Everyone knows the gaming industry earns multiple billions of dollars. It is a competitive sector always looking for talented future game developers with a gaming degree. Those passionate about this field should consider investing in further education because it will make them more competitive in the job market.

With the proper education, individuals can accelerate their career track or even make a career change into game design and development. This type of degree opens doors to opportunities. Apart from developing fun apps, someone who has undergone training can do computer programming, website development, and graphic design. More importantly, the right educational program offers after-school career support services with internships and job placements.

The average salary of a developer is almost US $88,000 annually. This rate can improve based on an individual’s education, skills, and experience. Those serious about developing and designing gaming apps need to attend the best schools. Check out the top educational programs for students who want to become game developers below:

Traditional Universities With Good Bachelor’s Programs

 The top two universities offer students an opportunity to foray into the game development and design world. Notably, doing these courses will take more time and money for tuition fees. The top two schools are: 

1. Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon University is one of the best universities in this field, as they prepare students for an exceptional gaming career. They have stringent requirements for acceptance, with only 17%, so students can hire a essay writer to solidify their chances of getting into the program. Those serious about making this a career can enter the Undergraduate Minor in Game Design. 

In this course, students will master the theory and practice of game creation while earning a minimum of 45 units. Students take this course on-campus with other classes for their majors.

Other programs that could forge this career path include the following:

  • Bachelor of Computer Science and Arts: This intercollege program bridges arts and computer sciences. The degree requires 380 units with core courses and electives. Electives could be minor in gaming.
  • Bachelor of Design: It is a four-year track with core courses on design in various industries. Students can take focused electives on the development and design of gaming apps.
  • Master of Human-Computer Interaction: Those looking for positions in user experience design could take this three-semester degree. It’s curated explicitly for human and tech interactions.

2. Cornell University

As an Ivy League University, almost everyone knows the prestige of entering this institution. This private school caters to those in the top-class tier, and the acceptance rate is only 11%. However, it is one of the best schools for game design, and graduates are guaranteed good job placements after completing their course requirements.

The following programs at Cornell University can help students pursue a degree in gaming development and design:

  • Game Design Minor: Those interested can take up this track as an extension of their majors. To be eligible for this minor, an undergraduate student must take up at least six courses with 18 credits. 
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts: Those with an innate artistic talent can enter this undergraduate program. They will learn how to integrate their ideas and advance their artistic practice by completing 120 credits and a thesis. Students can take electives on computers and other related subjects.
  • Computer Science Major: This comprehensive course focuses on programming, data structures, and algorithms. Topics on computer graphics, artificial intelligence, etc., are also offered. Students can successfully graduate with a C grade in all computer subjects and an overall of at least a 2.0 GPA.

Shorter Gaming Accreditation

Those looking to develop gaming apps but have money and time constraints can look into shorter courses. For starters, there are Game Development Community College Certificates students can earn in a year. Examples of these top community colleges are:

1. Johnson County Community College: A public college since 1969 with transfer agreements with regional colleges and universities. Their instructors help students develop relevant skills.

2. Anne Arundel Community College: This is another public college since 1961, offering certificates and associate degrees.

3. Wake Technical Community College: This has been the largest community college in North Carolina since 1958. They provide students with theory and hands-on experience in game development.

These short-term focused courses in gaming cover topics like introduction to design concepts, programming theories, logic, and the like. It prepares people for an entry-level job or further studies in design.

Alternatively, there is also an associate degree in game development. These are 2-year courses combining computer science, arts, and design. These learning areas expose students to the field because they must finish 60 credits in any community or junior college.

However, note that these shorter courses provide limited choices. Since the topics are not comprehensive, students may not learn everything they need. Those who wish to forge a career path in developing gaming apps are still recommended to pursue a bachelor’s degree.

Online Game Development Schools

Technological advancements have made it possible for students to attend school virtually. Those working or with personal commitments can attend an online or hybrid course instead of doing face-to-face classes. The top educational programs for game development are as follows:

1. Lindenwood University: Founded in 1827, this private school offers a Bachelor of Arts in Game Design. It is ranked number one in online bachelor’s degree programs for gaming.

2. Southern New Hampshire University: SUNH is a private institution established in 1932. They offer an online game development degree with expert instructors that teach students skills, provide experience, and foster connections.

3. Savannah College of Art and Design: A private art school set up in 1978, this offers a BA in Digital Media with a core focus on Game Development. This online course helps students pursue their passion for computers and design.

Final Thoughts

There are many educational programs for those who wish to pursue a career path in game development. That’s not surprising because it is a rewarding field that allows people to let their creativity flourish. Remember, the critical consideration in choosing a program is the student’s commitment and willingness to complete the essential requirements. It’s not the school but always the person who applies the principle that defines success.

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