Ever noticed how your headphones lose their touch after a few months of use? I know the feeling.

Now before you become a part of the buy & throw generation, ditch that expensive pair of headphones in the garbage bin and shell out the dough for a new one, Hear Me Out.

What if the solution to your problem could be as easy as cleaning out your headphones?

Sounds good, right? Trust me when I say this that I am speaking from personal experience here. A few years back, my Sennheiser headphones gave up on me. Now I wasn’t ready to invest in a new pair so soon.

So What did I do?

Yes, that’s right. I scoured pages after pages on the internet looking for ways on how to save my headphones from eternal damnation. Believe it or not: A good cleaning was all it took to get my headphones as good as new.

Let’s jump right in and look at ways on how to clean headphones.

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Why Should You Clean Your Headphones?

Now before we look at ways to clean your headphones, let’s take a step back and talk about why you should be cleaning your headphones regularly.

Did you know that your favorite pair of headphones could be home to as many as 119,186 different colonies of bacteria? This is around 2,700 times more bacteria than what can be usually found on your kitchen counters.

Feeling grossed out yet? Keep reading ahead because there’s more.

Our headphone or earbuds typically lies around in the bottom of our bags or pockets. This is where they continue mixing up with the dust and grime that has been there since the middle ages. And that’s just for starters. Viruses like the Covid-19 are known to live on plastic surfaces for days. You take them out and shove them in your ears blissfully unaware of the dirt and germs that have been trapped in the little crevices of your headphones.

This is a definitive way of getting an ear infection, your hearing impaired, an expensive trip to the doctor, or worse, catching a deadly virus.

The GOOD NEWS is that with a little care and maintenance you can avoid all this and more. And one more thing, think twice before you feel like borrowing a pair of headphones from your friend.

Your Safety Comes First

Before you proceed onto cleaning your earbuds or headphones, make sure they are disconnected from any power source. Do this if you don’t want to be electrocuted in the process. Better safe than sorry, right?

A Quick Wipe with Rubbing alcohol will do the Trick

Sanitize your headphones with rubbing alcohol pads after each use. You can easily find these in your local grocery store.

Use the Handy Toothpick for Removing the Earwax

If you see earwax stick to the inner crevices of your headphones, use a toothpick to take it out. Next, cover a Q-tip with the rubbing alcohol and sanitize the holes carefully.

A word of caution: Let the headphones dry completely before you use them. 1-2 minute is all it would take for it to dry completely.

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Here you guys! This is our take on how to clean your headphones and save yourself a costly trip to the doctor’s office.

And remember: Do not dip your headphones in water and think it will do the cleaning for you even if they are waterproof. Doing so will destroy your headphones completely.

Try and get a separate case for your headphones to keep them safe and sound and away from all the dust and bacteria floating in your bag or pockets.

Stay connected for more articles. Best of luck!

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