Call of Duty regularly undergoes essential developments. For example, the parent company recently decided to make the MW2 full Fortnite to enhance the gaming experience and increase revenue.

Every ardent Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II player strives to unlock the Orion Camo. Unlocking this last camo in the game is a challenging feat. One must sufficiently master all the guns available in the game. This takes a considerably long time. But the benefits of unlocking the camo surpass the costs. This is why everyone would like a badge of honor associated with accessing the Orion Camo in CoD: MM2.

In this brief article, we shall take you through the process of unlocking the Orion Camo in the game. You will learn about the various methods that you can use to unlock the camo and how to utilize them effectively. Remember, the ultimate goal of unlocking this camo is to access an edge over the other players. Therefore, anyone who has successfully unlocked the previous camo, the polyatomic one, naturally would like to proceed to the Orion Camo.

What Is Orion Camo in Cod: MW2?

The Orion Camo in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is a rare and precious cosmetic weapon. Weapon cosmetics in MW2 are collections of items that give players an advantage over others. The Orion Camo is the highest tier in Modern Warfare 2, and it comes after the first three: Gold, Platinum, and Polyatomic.

The rarity of this cosmetic makes it necessary for all game players to obtain it by any means. Thus, you can buy Orion Camo in MW2 or work hard to obtain it the conventional way. Whichever method one chooses largely depends on their preferences.

How to Unlock the Orion Camo in MW2

From our experience, several ways of unlocking the Orion Camo in MM2 exist. Here are brief descriptions of the methods and instructions on completing them to unlock this camo.

The Conventional Method

The conventional way entails playing the game and developing the right skills to unlock this camo. Using this approach invariably means dedicating many hours to learning the technical details of the game’s various stages and actually playing.

The first step of this process is to complete all the relevant base camo challenges in the game. Ensure you cover all the weapons in the challenges. Every weapon has four challenges to proceed to the next step.

Next, you must complete the gold challenges to proceed. There are 51 distinct gold challenges with all the weapons one must unlock. They precede the 51 platinum challenges and the related weapons.

The last step in the process before unlocking the Orion Camo is the Polyatomic Camo. Many players of MW2 acknowledge the difficulty of unlocking this camo. One must complete the 51 polyatomic challenges to unlock the camo with all the weapons.

The Alternative Method

Our research shows that unlocking the highest mastery camo in MW2 is not a mean feat. Many players need more time to complete all the challenges for the weapons. For others, the process of playing the game endlessly and developing new sets of skills to complete every step sounds daunting.

You can overcome this challenge by obtaining game-boosting services for MW2. Game boosting services, available for almost all types of significant video games, work: you let more experienced players guide you through the stages of a specific game. Once they complete the boosting process, your rating in the game will have been raised to the desired level.

Here is an outline of how you can successfully buy Orion Camo in MW2 boost.

  1. Identify a suitable game-boosting service provider.

This is an essential step in the process. Hundreds of websites provide the Orion camo boosting service; however, not all are appropriate for everyone. Before proceeding, You should ensure you are dealing with a genuine service provider.

  1. Give the booster access to your account

The best game-boosting services use VPNs to protect the privacy of their clients during gaming. Thus, you will need help tracing who accessed your CoD account when you purchased the boosting service. The booster will access the account and go through the challenges that precede the Orion Camo.

  1. Watch as the booster play

You can decide to play along the booster to learn all the skills in the game. Alternatively, let the experienced player handle all the challenges on your behalf.

  1. Wait for the results

All providers of Orion Camo unlock services send emails to their clients when this objective has been achieved. The client then regains full access to their accounts and checks if they have achieved the mastery camo.

You will then have attained the highest and most prestigious tier in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. One can then enjoy the benefits of reaching the highest level in the game.

Benefits of Unlocking Orion Camo in MW2

The benefit is about the items you receive after unlocking the camo. This benefit is independent of the method one utilizes to unlock the Orion Camo in MW2. Here are some of the items one gets after unlocking the camo.

  • The golden camo applicable to all weapons
  • The platinum camo for all associated weapons
  • The polyatomic camo for all the weapons
  • Unlock for kick streaks and field upgrades.


The Orion Camo is the highest tier in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. From our practical experience, it is not easy to unlock this camo. You must first deal with the 51 challenges and associated weapons at the first three stages of the game before completing it. Many players may need more time or dedication to do this. One viable option is to purchase a boosting service for unlocking Orion Camo. Ensure you deal with genuine websites that provide the service to enjoy the prestige and benefits of accessing other items when you get to this tier.

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