Over time, when you get to the point where you have to fight with one of the most vicious enemies of the video game, you will have the opportunity to start creating legendary items yourself. To craft these items, you will need some of the common items you have. It can be, for instance, some kind of armor or accessories for the character. By increasing the power of such items, you can learn how to turn them into legendary ones. 

Since the beginning of the video game, every item has been defined by its quality. In this regard, all items could belong to the following categories:

  • Poor;
  • Common;
  • Uncommon;
  • Rare;
  • Epic;
  • Legendary;

Thus, every player strives to get the highest quality and most powerful items of all. However, the problem is that, unlike other items, acquiring these is a challenge even for veterans of the game. If it is difficult to purchase such goods, then crafting, which has become available in Shadowlands, will be the best solution. 

What to Prepare For 

Each gamer will have to increase their level in all possible ways, reaching level 60, which can be done by completing various quests, dungeons, raids, and so on. On the way to leveling up, you can stumble upon some challenging tasks and you will have to work hard to succeed. However, using WoW Boosting Services, you can complete everything with ease. In doing so, you will be rewarded with achievements, class armor, exclusive mounts, and other valuable rewards. 

Having reached the desired level, you have to join one of the powerful groups that control the afterlife’s world. Next comes preparation for various missions. Especially valuable ones are located in the Maw. When doing quests in this playable area, don’t forget to constantly check your character’s threat level. This way you will be able to stay alive as long as possible. It is important to keep an eye on the level of threat because you can be absorbed in the process of completing quests and at the most inopportune moment you can die. You will have to leave the playing area until the next day, which will greatly complicate your situation and also waste your time. 

While you can only use one legendary item at a time on any quest, it can become your lifesaver, no matter what class or race you are. That is why it is important to learn how to craft such items. However, first, you should learn how to unlock access to such a craft. 

What You Should Do  

When the time comes to choose one of the powerful groups of the Covenant, after choosing, you have to finish the first chapter before trying to create valuable items. Be prepared to do the following: 

  • Collect and deposit Anima, the game’s second most important currency after gold; 
  • Learn to link your soul with some members of your Covenant, which will allow you to access exclusive martial arts, as well as other nice bonuses; 
  • Return to the Eternal City to speak with one of the Alliance’s most revered fighters, Highlord Bolvar Fordragon. 

You will then be able to return to the Maw play area again, where you can begin the next chapter of your group’s campaign. When you start a new chapter, you will be taken to the Tower of the Damned, where you will meet an NPC from whom you can purchase some upgrades for a special currency. This NPC will assign you tasks every week. Your goal would be to save the lost souls. At the end of each task, you can earn Renown. 

After completing all the tasks, you will again be transported to the Tower of the Damned. Not far from the entrance you will find the keys to the room where the mysterious creature called the Runecarver is imprisoned. After that, enter the Tower and go to the room to talk to the NPC. You will again have to complete some tasks.

Runecarver Quests 

You should start by defeating one of the enemies. After defeating you will gain access to one of the memories of this mysterious creature. As memories return to him, he will remember the existence of a certain power that will appear on your armor. You can also get memories simply during the game process. You can complete various tasks, fight against the enemies, and as a reward, you will receive some memories. 

After defeating the enemy and gaining memories, you have to collect some embers from the Cauldron, and after that, you need to return to the Tower of the Damned and give them to the merchant. For this, you will receive a valuable item for the quest. After that, go to the mysterious creature and try to free him from the shackles. You will not be able to free him completely but even by freeing him from one of the shackles, you will get access to the last 2 tasks. 

Having opened the final tasks, you have to collect another game currency – the ashes of the soul. You must have at least 1250 of them. To do this, you need to complete tasks in the Tower of the Damned. After collecting the right amount, go back to the room. Then you will be able to start crafting items. After that, you are left with the final quest, which many consider unnecessary. However, this is not the case, as completing it will reward you with several recipes and crafting tips. This is especially important for those who have a craft profession. 

And finally, after all the hard work, you will see the items that are available to you for crafting. In addition, you will see what you need to find or obtain to create one or another legendary item. First of all, to create, you need a base component. If you have a crafting profession, then you can create it. If you have a different profession, then you will have to buy this component. Alternatively, you can search for the right materials by completing various tasks. 


Before you can create legendary items yourself, you need to try hard to complete all the necessary quests. Especially a lot of time and effort should be spent in the Maw play area. There, because of the threat of death, you will need to constantly monitor that Zovaal does not kill you. Thus, you will need several days to learn how to craft.

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