Whether you are a gamer, V-logger, DJ, or simply someone who loves to hear high definition music – then you must need good Headphones! if you desire exceptional sound quality then you needed the ‘Best’ headphone. And for that, you have to consider certain factors, compare different products, etc. – especially when you are spending a great amount of money on headphones.

No doubt, there is a wide range of headphone options available in the market. However, two of the most popular headphones in the market are ‘Open Back’ and ‘Closed Back’ headphones. Well if you are someone who is confused between open back vs closed back headphones, then you are not alone. This is why we will compare both headphones in this article for you. So that you can choose the right one.

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Open Back vs Closed Back Headphones: The Major Differences

Most of you might already have an idea what’s the one feature that distinguishes both types of headphones. As the name indicates, the major difference between Open back and Closed-back headphones is the outer/ backside of the headphones.

Open-back headphones are manufactured with a perforated back that allows airflow through the ear cup. In other words, these headphones have exposed drivers. On the other hand, closed-back headphones are manufactured with fully covered back. However, there are some semi closed-back headphones as well. But that’s a discussion for some other day!

Breakdown of Open back Headphones

The use of exposed drivers prevents pressure buildup in the earcup. It means that the sound produced in open-back headphones is more natural, and free from echoes. Have you ever noticed that most high-end headphones usually have open back? Well, now you know the reason. The sound of open-back headphones is remarkable without any doubt. Although the only, yet major flaw of these popular headphones is the ambient noise and sound leak. Unless you are sitting in a quiet place, you will experience the outer noise as well as people around you who would also be hearing the sound.

Do you know an interesting fact about open-back headphones that makes them the first choice of gamers? It’s that you can easily prevent sound leaks or noise infiltration. How? Simply just use moist free protective covers and you can use these headphones even in public places as well.

The Good:

  • The sound quality is very clear and superior.
  • There is no distortion or echo.
  • Provides heat venting around the ears and you can wear for long hours.
  • They offer brilliant stereo imaging.
  • Open back headphones give you a cool look.

The Bad:

  • Very expensive and require great care.
  • Sound leak and noise infiltration is a major drawback.

Breakdown of Closed back Headphones

When it comes to Closed-back headphones, their outer side or back is fully covered or sealed. It means that there is no airflow through the ear cup. Unless you are using a cheap quality closed-back headphone – the sound would be clear. Furthermore, with closed-back headphones there is no risk of sound leak or infiltration – hence no distortion. As the closed-back headphones have a completely sealed/covered outer back – therefore these headphones allow you to listen to your voice when you are recording. Unlike other headphones, when you use these headphones your mic doesn’t pick up any noise.

The Good:

  • The best option for public places including planes, public transport, office, etc.
  • Complete blockage of outside noise.
  • No sound leaks.

The Bad:

  • The sound quality is un-natural.
  • There is a chance of echo distortion.
  • No heat venting around ears.

Open Back vs Closed Back Headphones: Which One Is Best?

When it comes to choosing the best between open back or closed headphones – there is no standard answer. Both headphones are good. Which headphone would be best depends completely on the purpose of your use. For example, if you need to wear headphones for longer hours and you are in a quiet place then open-back headphones would be perfect and vice versa. Furthermore, if you are looking for a headphone for everyday use to listen to your music, or to record audio then closed-back headphones are ideal.

Although both open and closed-back headphones can be used by gamers – open-back headphones provide a more enhanced experience. It is because of the sound quality, stereo imaging as well as heating venting. With these headphones on the gamer can actually create an image of the sound and where it’s coming from. Also, the heating venting and constant airflow allow the gamer to keep the headphone on for longer hours.

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Bottom Line

So now that you know the difference between the two headphones it’s up to you to decide which one would work out the best for you! When selecting the headphone for yourself, don’t forget to keep the price factor, quality factor, and sound quality factor in mind. Otherwise, you would literally throw your money in the fire!

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