If we look at the gaming monitor industry now 144hz monitor are gaining immense popularity due to the mainstream availability of these monitor at a relatively low price. The injection of a fast refresh rate like 144hz into panels that previously were only capable of 75hz like IPS panels has also contributed to the increase in demand for these 144hz gaming monitors.

With the counterless praises of the 144hz refresh rate by experienced members of the gaming community, confusion is also brewing in the minds of first-time buyers of 144hz monitors. The most common skeptic is around the worth of 144hz monitors and this has lead to many debates all branching from the same question of, “are 144hz monitors worth it?”

There are also countless misconceptions about the 144hz refresh rate many of them branching from the misinformation consumers are fed. Let us address them first so we can provide a better and concrete answer to our initial query.

Does Refresh Rate Matter?

The most frequently asked question among new buyers of 144hz monitors and rightfully so because these 144hz monitor demand a premium and they should know whether they are worth it or not. To simply put refresh rate is plays a key role in the smoothness of the monitor and high refresh rate monitors can deliver a more engaging and consistent experience regardless of the game you are playing.

With a high refresh rate, you also get a faster screen transition compared to 60hz which is highly beneficial in fast-paced FPS games such as CSGO, COD, Valorant, etc. Besides this higher refresh rate also helps in countering any screen tear and generally also provides better input lag performance.

This all is possible because screens with a higher refresh rate such as 144hz can refresh their pixels 144 times in a second while a 60hz screen can only perform the same action 60 times in a second. This shorter refresh interval provides more split-second information on the screen for the user to comprehend.

Do You Need 144fps for 144hz?

Another common question with countless answers. Our take on this is while it is necessary to have sound system specification for you to fully enjoy 144hz gaming but still constant 144fps is not a requirement and you would be fine with some drops in frames or even slightly lower frames, to begin with.

Granted this was true a while back that for 144hz gaming 144fps are needed but now with the inclusion of G-Sync and FreeSync in most newer monitors it is not a necessity anymore. People recommended 144fps because after all low fps on 144hz would cause considerable screen tearing but the aforementioned technologies have solved this issue by syncing the frames with the refresh rate of the monitor, therefore, eliminating any form of screen tearing. With that all said and the misconceptions cleared let us move to the main topic of this article.

Are 144hz Monitors Worth it?

Well if you look from a factual point of view then 144hz monitors are 100% worth it because they are superior to lower refresh rate monitors in all regards. The technology has also advanced to the point where you can get high resolution IPS monitors with 144hz refresh rate which was unheard of when the technology first came into the market and now even tier 1 brand like Asus and BenQ are hopping on the high resolution, high refresh rate train.

Facts aside when we look from a personal level it is understandable why some people do not find use in high refresh rate especially the gamers that predominantly play story games that are graphic and level oriented rather than being motion and aim-oriented. In stark contrast gamers who play fast-paced games rave about the benefit of 144hz.

Which is better of the both for you is the question you should be asking yourself rather than pondering on the question of are 144hz gaming monitors worth it. On a factual level, 144hz gaming monitors are definitely worth it but that is only if you can get use out of it. Nothing is more disappointing than getting a new product and not using its benefits.


In the end, we would just like to say that regardless of the technology you should base the purchase decision on your need and use case. Choose a product that provides more value to your gaming setup and 144hz gaming monitors are no exception. Hope this article provided you with a clearer answer to are gaming monitors worth it question.

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