The prebuilt PC industry has seen a positive transition in the last couple of years. From being neglected by many gamers today we are at a point where prebuilt gaming PCs are considered a viable option by many gamers.

Prebuilt gaming PCs are a good choice for folks that may not have much experience with building PCs. They are also an ideal choice for busy individuals with limited spare time on their hands due to hectic daily routines.

Given the current prevailing shortage of graphic cards, prebuilt PCs make a lot of sense. They may be your only option of getting full-fledged gaming with the latest GPU because the current prices of graphic cards make them attainable for many gamers.

Why Are Prebuilt PCs Good Now?

Prebuilt PCs have been long considered as being a waste of money in the PC gaming community but to get rid of that stigma manufacturers have really stepped it up in the past year or so.

As a result, the prebuilt PC industry is a far cry from what it was 2 years ago. Even mainstream manufacturers like HP, Asus, and Dell are stepping up their game and churning out some great value to money prebuilt gaming PCs.

I know what you are wondering. How did this happen exactly? Well, since 2020 graphic card prices have been at an all-time high. New graphic cards are selling at twice the MSRP. For instance, the Nvidia RTX 3060, a $350 graphic card, is selling for approximately $800.

This drove more gamers towards buying a prebuilt gaming PC. Initially, gamers would buy the prebuilt PC, strip the graphics card from that PC and sell the rest for parts on eBay.

The renowned interest in this once-neglected industry meant that manufacturers were keen on keeping these sales figures up. Hence, they started making better prebuilt gaming PCs.

Also, many new companies entered the market and started providing custom-like prebuilt gaming PCs at a very decent price. One example of such a company is Yeyian which throughout the last year or so has released some amazing pre-built machines.

This increase in competition also led to the industry being better as a whole. Eventually, we are at a point where prebuilt gaming PCs are a good buy.

I still couldn’t categorize them as amazing or anything, but you can buy them knowing that they will be able to play games well. The asking price is also not bad either especially when considering where GPU prices are standing right now.

Which Prebuilt Gaming PCs to Avoid?

Although the prebuilt gaming PC industry has moved forward I still would vary when buying a prebuilt gaming PC simply because of the fact that not every PC is created equally.

Since you no longer have the luxury of determining which parts go into your gaming PC, the manufacturer can put either high-quality components or resort to using low-quality ones. You absolutely have to avoid the low-quality ones because they will malfunction and break down in a year or so.

The rule of thumb is to buy prebuilt gaming PCs from boutique manufacturers. These include Origin PC, CyberPowerPC, iBUYPOWER, and SkyTech. The reason we call them boutique manufacturers is because they specifically make prebuilt gaming PCs, and their inventory consists of nothing else.

With these manufacturers, there is a higher chance of getting high-quality items unlike mainstream manufacturers like Dell. Talking about Dell most of the time you should avoid Dell.

That said though, Hp and Asus make some good prebuilt gaming PCs especially their Omen and ROG Strix line respectively. However not all their gaming PCs are good. The same is the case with small brands on amazon. Some are doing a fantastic job while others are just there for a quick cash grab.

What I am implying to say is that do your research before buying a prebuilt gaming PC or you might end up with a bad one. I know tedious and time confusing research defeats the whole purpose of buying a prebuilt gaming PC in the first therefore I have written separate articles on prebuilt gaming PCs at different price points.

If you want the best options that are available in the market at specific price points, then you can check out these articles for more information.

If you want the best options that are available in the market at specific price points, then you can check out these articles for more information.

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To conclude, I firmly believe prebuilt gaming PCs are a good buy in 2022 and will be in the foreseeable future as well. The direction in which the prebuilt gaming PC is heading makes me believe that prebuilt gaming PCs will only get better with time.

So, if you had been on the brink of buying a prebuilt gaming PC then I would say go right ahead and buy one because there isn’t a better time to do so. There are some fantastic options available in the market waiting to be explored.

Before I sign off, do share in the comment section down below if you have come across a good prebuilt gaming PC. I would be more than happy to examine it.

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