts to kick in, and viewers lose interest in the video. All the frames in your videos should serve a purpose use an online video trimmer to trim videos to the appropriate lengths. As a general rule of thumb, retain the most pleasing shots and discard frames that don’t contribute to the appeal of your video. 

3. Spruce up Your Videos With Transitions and Effects

Video creators across the globe agree that transitions are a must for facilitating smooth visual continuity. Besides seamlessly connecting different scenes in the video, transitions effectively convey the story’s tone to your viewers. The good news is that web-based video editors boast an extensive range of jaw-dropping transitions and effects that can infuse that extra zing into your video content.

But when it comes to choosing between transitions like fade and jump-cuts, you should make the selection only after considering the mood of your video. So, take your time and experiment with different transitions to identify the ones that best suit the theme of your story.

4. Add the Right Background Tracks

It has been seen that a majority of newbie editors fail to realize the importance of adding the right tracks to their videos. Videos that lack background tracks and cool sound effects often become stale and uninteresting towards the end. The right choice of background music can elicit viewers’ emotions, thus elevating the charm of your video greatly.

Depending on what you prefer the most, you can include a vocal song or a mere instrumental. The best part is that you can upload music files straight from your device. Alternatively, you can pick a soundtrack from the royalty-free media libraries of online video editors. 

Include Captions in Your Videos

There will be times when some viewers will have difficulty comprehending what you are saying in your videos. This could be due to hearing impairments, differences in nationality, accents etc. Whenever you add a voice-over to your videos, you must include accompanying captions to easily understand the content. It is guaranteed that the inclusion of captions in videos will go a long way in enhancing the reach of your content in the online world.


Lately, the internet has become a hub of videos belonging to varied genres like fashion, gaming, cooking, gardening, etc. Now that hundreds of new creators are entering the scene daily, you must adopt an innovative video-making approach to getting noticed. Content consumption trends reveal that most viewers click away from videos created hastily and lack final touches. On the other hand, exciting and thoughtfully edited videos work like a charm for garnering long-term viewership.

Being a beginner video creator, you must tap into the power of modern technology to withstand the ever-increasing competition. Luckily, the abundance of video makers online has made editing easier than ever. For gaining maximum traction, you must keep your videos short and crisp. Now that most online video editors come loaded with advanced capabilities, you can trim video online free without hassle. So, make it a point to follow the editing tips listed above to pep up your video content and boost viewership in a short time span.

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