Are you tired of using the same gamer tag? Or maybe you want to change your identity online because you want to avoid dealing with certain other players, and switching to a different gamer handle looks to be the easiest solution.

Regardless of the circumstances, coming up with a new nickname can be a challenge, particularly for those who lack creativity.

This article will guide you on picking a new gamer tag.

1. Consider Foreign Languages

Most video game players, even if they are not native speakers, tend to pick an English nickname. Online video games come from different parts of the world, and English is often used as the primary communication language, so it is understandable that nicknames also are in English.

At the same time, for someone who is not a native English speaker, an English nickname is a nickname in a foreign language.

Using a different language is a neat way to be creative. Look for direct translations and see if you can find something that fits you. 

Consider languages that are not as popular or are no longer used nowadays. Latin is a good example. Instead of using “Soul” in your nickname, you could use “Anima.” 

2. Borrow From Mythology

Ranging from Greek and Egyptian to Norse and Celtic mythology, there are plenty of interesting deities, heroes, locations, objects, etc., that could work as an inspiration for your new gamer tag.

The deeper you delve into various cultures and their mythologies, the bigger the odds of finding something truly unique, never used before by a gamer.

Similar to mythology, you can also look at historical figures, battles, war equipment, and other interesting things that history has to offer. 

3. Add Symbols

It is common to see gamers use numbers in their gamer tags. In some cases, these numbers have no significant meaning. For the most part, however, there is usually a meaning to it.

For instance, if someone has 88 or 89 at the end of their nickname, the odds are that they were born that year. 23 is another example of a number, indicating that the player is probably a fan of Michael Jordan or Lebron James.

Some video games and gaming platforms, such as Steam, also allow custom symbols to be added next to the name and make it appear as ☆Nickname☆ or Nickname ϡ.

4. Seek Inspiration From Other Gamers

Meeting other players in games gives an opportunity to consider how they approached their nickname creation. 

Getting inspiration from others does not mean that you should steal their ideas. Instead, think of how you can turn their idea into something that would work for your name.

Take MMORPGs, for example. Many players create multiple characters and need different nicknames for these characters.

Let’s say someone is playing a sorcerer class, which is known as one that uses magic. If the player’s name is Mighty Dragon, they could name the sorcerer character Mighty Frost Dragon or Mighty Fire Dragon, depending on the type of magic the character uses.

As someone looking for inspiration, you can apply such an approach to yourself. Add another word or two to modify your current nickname depending on the in-game circumstances.

5. Think of Your Hobbies and Passions

You can build your new nickname around passions or hobbies. Perhaps there is a TV show or a movie you like? An obscure reference, a phrase used by one of the characters, or even the character’s name itself can work.

If you pick a popular character, however, expect that someone might have already used it since this approach to nick creation is quite common.

6. Try a Nickname Generator

If you struggle to come up with ideas on your own, you still have the option to use a nickname generator.

Online nickname generators usually ask you to add certain keywords, and they generate a potential nickname for you. Artificial intelligence has advanced enough to provide you with hundreds, if not thousands, of possible nicknames.


All in all, there are multiple approaches to coming up with your next gamer tag. Make the most out of the tips mentioned in this article, and you are bound to find a name for video games.

Make sure, however, that you stick to regulations. Offensive names, swear words, and other no-no examples should be avoided. Keep that in mind when you are trying to think of a new gamer tag.

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