Being a larger guy myself I know the struggle of finding a large and tall gaming chair at the budget price point.

Therefore, seeing STARSPACE big and tall gaming chair which as the name suggests is specially made for large folks at the price of $150 made me excited and I wanted to check it out.

So, let’s dive straight into the review and see if STARSPACE big & tall gaming chair is the one that you need to add to your arsenal.

STARSPACE Big and Tall Gaming Chair

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STARSPACE Big & Tall Gaming Chair Review

  • Good build quality
  • Thick and plush padding
  • No creaking or rattling
  • Very wide and large chair suitable for bigger people
  • Extendable footrest which can be neatly tucked away
  • Lumbar pillow supports massage
  • Armrest only 1D adjustable
  • Can recline only up to 135°

Bottom line:

The STARSPACE gaming chair delivers on its promise. It is a great seating place to be in for any large person that may otherwise not find comfort in a traditional gaming chair. The chair does that by having a fantastic build quality and featuring thick and dense padding. There are also negatives of being hyper-focused on one objective for any person but I believe the buyers of this will find them negligible.

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Editor’s Rating

Design and Overview

Just by looking at the chair, one can realize its intended purpose. This chair is large and has plenty of surface area to facilitate large people.

Despite being large and bulky it does not look and feel overwhelming when placed in a room. This is partly due to the elegant design and the use of different color schemes for the chair.

This chair is available in five colors. Like most gaming chairs this also comes in a two-color scheme design. The available colors are red, blue, white, and grey with black being the main color in all of these variants. Then there is the all-black version which gives the chair a stealthy look but might be boring for some people.

This chair has horizontal lines running through its upholstery which gives the chair a modern look. For the design characteristic, this chair does not share a similar design with any chair.

It has massive seat with a large back. The head portion of the chair is also less pointy when compared to other gaming chairs.

The bolstering is also gentle. This all combined makes this chair suitable for large people. The supported weight mentioned by the company is 350lbs.

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Build Quality and Materials

The build quality of this chair is great. To facilitate greater weight it has a metal base and frame. The chair is well put together and everything seems to be nicely machined.

There is no squeaking noise in the chair and also the chair is extremely balanced and sturdy when it comes to handling weight.

The material used for the upholstery of this chair is your typical leather material. The leather is complemented by the memory form padding.

In this chair, the amount of padding used is very lucrative and you will find the cushioning of the seat to be very thick, plush, and soft which is a good thing for bigger people.

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There is plenty of adjustabilities embedded in this chair but we have to keep in mind that construction and overall solidity of the chair matter more than adjustability. Hence you will see somewhat less impressive figures for the adjustment.

The STARSPACE big & tall gaming chairs feature all basic adjustability like height adjustment, 360 swivel, and lumbar pillow adjustment.

The lumbar also supports massage functionality. Though this functionality is not up to professional standards but can come clutch when you want to extend that sitting session further without having to take a break

This chair can recline up to 135°. We acknowledge that this is poor when compared with other chairs in the same category but we have to keep in mind this chair needs to bear a weight of up to 350lbs.

Another useful and nifty feature provided here is the flip-out footrest incorporated in this chair. The footrest is tucked away on the underside of the seat and can be retracted when needed easily.

My biggest gripe here with this chair is that it only has 1D adjustable armrests meaning that you can only adjust the height of the armrests and not the position or the angle.

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Comfort and Ergonomic Support

This chair has an unparallel level of comfort. Sitting on the thick and soft leather padding feels absolutely sublime.

The two pillows provided with the chair aid in the ergonomic aspect. The use of these pillows allows your body to remain in a more natural posture. h

All of this combined makes the STARSPACE big & tall gaming chair great to sit on for long gaming sessions.

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The value of a gaming chair is something we cannot measure but we sure can evaluate if the chair justified its price tag.

As far as the STARSPACE big & tall is concerned it is one of kind big and large gaming chair. We don’t often get to see good large-size gaming chairs in the budget section and that calling card of this chair defines its value.

Due to this chair being one of a kind offering in the price range it can be said that it provides a great value proposition. Hence I believe the STARSPACE big & tall is a great value for money purchase.

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Editor’s Rating

If you are a bigger guy looking for a solid gaming chair under $200 then look no further than this STARSPACE Big & Tall Gaming chair.

It has good build quality which will last the test of time and also packs quite a lot of impressive features for the price. The chair also does not have any major issues associated with it so this chair is a recommendation for all the big guys out there.

Why You Should Buy This Chair

  • This chair ranked among the few budget large and tall gaming chairs that are good and can be used for daily sitting.
  • This chair has the thickest and plushest padding I have yet to experience. Hence if you are looking for maximum padding then this chair fulfills that.

Why You Should Not Buy This Chair

  • The chair does not come with the maximum adjustability hence can leave many people disappointed.

Overall when we look at this chair as a complete package then it is hard to deny the value that is on offer here. Even if you leave that aspect aside I doubt there are many good big and tall gaming chairs at a budget price point hence making the STARSPACE big & tall gaming chair very desirable among larger folks.

STARSPACE Big and Tall Gaming Chair

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