Many Internet users visit websites via Google Chrome, Google’s free web browser. As of August 2022, it has over 67.19% of the web browser market share, making it the most popular browser in the world.

You can use Google Chrome across multiple platforms – it can work on desktop and mobile computers running various operating systems. No matter what device you’re using, there are many ways to improve Chrome and add features that make life a little easier. For instance, you can add many user profiles for shared computers.

Here, we’ll find out why this browser is so popular and what Chrome extensions can help improve it.

What Makes Chrome So Popular?

In benchmark tests, Chrome isn’t the fastest web browser. But Chrome is the most popular online browser in the world for these reasons:

  • Since Google powers it, Chrome allows you to enjoy the features and tools you enjoy in search engines.
  • Chrome is excellent for multitasking. It lets you open many tabs without trouble, even though it can be RAM-hungry. 
  • Chrome adheres to more web standards than any other browser. No wonder webpages load fast and function better in Chrome than its competitors. 
  • Chrome does everything else you’d expect an internet browser to be able to do and more. Chrome can automatically translate text into hundreds of different languages. It also has extensions that alert you to potentially unsafe websites. 

What Are Chrome Extensions Everyone Should Use?

Google Chrome’s superiority over other browsers is evident when we see the number of satisfied users and the advanced features it offers. But there are many ways to improve it even more – Chrome’s greatness also lies in its rich collection of adaptable extensions. Here are some you should never go without:

Password Manager

Many cybersecurity experts advocate using a password manager. It’s a piece of handy software that keeps your passwords safe and enters them for you whenever you visit a site. This way, you can ensure that a strong password secures your accounts.

Even though Chrome includes a password manager, it has a few drawbacks that should make you consider other password management tools. Its most significant issue is that Chrome’s password manager has no two-factor authentication to protect your passwords better, and no AES 256-bit encryption (the most hard-to-crack encryption) is applied to your saved data. That’s a massive disadvantage in today’s world, that’s full of cyber threats.

An ideal Chrome-compatible password manager would include excellent features such as:

  • AES 256-bit encryption
  • Synchronization across devices
  • Superior auto-fill
  • The ability to share passwords safely
  • Quick access in an emergency
  • Parental controls
  • Cloud storage
  • Multi-factor authentication

Ad Blocker

For a seamless experience, you need a high-tech Chrome extension that blocks ads. An ad blocker prevents annoying or disruptive advertisements from appearing in your browser. This function lets you enjoy whatever you’re trying to read or watch without interruption. 

A great ad blocker also blocks tracking tools, so that ad trackers can’t see what you’ve been looking at online. These additions decrease the load time of web pages and make browsing safer.

Online Security

A Chrome online security extension checks each site you visit for questionable content. It will also warn you if the site has a general reputation for being unsafe. This cybersecurity essential offers protection against phishing and harmful websites. It allows you to manage who may access your personal information.


You can hide your online identity with a free VPN Chrome plugin. With it, you can surf the web privately and securely. This add-on also allows you to access International content by bypassing geo-restrictions. 

Time Tracker

Chrome extensions enable users to personalize their online experience and increase efficiency. They allow you to keep track of your time spent on various tasks. 

Chrome time tracking add-ons reveal your most-frequented sites and shed light on your daily routines. You can use the data to make wiser choices about how to spend your time online.

To-Do List

Use a comprehensive Chrome to-do list plugin to get more done in less time. Easily create to-do lists, organize your day, and track your schedule with just a few mouse clicks. Chrome to-do list add-ons make you productive with calendars, reminders, and collaboration features.

New Tab

It’s easy to get dazed by the number of tabs open in your browser. The problem is that switching between tabs is cumbersome. It can even be frustrating when one page slows down your computer. Thankfully, a new tab Chrome extension allows you to save many web pages into a single tab so you can visit them later.


When surfing the web, you sometimes encounter unfamiliar words that leave you scratching your head. Then, standard practice is to look up the word’s definition online. There are, however, more efficient options. What if the definition of a term popped up when you double-clicked on it? It is possible with a Chrome web browser dictionary extension.

Final Words

You’ve probably heard about Google Chrome extensions. They’re little extras that can make your life easier or safer. They make it possible to tailor the Chrome browser to your specific needs.

The Chrome extensions we covered in the article might help immensely improve your online experience. Don’t hesitate to try them out!

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