Technology has advanced tremendously in the past decades, with new tools being launched every year. They make our lives easier, but also the learning process more effective. They have been created to make the process more productive and efficient, but also to give autonomy to students. Online learning has become the new normal after the global pandemic. 

A lot of online learning tools are now available for students from all over the world, tools that help them pursue and accomplish their academic goals. So, what is online learning, and why is it important? What tools for online education can you use to make the process more efficient?

What Is Online Learning?

Online learning is a term that entered our vocabulary when the pandemic started. Online learning was popular before, but students were going to physical classes instead of attending them virtually. This happens nowadays too, but online learning has surged in popularity dramatically. Attending classes online and taking courses while you are in the comfort of your own home is one of the things many students do nowadays. 

And it comes with a lot of benefits, such as saving money you would otherwise spend on gas or bus tickets, but also the time you can use more wisely. And you have the opportunity to connect with your teacher and colleagues, even though it is virtually the same. Online learning is crucial as it offers the opportunity to many people to start learning and expanding their knowledge. They might not have had this opportunity before, but today it is available to anyone. 

So, what are some online education tools, some interactive tools for online learning that can help you learn efficiently and productively? 

1. Conclusion Generator Tool

One of the first tools you need to know about is the conclusion generator tool. When you get an education, you have lots of assignments to complete and essays to write. Sometimes, the deadlines might overlap, and you might feel stressed and overwhelmed by the huge amount of essays you have to write. 

And even though some might feel that the most challenging part of an essay is writing the introduction, others might feel the opposite. That the conclusion, the summary, might be more demanding than the other parts of the essay. Well, if you fall in the latter category, you can check free conclusion generator tool, a tool that can help you write your essay for free. A conclusion generator is a tool many students need in their lives as it helps them overcome these academic obstacles, but also learn how to write a conclusion and improve their writing skills. A free online tool you can check and use freely, and that will take your essay to the next level. 

2. Google Classroom

If you have not used Google Classroom until now, you will surely do it in the future. It has become one of the most used and popular tools in the classroom, as it helps connect teachers and students. As a student, you can find all your classes there, submit assignments, and follow the updates and recommendations from your teacher. Professors, on the other side, can measure your progress, assign tasks, and give grades. 

3. Canva

Canva is one of the most valuable tools for online learning today. Even though you do not attend classes in the traditional way but in the virtual medium, you still have assignments to complete. Each assignment comes with its requirements, but it might be often the case when you need to add graphs or use visual elements to prove your point of view. Well, Canva is a valuable tool you need to use and that will simply speed up your online learning. You can create presentations, but also graphs, infographics, or other visual elements to add to your papers to boost their quality. 

4. ClassDojo

ClassDojo is one of the most used tools for online learning. A lot of teachers use it within the classroom, as it has been proven to improve students’ behavior. When you study online, it might feel challenging to keep your attention focused on the class. Or to be motivated to pursue your academic goals. Well, ClassDojo is the tool that will help you be more inspired and motivated as you get feedback from your teacher in real time. 

5. Ted-ED

Ted-ED might be one of the most popular educational platforms and tools you can use in your education. Sometimes, you might feel you need more information on a topic. You might feel you want to expand your knowledge, and Ted-ED is the educational tool you were looking for. There are millions of TED talks you can listen to and a lot of experts sharing their knowledge. You have the opportunity to learn from the best in their domain, so Ted-ED is one of the educational tools that boost online learning. 

6. Flipgrid

One of the downsides of online learning is that you do not meet your colleagues face to face. You might see them in video calls, but usually, most of them keep their camera off. So, you only get familiar with their voices. You might talk with them only during classes, and that’s all. 

This means you miss the opportunity to get to know them better and, more importantly, to learn from them. Well, Flipgrid is the online tool that helps you do exactly this. Ask questions, get answers, and interact with your peers. You have contact with new ideas, and you learn a lot of things from your peers. 

Final Thoughts

Online learning has changed the way education is done nowadays, offering more learning opportunities to everyone. As technology advances more and more, a lot of educational tools are launched and made accessible to anyone who wants to expand their knowledge. 

These educational tools help you expand your knowledge, but also connect with your teacher and peers and be inspired and motivated by them. They help you create the visuals you need to support your point of view and boost the quality of your paper, but also expand your skills. You learn more about how to write a proper conclusion for your essay, but also how to make a proper summary.

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