In the music industry, album cover art is an essential element that can significantly impact the success of an album. It’s often seen as the first impression that fans have of an album and can be influential in generating interest and buzz for the music. However, for indie bands working with low-to-no budgets, creating cover art can seem daunting – that’s where the album cover art maker by Vista Create will be helpful. 

In the early days of music production, cover art was merely used to protect the vinyl from scratches, dust, and other damages. However, as the music industry evolved, cover art became a crucial aspect of an album’s branding. A well-designed album cover can help to generate interest, convey the band’s theme or message, and make a significant impact on the success of the new songs.

Indie bands generally have the creative freedom to create cover art that reflects their unique identity and style. As such, it’s typical for indie album covers to be characterized by their hand-drawn or handwritten designs, which gives them an authentic and personal feel. 

Indie covers are usually minimalistic, displaying only what’s necessary to tell the story and evoke emotions in the listener. The art of indie bands often reflects their overall sound, theme, or message. In this article, we’ll be giving you a guide on how to create stylish album cover art for your indie band without burning your wallet.

Types of Album Cover Art


Photography covers are very popular, and the possibilities are endless. You can take photos of anything that aligns with the album’s theme, sound, or message. There are multiple editing tools available that can help you edit and enhance your photos for free.


Hand-drawn illustrations can add a personal touch to the cover art, and they’re a popular option for indie bands with limited budgets. You can commission an artist to create an illustration or draw it yourself if you have artistic skills.


Typography cover arts are often minimalistic and feature only the album’s title in a unique font. You can easily create your own typography design with free online tools or put in some creative effort and draw it by hand.


Collage pictures are created by combining several images that make sense together to tell a story. These elements can be a combination of photographs, drawings, and typography.

Ideas for Indie Album Cover Art

  1. DIY Hand-Drawn: You can draw the album cover art yourself with a black pen and then scan or take a high-quality photo of it. Try to give it a vintage look by editing it to black and white.
  2. Minimalistic Photography: Take a photo that aligns with the album’s theme and message and add the title inside the photograph in a unique font.
  3. Collage of Personal Photos: Create a personal collage that aligns with the music on the album. For example, if the album is about travel, you can create a collage of photos taken on a road trip.
  4. Minimalistic Illustration: Create a simple illustration that aligns with the music on the album. For example, if your songs are about love, you can draw a heart and write the title in the middle.
  5. Abstract Illustration: Commission an artist to create an abstract illustration that reflects your sound, or draw it yourself if you have artistic skills.
  6. Typography with Nature Elements: Take a photograph of nature and add the title in the center of the photo using a unique font.
  7. Mixed Media: Combine different types of media such as photographs, illustrations, and typography to create intriguing cover art.
  8. Vintage Style: Edit old photographs or illustrations of public domain artwork to create a cover that feels classic and timeless.
  9. Black and White Photography: Take a high-quality black and white photo that aligns with the theme of the album and use a unique font to add its name.
  10. Handwriting: Use your handwriting to write the title and create a unique cover art that feels personal and authentic.

In conclusion, cover art can make a significant impact on an album’s success. Therefore, it’s essential to spend some time thinking about what kind of cover art would best represent your music. If you’re unsure what to do, you can always draw inspiration from your favorite albums or look at some expertly-designed album covers. Doing so can give you an idea of what will work and what won’t.

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